Mercy Christmas 2017

Mercy Christmas 2017 is an American comedy-horror movie of the writers Ryan Nelson with Beth Levy Nelson with Ryan Nelson also the film director. The film is produced by the No Mercy Pictures and this is in collaboration with the Other Paw Films. This film is a debut directorial feature of Ryan Nelson. The filming had been completed in year in Los Angeles during, and the usual special-effects structure was made to create a gory scene.

The movie received critical positive reviews from lots of media outlets following their movie premiere. Dread Central described their reviews being “without any doubt, among their best a sub-genre of comedy-horror had to give.” The movie is called as the “new holiday horror classic” by the Horror Freak News. The Ink and Code said that “It might have been the most laughed movie of one horror film. Or maybe it is the most revolted during a comedy. Even in the beginning, it’s already established its personal bizarre tone and really commits to it with the rest of this film. It’s thoroughly surreal as this oscillates from the gut-busting laughs into wince-inducing violence.” The Film Stage acknowledged the effectiveness in a sub-genre of the comedy-horror that says, “Nelson effectively mixed the genre tropes with a mundane life of the office worker. He combined the psychological horror scenes that are ripe with graphic horror aesthetic and humor to embrace the silliness inherent to both.”


Cast Lists

Steven Hubbell appeared as Michael Briskett       D.J. Hale appeared as Eddie

Casey O’Keefe appeared as Cindy Robillard           Joey Keane appeared as Phillip

Whitney Nielsen appeared as Katherine                 David Ruprecht appeared as Abe Robillard

Dakota Shephard appeared as Denise                    Ryan Boyd appeared as Bart Robillard

Gwen Van Dam appeared as Granny                       Cole Gleason appeared as Andy Robillard

Mercy Christmas 2017 Narrative

Michael Briskett thought that he met the perfect woman. Michael Christmas dream came true when she invited him to her holiday celebration with her family. But, Michael struggled to endure once he realized that he will become their Christmas dinner.

YUMMY, 2019



Writer’s Notion

When you start to watch the movie, you will not know what will happen and what to expect, however, it was really quite entertaining and the entire movie is laughable. Initially, you will think that the movie is somewhat of a low-quality film, but the acting that is not for an Oscar award, but it has been really good and I believe that every character add some spice in the script and that makes it really good. The scenes that were not thought as funny became funny.


Like with the other review, you will be very surprised with this movie, since the beginning is not something you expected to see in a movie with a low budget. The movie had a packed of some actions and real bloody good movie. Their actors acting were all round and excellent and the cinematography and effect was all top notch. The movie is both sad, funny and with some turn of events in it that will just make you intensely angry. When a movie is able to draw such emotions, then, it is a successful one.

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