Morgan 2016

The movie is an American horror, science fiction film under the direction of Luke Scott as his directorial debut with writer Seth Owen.


The Cast Lists

Jonathan Aris played as David Chance

Crispian Belfrage played as Charles Grimes

Brian Cox played as Jim Bryce

Paul Giamatti played as Doc Alan Shapiro

Boyd Holbrook played as Skip Vronsky

Toby Jones played as Doc Simon Ziegler

Anya Taylor-Joy played as Morgan

Jennifer Jason Leigh played as Doc Kathy Grieff

Rose Leslie played as Doc Amy Menser

Vinette Robinson played as Doc Brenda Finch

Kate Mara played as Lee Weathers

Amybeth McNulty played as Morgan at the age of 10

Chris Sullivan played as Doc Darren Finch

Luke Whoriskey played as Jimmy

Michelle Yeoh played as Doc Lui Cheng

Michael Yare played as Ted Brenner

The Story Line

Lee Weathers works as a risk-management specialist in one genetic-engineering company known as SynSect. She arrived at the rural site hosting the L-9 project, the artificial individual with nanotechnology-impart synthetic DNA called as Morgan. These hybrid biological organisms with the ability for autonomous decision creating and sophisticated touching responses is wittier than humans and quickly matures, talking and win a month and bodily a teenager in spite of being a five year old.

The precise and cold Weathers, she insisted on naming Morgan “it”, is at the spot to appraise the project after the psychologist evaluated Morgan, right after she applied a pen to cut Doc Kathy Grieff in her eye. Over a dinner with the group of eight researchers, Weathers and the project leaders Doc Lui Cheng and Doc Simon Ziegler discussed an event in Helsinki linking Cheng wherein 21 SynSect investigators were murdered in one hour by the crude prototypes.

Lee discovered that Morgan harassed Grieff right after she was forbidden from leaving the room, the glass cell, right after killing the deer impaled on the fallen tree while still outside. These scientists have lifted Morgan from birth right after the two failed attempts, also most considered her to become their child; Grieff defended Morgan to Weathers in spite of her injury, and Doc Amy Menser wanted to start again taking her on trips. The latter swear Morgan to bring her to the nearby lake which she described as wonderful; her behavioral therapist comprehends that Morgan, ins spite her physical appearance, intellects and abilities, emotionally innocent. Although Morgan considered Cheng to become her mother, the researcher is pessimistic regarding the project; she finished the outings because, Weathers was told by Cheng, it is mean to represent Morgan to the world she will not be allowed to come.

The Writers Viewpoint

Sorry to say this, but I believe that I have to say this for the benefit of the film and to have a much better improvements. First, the ending was a bit disappointing and if you do not understand it too, maybe you are like me that is expecting for more. Second, I felt that more connection is needed in between the audience and Morgan. I found her clips as a sweet and warming child. I even feel the sympathy towards her right after she attacked her initial and next victims. However, during its end, I felt that I lacked sympathy in her character, right after she turned out to be more out of the hands.


Morgan [Blu-ray]

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