My Bloody Valentine, 1981

The film is a Canadian slasher movie by director George Mihalka with the writer John Beaird. The plot tells the group of younger adults who decide on throwing the Valentine’s Day party, to incur a vengeful rage of an attacker in mining gear that starts the murdering spree.

Cast Lists

  • Paul Kelman appeared as “T.J.” Hanniger Tom Jesse
  • Thomas Kovacs appeared as Mike Stavinski
  • Jim Murchison appeared as Tommy Whitcomb  
  • Peter Cowper appeared as The Miner/Harry Warden
  • Cynthia Dale appeared as Patty 
  • Jack Van Evera appeared as Happy
  • Lori Hallier appeared as Sarah Mercer
  • Patricia Hamilton appeared as Mabel Osborne   
  • Rob Stein appeared as John
  • Terry Waterland appeared as Harriet
  • Keith Knight appeared as Hollis
  • Neil Affleck appeared as Axel Palmer
  • Carl Marotte appeared as Dave
  • Jeff Banks appeared as the Young Axel Palmer
  • Gina Dick appeared as Gretchen
  • Don Francks appeared as the Chief Jake Newby
  • Alf Humphreys appeared as Howard Landers
  • Larry Reynolds appeared as Mayor Hanniger
  • Helene Udy appeared as Sylvia


Inside the mine shaft, the lady miner takes off the gear while fronting another miner. During the time that the lady performed the striptease, the miner pushed her onto the mining pickaxe, murdering her.

Mayor Hanniger of the Valentine Bluffs, the Canadian mining urban, reinstates the conventional Valentine’s Day dance that had been suspended for 20 years. The dances halt after the accident in which the two supervisors left some of the miners in the mines to be at the dance. Since they forgot to test the methane gas level, there had been an explosion that had trapped the miners. H. Warden, the only one that survived resorted to cannibalism in order to survive but became insane. The following year, he killed the two supervisors that left them there, vowed further attacks when a Valentine’s Day Dance occurred again. Warden had been situated into the asylum and an accident had been forgotten, so this dance resumed. The group of younger residents was excited about this dance: Gretchen, Dave, Howard, Mike, John, Hollis, Patty, Sylvia, Tommy, and Harriet. T.J. the mayor’s son, with Sarah, Axel, were involved in the tense love triangle.

Then, Mayor Hanniger with the police in town chief, Jake Newby takes an unknown box of Valentine chocolates that had the human heart, and with the note warning that killings will start when the dance proceeds. During that night, the resident Mabel is killed by the mining-geared murderer in the laundromat, and the heart had been removed. Newby publicly reported that she died from heart attack to avoid the panic. He contacted the mental institution wherein Harry Warden was in prison, but they had no file on him. Newby and Hanniger cancelled the dance, but these town’s youngsters choose to have their own gathering at the mine. The bartender warned them against it, however, is killed by a miner.

Writer’s Notion

You can watch this movie now, although this is a 1980’s movie, but be prepared to be disappointed with some of the acting and also the gore value. You will be dumbfounded and will be in shock to be informed that for 30 long years no one had really seen this film, that the gore of this film is well executed for a 1980s movie. It is just a shame that there are some bastards that will make you wonder just how many films you have watch that they butchered this one. You will be left thinking that this movie was a crap when really the truth is that, this movie was a classic horror film that was heavily edited.

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