Ma 2019

Ma, 2019

The film is an American psychological horror movie directed, produced, and co-written by Tate Taylor. The movie follows the crowd of teenagers who befriended the lonely middle-aged lady. She allows them to party in her underground, and they ended up being scared of her.

Cast Lists

  • Kyanna Simone Simpson appeared as the young Sue Ann
  • Octavia Spencer appeared as “Ma”/Sue Ann Ellington     
  • Diana Silvers appeared as Maggie Thompson
  • Tate Taylor appeared as Officer Grainger                              
  • Victor Turpin appeared as Pietro Kramer
  • Andrew Matthew Welch appeared as young Ben              
  • Tanyell Waivers appeared as Genie
  • Dominic Burgess appeared as Stu, co-worker of Erica       
  • Teagan Edsell appeared as young Erica
  • Nicole Carpenter appeared as the young Mercedes         
  • Luke Evans appeared as Ben Hawkins
  • Corey Fogelmanis as Andy Hawkins, Maggie’s boyfriend
  • Margaret Fegan appeared as Stephanie
  • McKaley Miller appeared as Haley, the friend of Maggie
  • Juliette Lewis appeared as Erica Thompson
  • Missi Pyle as Mercedes, girlfriend of Ben                              
  • Heather Marie Pate appeared as Ashley
  • Gianni Paolo appeared as Chaz, friend of Maggie
  • EllingtonDante Brown appeared as Darrell, Maggie’s buddy
  • Allison Janney appeared as Dr. Brooks, the boss of Sue Ann


Maggie Thompson is a teenager who moves with her Erica, her mother to the Ohio hometown right after the husband of Erica leaves her. In her current high school, Haley, Darrell, Andy, and Chaz, Maggie befriends, and Haley, who immediately developed a crush towards her. They convinced “Ma” (Sue Ann Ellington), the veterinary technician, to assist them to purchase some alcohol since they are underage. “Ma” anonymously reported the teenagers’ activities; however, they had been released due to the history of the officer with Ben, Andy’s father. The following day, Sue Ann invited the teenagers to have a drink in her underground room. The next time that they go there, Sue Ann had decorated her basement together with lots of the other teenagers who showed up at her home to party, which makes her famous among the students.

But, her hospitality begins to annoy the crowd as she continuously harassed them to involve in different activities with her. Then one evening, Sue Ann saw Maggie and Andy kissing and she becomes jealous (since she is falling for him, having had her crush on Ben, his father, during high school days). She drugs Maggie right away after and took her earrings. The following morning, Maggie awakens and noticed that her earrings were missing and is deeply bruised and cut. Terrified, Maggie told Andy that she doesn’t want to go in her house anymore, that she doesn’t want him to be there as well and so he agreed.

Then one day to win back the trust of the group, Ma meets with all of them to say that she had pancreatic cancer (lie, of course!) And that is why her acting must go with what she said. When she was talking, Haley noticed that she has been wearing a bracelet which belongs to one friend of them. The girls suspected that Sue Ann had been stealing their jewelries so they go to her house to have some investigation. They were surprised by Genie, the daughter of Sue Ann’s from her failed marriage, whom they thought uses a wheelchair; however, she is clearly someone who is able. She warned them when Sue Ann arrived home, and then, they narrowly escape.

Writer’s Notion

This one was amazingly good. It is revealed right that moment that Ma is someone disturbed. Parts of this movie revealed the back story of her personality from her past trauma during high school involving the couple of the teen’s parents. Her sadness makes her to be attached to these teens in the film and then it turns ugly that moment that they rejected her. These types of movie normally used the young antagonist for their part just this movie went on the different way and uses the grown adult. The aggression towards the final part was pretty disturbing. Most of the deaths had been towards the final part of the movie.

It was expected to have a bigger and an even more intense showdown in the end and it was pretty brief. Octavia Spencer somewhat did a good job here. But, there are some things that are missing from the movie that is tolerable. There are just some audiences that expected for an even more horror with lesser thriller.

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