Mandy, 2018

The film is a horror thriller movie by director Panos Cosmatos and with co-writer Aaron Stewart-Ahn and Cosmatos and this is a co-production of Canada and the USA.

The Cast Lists

Nicolas Cage played as Red Miller                                             

Bill Duke played as Caruthers

Ned Dennehy played as Brother Swan                                    

Ivailo Dimitrov played as Skratch

Olwen Fouéré played as Mother Marlene                            

Stephan Fraser played as Brother Lewis

Tamás Hagyuó played as Fuck Pig                                             

Alexis Julemont played as Brother Hanker

Kalin Kerin played as Scabs                                                          

Hayley Saywell played as Sis

Line Pillet played as Sister Lucy                                                  

Paul Painter played as Cheddar Goblin

Andrea Riseborough played as Mandy Bloom                      

Linus Roache played as Jeremiah Sand

Richard Brake played as The Chemist                                     

Clément Baronnet played as Brother Klopek

The Story Line

In 1983, somewhere close to the Shadow Mountains, Red Miller lives together with Mandy Bloom, his artist girlfriend, in the cabin closest to the lake. Red Miller work is a logger, while his girlfriend Mandy had a day’s work as a cashier in the close by a gas station in the woods. She makes elaborate fantasy art, then, Red admired her work very much. They lead the reclusive and quiet life, and the behavior and conversations hint at the psychological hardship and complicated past. Red appeared to be a possible veteran and a recovering alcoholic, and Mandy recounted traumatic childhood encounters.

On her drive to work, Mandy Bloom walks past the van moving the Children of New Dawn, the deviant hippie sect head in Jeremiah Sand. Jeremiah Sand has been struck by Mandy’s gorgeousness and ordered one of his followers Brother Swan, to abduct Mandy with the assistance of Black Skulls, the demonic biker gang together with the taste of the human flesh and the liquid, highly strong form of LSD.

In the evening, Swan drove out into the lake and summoned the Black Skulls through blowing the mystical horn. Right after Swan offered them lower-ranking members of the cult to be the sacrifice they break into the house of the couple and subdue Red and Mandy. The other two female affiliates of the cult, Sister Lucy and Mother Marlene, drug Mandy with venom and LSD from the huge black wasp just before offering her to Sand. Jeremiah Sand – one failed musician – tried to seduce Mandy together with his psychedelic old folk music, and telling Mandy that God had Sand to take anything that he wanted. Mandy ridiculed him, parting from him infuriated and confused.

The Writers View

The movie is not really for everyone and well, that is just really fine. Also the story was not anything special or new, just the typical revenge story. Just really liked how the movie looked, felt and sounded. Colors and visuals are just exceptional and that was really something that hooked the viewers from the beginning, really a trippy stuff in the best way. Sounds and music were pushing the dark overall sinister feeling and worked perfectly. Nick had also the best performance near insanity.

The movie is really enjoyable. Honestly, I’m really near to saying that this is the movie to be loved. The movie is beautifully shot, wonderfully inventive, and totally not like anything else that have ever seen before. And the plus point are you getting to witness Nickolas Cage fighting with chainsaws and so what isn’t to like about it?

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