Lovers Lane, 1999

The film is another American independent slasher movie of director Jon Steven Ward. This also marks a feature movie debut of A. Faris. The movie is from the urban legend “The Hook” and followed the crowd of kids that had been terrorized by the escaped mental patients in and around the lover’s lane.

Cast Lists

  • Erin Dean appeared as Mandy Anderson or Harriet Anderson     
  • Suzanne Bouchard appeared as the Principal Penny Lamson
  • Anna Faris appeared as Jannelle Bay
  • Ben Indra appeared as Bradley                  
  • Sarah Lancaster appeared as Chloe Grefe
  • Matt Riedy appeared as the Sheriff Tom Anderson
  • Collin Peacock appeared as Tim
  • Michael Shapiro appeared as the Deputy David Schwick
  • Ed Bailey appeared as Ray Hennessey
  • Megan Hunt appeared as Cathy                
  • Diedre Kilgore appeared as Dee-Dee
  • Billy O’Sullivan appeared as Doug
  • Carter Roy appeared as Jimmy
  • Riley Smith appeared as Michael Lamson
  • Richard Sanders appeared as the Dr. Jack Grefe


Thirteen years have passed, at the local lane for lovers, on Valentine’s Day, Dee-Dee and Jimmy were making it out in their auto when the maniac wielding the steel hook attacked them. This pair escaped the vehicle and saw another couple, Ward and Harriet, slaughtered inside the auto next to them. Soon after, Jack Grefe, the psychiatrist arrived, together with Tom Anderson, the Sheriff, who had been distraught to saw Harriet, his wife, one of those lovers who had been murdered. The murderer, Ray Hennessey was caught, and being revealed as one of the patients of Jack who had the obsession with Harriet. Then, Ray is incarcerated at the nearby state organization for those criminally insane and then gained the nickname as “The Hook”.

Now, Jack’s famous daughter Chloe and Mandy, the socially awkward daughter of Tom attended a local high school jointly. During the class, Chloe overhear Michael, her boyfriend who had a plan of breaking up with her. At the fit of anger, Chloe attempted to drown Michael at the pool. Jack then quickly called in the school regarding the actions of his daughter where he met with the Principal Penny Lamson. Chloe is delayed from her school, while Michael has been grounded of his mother, the Principal Penny. The soon after, this “The Hook” retrieved his weapon and then escaped from the mental institution. Right after hearing the news, Sheriff Tom warned Penny, as her spouse was having an affair with Harriet, who was killed along with her.

Then later that evening, Michael sneaked out of the room to have met his friends, with Mandy, Bradley, cheerleader Janelle, Joker Doug, the couple Cathy, Tim and Chloe at the bowling lane. There is also Deputy David Schwick whom Sheriff Tom had placed in charge to keep Mandy and Chloe safe, after then, Chloe, in trying to make Michael envy, left with Bradley to be at the lovers lane.

Writer’s Notion

The first time that you will watch this movie, you will hate it first. Because you will think it was just plain bad and idiotic. But, if you are going to watch it more than once, you will feel the guilt of not liking it first. The ending really does not make that complete sense, however, all that goofy dialogue and also the twists and the turns had made this film a classic B-film, an average person hated it but this movie appeal strongly to some extent of the population. The movie contains Anna Ferris, who was from the Scary Movie fame, with Sarah Lancaster also from Saved by the Bells as the bitchy vamp. This little movie really needs to be watched again and again to really appreciate it.

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