Willy’s Wonderland, 2021

This is an American comedy horror and action movie of director Kevin Lewis. The movie followed the quiet drifter that tricked into cleaning the abandoned family entertainment area haunted by eight animatronic killer characters.

Human Cast Lists

Nicolas Cage stars performed as the Janitor                         Caylee Cowan performed as Kathy Barnes

Olga Cramer performed as Judy Hawthorne                         Grant Cramer performed as Jerry Robert Willis

Christian Del Grosso performed as Aaron Powers              Beth Grant performed as the Sheriff Eloise Lund

Terayle Hill performed as Bob McDaniel                                 Kai Kadlec performed as Chris Muley

Jonathan Mercedes performed as Dan Lorraine                  Chris Padilla performed as Jim Hawthorne

David Sheftell performed as the Deputy Evan Olson          Ric Reitz performed as Tex Macadoo                      

Emily Tosta performed as Liv Hawthorne                               Chris Warner performed as Jed Love

Kamia Arrington performed as Little Liv



When the auto catches the flat tire on the remote country street, a quiet drifter ended up being stranded outside of the Hayesville, Nevada. Jed Love, the mechanic picks him and tows the auto in town, but a drifter was not able to shell out for the repairs. Tex Macadoo, the owner offered to permit him to work, being in the evening-shift janitor at the Wonderland of Willy, the abandoned-successful family entertainment area, in exchange for fixing the auto. Jed and Tex left him locked inside the building. In the mean time, Liv Hawthorne, the teenager was handcuffed by the parental guardian, Eloise Lund, Hayesville’s sheriff, due to the previous attempts of burning down the Wonderland of Willy. When Lund left, Liv’s friends Kathy Barnes, Chris Muley, Aaron Powers, Dan Lorraine and Bob McDaniel come and also release her.

When the cleaner starts his duties, the bistro’s now-withered the eight animatronic mascots— Arty Alligator, Willy Weasel, Cammy Chameleon, Knighty Knight, Ozzie Ostrich Tito Turtle, Siren Sara and Gus Gorilla—were revealed as homicidal and alive. Ozzie attacked the Janitor, who beat Ozzie up to death with the use of the mops. While her buddies soak the perimeter with the gasoline, Liv settles to enter the Wonderland of Willy by the vents to bring the Janitor out. In the mean time, the Janitor was attacked by Gus inside the restrooms; he killed him through stomping his face to the urinal. At the vents, Liv was chased by Arty; however, she escaped into the fairy-themed area where Sara attacked her. Liv managed to fend-off Sara and encountered the cleaner who ignored her warnings about an animatronic and refused to leave.

Outside, the friends of Liv’s climb going to the roof that makes it collapsed and cause them to fall in the building. When the cleaner cleans the kitchen area, Liv explained that Willy’s Wonderland had been originally owned by the notorious serial murderer Jerry Robert Willis with the seven psychotic cannibalistic group mates that usually killed unsuspecting families through luring them in that Super Happy Fun Area. Eventually located by the authorities, they performed their devil ritual in transferring the souls in the animatronics before executing the suicide. When she finished, some of the animatronics awaken and attack their group. In the resulting chaos, Knighty impaled Aaron with the use the sword, Tito and Sara devoured Dan alive, and then Arty mauls Bob and Kathy to death while they’re having sex.

Writer’s Notion

The movie is enjoyable. It was pretty confined and it seems that the budget and the script are really good together. The movie does seem affordable than it actually was.

It seems that most of the other actors appeared to be actually just found in the town where they shot the movie. It does not detract from the movie, it just kind a bit of standing out from the rest. The story is really interesting and though it was a bit different, you will appreciate how they make the twist of their story. The action scene in the movie is pretty engaging too. It can be said at some points that the movie did sag with a bit, but for the most portions it clipped along.

The comedy part lets it down for quite a bit. Some of their jokes were nor really funny and just awful and you can honestly tell that it was not a comedic beat at all. A cage is a mute fighter monster that is obsessed with pinball and is lost in a bad nonsense where cheap filmmaking, complete illogical, and the lazy storytelling between scenes is what you can notice in the movie. But all in all, it is nice to watch this movie and you can try and find it for yourself.

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