Midsommar, 2019

This is a folk horror movie directed and written by Ari Aster. It follows the group of friends that travelled to Sweden for that festivity that takes place once every ninety years, and only to discover themselves within the clutches of the pagan cult.

Cast Lists

Florence Pugh appeared as Dani ArdorWill Poulter appeared as Mark
Louise Peterhoff appeared as HannaLevente Puczkó-Smith appeared as Ruben
Jack Reynor appeared as Christian HughesAgnes Rase appeared as Dagny
Julia Ragnarsson appeared as IngaEllora Torchia appeared as Connie
Lennart R. Svensson appeared as MatsTove Skeidsvoll appeared as Majvor
Lars Väringer appeared as StenKatarina Weidhagen appeared as Ylva
Anna Åström appeared as KarinBjörn Andrésen appeared as Dan
Dag Andersson appeared as SvenVilhelm Blomgren appeared as Pelle
Mats Blomgren appeared as OddZsolt Bojári appeared as Dani’s father
Anders Beckman appeared as ArneAnders Back appeared as Valentin
Klaudia Csányi appeared as Terri ArdorTomas Engström appeared as Jarl
Gunnel Fred appeared as SivGabriella Fón appeared as Dani’s mother
Isabelle Grill appeared as MajaHampus Hallberg appeared as Ingemar
William Jackson Harper appeared as JoshRebecka Johnston appeared as Ulrika
Anki Larsson appeared as IrmaHenrik Norlén appeared as Ulf
Archie Madekwe appeared as SimonLiv Mjönes appeared as Ulla


Dani Ardor is a Psychology graduate student who has been traumatized right after Terri, her sister, kills herself together with their parents through filling their house with carbon monoxide. This incident strains the relationship of Dani with Christian Hughes, her already sensitively-distant boyfriend and an anthropology graduate student. Dani discovered that Christian, his buddies, Josh and Mark had been invited by Pelle, their Swedish friend, to attend the midsummer celebration at the ancestral commune, of Pelle this is the Hårga, at Hälsingland. This celebration takes place every 90 years. And Christian had hidden this from Dani, wanted to break up, and invited her along after Dani finds out about this incoming trip.

This group then flies to Sweden, arrives in the commune, and where they are about to meet Connie and Simon, the English couple that has been invited by Ingemar, the communal brother of Pelle. He offers the team psilocybin mushrooms, and with the influence of drugs, Dani had hallucinations of Terri. The tensions arise after the team witnesses the ättestupa where the two commune seniors commit suicide through leaping from the clifftop. And then the male senior survived the fall, this cult imitates his wails of anguish and crushes the skull with the mallet. The cult elder Siv explained that this is just ordinary; for each of their members does this at the age of 72. The scene disturbed the group, however, they settle on staying, because Josh is still doing the thesis on the community, whereas Connie and Simon choose to leave. One elder told Connie that Simon had already gone without her. Connie, being confused, decides to leave by herself. Then later on, the scream of the woman has been heard from a distance.

Christian also chose to do the thesis at the Hårga, and then Josh accused him of copying, making the in between them, while weak mental state of Dani is already deteriorating. After Mark innocently urinates on the ancestral tree and provoked the fury of a cult, he has been lured away by the member.

Writer’s Notion

If you are someone who is enjoying cinematography then, this movie will make you really enjoy. When you watched this movie, it will seem that as if you just came down from some high feeling and place. The entire thing felt such a bad trip after that, because you will feel pleased and bad at that same time. The movie is really a nice change from the superhero movies to this a bit terribly horror movie.

The movie is absolutely not a horror one and not really sure what this is all about. It is not really scary and there are some unsettling moments, weird moments and does not have any dramatic arc as well that will somewhat raise your tension. The movie revolves around that annoying, traumatized, and totally without a self respect lass that gradually starts benefiting from the weird place.

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