Mother!, 2017

The film is an American psychological horror movie directed and written by Darren Aronofsky. The movie plot followed the young lady that tranquil life with the husband in the country home is being disrupted by the coming of the mysterious couple.

Cast Lists

  • Jennifer Lawrence appeared as mother                 
  • Stephen McHattie appeared as zealot
  • Kristen Wiig appeared as herald
  • Jovan Adepo appeared as cupbearer      
  • Domhnall Gleeson appeared as oldest son
  • Ed Harris appeared as man
  • Laurence Leboeuf appeared as maiden
  • Michelle Pfeiffer appeared as a woman
  • Amanda Warren appeared as a healer
  • Javier Bardem appeared as Him
  • Brian Gleeson appeared as a younger brother
  • Emily Hampshire appeared as a fool


In the flamed remains of the big house, Him, the acclaimed poet struggled with the writer’s block, placed the crystal object on the stand in his study. A scorched house morphs to a lovely house in an Edenic scenery. Mother, the wife of the poet and a muse, awakens while in her bed, wonders aloud where there HIM is. While renovating their house, she began seeing things that don’t settle her, including imagining the beating heart within the walls.

Then one day, the nameless stranger known as Man happens spins up at a house, asking for the area and claiming as the local doctor. Him willingly agreed, and mother unwillingly followed suit. Later that evening, Man suffered from the dry-heaves and then mother observed the wound on the side. The following day Man’s spouse, Woman, arrived to wait. Mother is increasingly irritated with the guest of Woman, but Him plead her to allow them to stay, disclosing that Man is really a fan whose failing wish was just to meet Him. But, when Woman and Man accidentally shattered the crystal, which Him had prohibited to touch, Him became angry and Mother kicked them out whereas he starts to get on up the area. Before Woman and Man can leave their 2 sons arrive suddenly and fight over the will of their father. The oldest son, who will be left without anything, severely wounded the younger brother then flees. Man, Woman and Him take the wounded son for assistance. Alone in their house, Mother followed the trail of blood in finding the tank of the heating oil hidden at the back of the basement walls.

Upon recurring, Him informed Mother the son had died. As these two is beginning to nap that evening, dozens of individual arrived unannounced at the home to mourn the passing son. They behaved in presumptuous and rude ways that irritated Mother; she snapped when they smashed the sink, partially flooding a house. She ordered everybody out and berated Him for permitting so many individual inside while ignoring the needs. Their fight ended in passionate lovemaking, that the following morning, Mother announced that she is pregnant. This news elates Him and inspired Him to finish his work.

Writer’s Notion

When looking at this movie in its entirety, take two steps back, the movie summarizes existence of Man. The start of the movie showed that he tried before, however, he failed. Most of the movie, also failed. In the final part, we see Him trying once more. G*d’s dilemma is a free will. Him lead only by verses, but the interpretation of man is what makes the conflict, as everybody had their own interpretation, therefore, anarchy eventually occurred and finally obliteration. Eden takes the restart, over and over again.

The movie is amazing in scope and had an amazing encapsulation of existence performed in their very unique fashion, but if you do not appreciate movies like these, don’t bother, because it is simply not your variety. The message is strong and the avant-garde possibly is admirable. It is really nice to see movies that present something new; sure, this movie is certainly one of them. The movie is a real masterpiece.

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