Leatherface 2017

This movie is a horror film under the direction of Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury and with writer Seth Sherwood. This is the eighth movie from the franchise of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (TCM), and this works as the prequel to the Texas Chain Saw Massacre of 1974.

Leatherface Movie

The Cast List

James Bloor played as Ike, the character Ike is one of the mental patients who breaks out from the asylum.

Sam Coleman played as Bud, the hulking mental patient who escaped the institution together with Clarice, Ike and Jackson.

Stephen Dorff played as Hal Hartman, the unhinged Texas Ranger which followed Leatherface together with the whole family for his vengeance for the killing of his daughter.

Vanessa Grasse played as Elizabeth White or Lizzy, the working nurse at the mental institute that was abducted by patients Clarice and Ike.

Finn Jones played as Deputy Sorells, the fellow law enforcement official

Sam Strike played as Jedidiah Sawyer or Jackson, born as Jedidiah Sawyer, one of the 4-inmates that run away from the mental institute, before finally becoming the Leatherface.

Lili Taylor played as Verna Sawyer, the matriarch of Sawyer clan, the bloodline of murderers from where Leatherface was produced.

Chris Adamson played as Doctor Lang Dimo Alexiev

Jessica Madsen played as Clarice, she is one of those escaped inmates Nicole Andrews

Nubbins Sawyer, the matured brother of Leatherface Nathan Cooper

Julian Kostov played as Ted Hardesty Lorina Kamburova played as Hal Hartman’s daughter

The Story Line

At the Sawyer farmhouse, the birthday party was being held by a family matriarch Mrs. Verna Sawyer for their youngest Sawyer family member, Jedidiah. As his birthday gift and to introduce him to the murderous clan rituals, he is offered with the chainsaw and was advised to slaughter the man whom they had been accused of trying to steal from them. Jed refused, visibly disturbed, and their victim is killed instead by Grandpa Sawyer.

During 1955, the couple Ted Hardesty and Betty Hartman is driving down the country street when they saw Jedidiah Sawyer, the apparently wounded. Betty followed him to the dilapidated shelter, where she is killed promptly by the Sawyer family. Sheriff Hartman, her father, is named for the crime setting, where he was shocked to discover his deceased daughter. In spite of Verna’s efforts, Hartman rapidly takes Jedidiah in custody as vengeance, sending him to the mental institution called as Gorman Home Youth Reformery.

The Writers Viewpoint

This movie itself is not really bad. It seems alright and had some OK gore, with decent acting and has some slightly interesting artists. However, as one of the biggest icons in the horror industry, it is not that great!

In fact, right off a bat, the problem with this movie is that when you are making an origin tale of such a popular character, you must be sure that the tales you created in the film is really awesome. Sadly, it’s not visible in this movie, because the opening scenes are not that interesting. What even followed though is not really that bad. They have some sort of story to say here, and it was somewhat enjoying.

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Leatherface [Blu-ray]

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