There’s Someone Inside Your House, 2021

This is an American slasher movie of director Patrick Brice with the Henry Gayden. This is the adaptation of a novel from 2017 of similar title by Stephanie Perkins. The plot followed Makani Young Park, the senior transfer learner from Hawaii who sees herself in the core of gruesome killer cases in her recent acquainted city of Osborne, Nebraska.

Cast Lists


Sydney Park performed as Makani Sun-Woo/Makani Young, the teenager who transferred to Nebraska from Hawaii during her junior year.

Théodore Pellerin performed as “Ollie” Oliver Larsson, Makani’s ex-boyfriend that she later rekindled her connection with.

Tally Rodin performed as Jasmine, the friend of Makani from her old university that she accidentally pushed to the bonfire.

Markian Tarasiuk performed as Jackson Pace, the first victim of the killer and the football player.

Dale Whibley performed as “Zach” Zachariah Sandford, the rich student who’s the son of a “land baron of the Osborne.”

Asjha Cooper performed as “Alex” Alexandra Crisp, Rodrigo’s love interest, Makani’s best friend, and a musician.

Zane Clifford performed as Macon Bewley, the best friend of Jackson.

Sarah Dugdale performed as Katie Koons, the highly religious learner and a student council president that seems “ideal”, but happened to be one bigot.

Burkely Duffield performed as Caleb Greeley, the openly football player and gay student that became close with Makani together with her friends.

Andrew Dunbar performed as Deputy Chris Larsson, an Osborne deputy and the older brother Ollie’s that raised him.

William Edward performed as Randall Brice, Macon’s friend.

Jade Falcon performed as Stacy Pritchett, the girlfriend of Macon.

BJ Harrison performed as “Gam” Sabrina Young, Makani’s grandmother.

Diego Josef performed as Rodrigo Doran, the love interest of Alex, who struggled with addiction in fentanyl.

David Lewis performed as Mr. Pace, the father of Jackson.

Jesse LaTourette performed as “Darby” Justine Darbya, an outer space enthusiast and a non-binary student.

William MacDonald performed as Skipper Sandford, the father of Zach, who buys and sells farms.

The Students:

Emilija Baranac performed as Hailey Holcomb                     Ivy Matheson performed as Kayla

Kayla Heller performed as Olivia Grace                                   Brittany Hobson performed as Briana

Tedra Rogers performed as Abigail                                           Anthony Timpano performed as Witt


The high school football participant Jackson Pace awakens to the pictures taken on the evening he beat up Caleb, a gay classmate, as part of the hazing. Then, Jackson was stabbed to death of somebody wearing the mask similar to his face, and then, a murderer exposed Caleb’s film of assault to the whole school. The following day at the school, friends Darby, Rodrigo, Makani, Alex, and Zach, let Caleb sit with them during lunch time after he was shunned by the others in the school. Katie, student council president of the school, reads loudly one of her essays that said there will be the memorial at the church. While Katie was set up, at the church, someone starts playing the homophobic and racist podcast that she once recorded.

She was confronted by a killer, who was wearing a face mask, and stabbed in a confessional while trying to phone 911. The congregation strolls into the church in finding the bloody corpse being drape from the ceiling. During the following evening, Zachariah was hosting a party while the clan was in a vacation wherein everybody must allocate their secrets. Rodrigo and Alex confessed that they have a crush towards one another. Makani confessed she wrote poetry, and Zach revealed that Skipper, his father, owns lots of the Nazi memorabilia, and lots of which Zachariah converted into bongs. Partygoers became high, while Rodrigo took fentanyl, which is the real secret. Rodrigo locates the trail of pills heading to the bottle before everybody will have the text messages about the addiction. The lights went out, prompting everybody to run away. Then, Rodrigo saw the killer wearing the mask of his own face, escaped by a ventilation system, and jogs out going to a front yard.

But, the killer catches-up with Rodrigo then teases him, and obliged him to choke to his fentanyl pills just before cutting his throat, and killing him. The following day, most people in the school, with Alex, believed that Ollie, who’s Makani’s ex-lover, was the killer. Ollie took Makani out for the drive where they allocate that peaceful moment together; then, Makani locates the Taser gun in the car of Ollie and then realizes that Ollie planned for the background search about her, triggering her to phone the Uber back home. In that evening at the house, she awakened to see her front door unlock, her living room displayed with photos of the burn victim and her phone gone. The murderer, now wearing the mask of the face of Makani, smashed the window and tried killing her, but her pals arrived before the murderer succeeds.

Writer’s Notion

To be honest, the first fifteen of the movie is really enjoyable. The movie premise was really interesting, and some of the sceneries are quite chilling. Sadly the moment that the movie gets into the stride, it floats on the face, where they didn’t capitalize on any ideas. This mask concept is good, but in a way, somehow it was a bit lost in translation.

This movie casts acting was not that bad, but there are some performances wherein it is better than the others. The visually is pretty good, it looked good, the horror pacing was a bit boring at the core. The movie ending was also abrupt, that it seemed to have no tensions, no build up, and the revealing time was really obvious, but came around in the haphazard manner.

There were no screams and it is on par with most of the lesser slasher movies. It is watchable for as long as you will not expect that high. The movie is not also terrible, but wouldn’t place in the classics area with the movie Scream, at least with this movie, the killer had that fearful presence that will make you feel unsafe anywhere you go, but here you will not have that feeling. Some of the killings are alright, but were not really that clever. The characters are mostly okay, but had that hard time to get investments in most of them, but all in all, this is a medium thriller movie at best!

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