Let the Right One In, 2008

This is a Swedish romantic horror movie by director Tomas Alfredson, from the 2004 novel with a similar title by Mr. John Ajvide Lindqvist, and he also wrote its screenplay. This movie tells the tale of the bullied 12 years old boy that developed the friendship with the vampire child in the Blackeberg, the suburb of Stockholm, during 1980s.

Cast Lists

  • Kåre Hedebrant appeared as Oskar
  • Lina Leandersson appeared as Eli
  • Kajsa Linderholm appeared as Oskar’s teacher
  • Ika Nord appeared as Virginia    
  • Pale Olofsson appeared as Larry
  • Susanne Ruben appeared as Aged Eli      
  • Mikael Rahm appeared as Jocke
  • Cayetano Ruiz appeared as Magister Ávila
  • Karin Bergquist appeared as Yvonne       
  • Elif Ceylan appeared as Eli’s voice            
  • Mikael Erhardsson appeared as Martin
  • Sören Källstigen appeared as Erik’s friend
  • Rasmus Luthander appeared as Jimmy
  • Karl Robert Lindgren appeared as Gösta
  • Anders Peedu appeared as Morgan
  • Bernt Östman appeared as Virginia’s nurse
  • Per Ragnar appeared as Håkan
  • Patrik Rydmark appeared as Conny
  • Johan Sömnes appeared as Andreas
  • Henrik Dahl appeared as Erik
  • Peter Carlberg appeared as Lacke


The meek 12 years old boy, Oskar, dwells with Yvonne, his mother at the western Stockholm town of Blackeberg in year 1982. His classmates bully him regularly, and he spends the evenings imagining revenge, gathering clippings from the magazines and newspapers about killing. One evening he met Eli, who appeared to be one pale girl about his age. Eli had recently transferred into the next apartment with Håkan, an older man. Eli originally informed Oskar that they can’t be friends.

However, in due time, the two starts to form a connection, and then exchange Morse code message by the adjoining wall. Eli discovers that Oskar is still being bullied by her schoolmates and encouraged her to endure it for herself. Oskar enrolled in the weight-training class right after his school. Earlier that, Håkan stops and killed the passerby on the footpath to gather blood for Eli, however, is being interrupted by the approaching dog walker. Then, Eli was prompted to waylay then killed the local man, Jocke, creating his way home right after having said sleep tight to Lacke his best friend.

The cat-loving loner, Gösta, witnessed the attack from the flat, but, with disbelief, settles not to report an incident. Håkan conceals the body of Jocke in the ice-hole in a local lake. Håkan creates another effort to gain blood for Eli through trapping the teenage boy in the changing room right after school. Then, during the time that he’s about to be located by the boy’s buddies, Håkan poured the concentrated hydrochloric acid through his face, disfiguring it so it can prevent the authorities to identify him. Eli visited Håkan in a hospital; Håkan offered his neck for feeding Eli, and Eli drained him of the blood. Eli went to the apartment of Oskar and spent the evening with him, during that time they agreed to “go steady”, although Eli stated, “I am not a girl”.

Writer’s Notion

If you are someone who is not fond of a vampire genre, but you can still try watching this, because this one is more than that. It is poetic, artistic and in lots of ways a really profound movie that explores the nature of evil and good. It does so by the world of the child where mutual of pure good and pure evil are somewhat discernible, it achieves an amazing array of contrasts which permit us to see the evil and the good can coexist equally. Doing so, this film is really thought-provoking, leaving their audience yearning to just read the novel. And so in short, the movie is a real gem. There’s really no need to make a remake of this movie, which the IMDb.com said that they are planning to have or they will be. This is movie is a suggested movie for you to watch and see for yourself about its strong facet.

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