My Bloody Valentine, 2009

The movie is an American slasher film by director and co-editor Patrick Lussier. This is a remake of the Canadian slasher film in 1981, and concentrates on the residents in the small mining city that is plagued with the serial killer during Valentine’s Day.

The Cast Lists

Jensen Ackles played as Tom Hanniger                   

Tom Atkins played as Sheriff “Jim” James Burke

Megan Boone played as Megan                                

Karen Baum played as the Deputy Ferris

Joy de la Paz played as Rosa                                       

Todd Farmer played as the Trucker Frank

Edi Gathegi played as the Deputy Martin              

Jeff Hochendoner played as “Red” William Kirkpatrick

Jaime King played being Sarah Mercer-Palmer   

Selene Luna played as Selene

Marc Macaulay played as Marc Riggs                      

Betsy Rue played as Irene

Kerr Smith played being Sheriff Axel Palmer        

Kevin Tighe played as Ben Foley                               

Richard John Walters played as The Miner/Harry Warden

The Story Line

On 1997 on Valentine’s Day, the small mining surroundings of Harmony had been rocked by the explosion of the Hanniger mine. The comatose Harry Warden has been the sole survivor, right after killing the five fellow miners in conserving his personal oxygen. The son of this mine’s owner, Tom Hanniger, was blamed for that explosion.

After a year, Warden awakened from the coma and murdered numerous patients and the staff, leaving the victim’s heart inside the chocolate box. While Tom, girlfriend Sarah, plus others teen party in the mine, Warden – dressed in mining gear with the gas mask – attacked them with the pickaxe. Sarah, Irene and Axel flee, and Warden has been shot by the Sheriff Burke just before he will kill Tom, but escaped into the mine.

After ten years, Tom has been phoned back to Harmony right after his father is death. He planned to vend the mine, next to the advice of the local official Ben Foley. The town’s sheriff, Axel, had been wedded to Sarah; however, he is having another affair with the coworker Megan. The two have sex at the cabin of Axel, where Megan gave him the Valentine’s gift.

At the hotel where Tom has been staying, Irene was having energetic sex together with the local trucker known as Frank. She became enraged when she discovers out that he had secretly video them having sex. Then, Frank asks Irene if she wanted money to make her quiet. She confronts Frank and told him that she’s not a hooker. Then, Frank laughs and he flips money at Irene and says that Irene is a one tonight. The totally naked Irene grabs the gun and then confronted Frank inside the parking lot. The body of Irene is totally naked save for the strap on high heels, then Frank told her to place on some clothes that the kids might be around and Frank did not want Irene anymore.

The Writers View

Unfortunately the film is not as tough as it is bookend acts, but it’s certainly gory, terrifying, tense, fun, and nothing but all entertaining. The performances of the artists are actually all quite strong, and since this is turning more as the norm in the horror films.

The exclusive opening is really the three-tier start. The flashing newsreels revealed that the crumpled of Hanniger Mine in that little city that takes the lives of the six miners or was there something else that had killed the men? This is an awakening from the comma years from the past year, the sole endurance of the cave-in, then Harry Warden, pick-up where he had left off, slaughtering dozens just before been killing himself concluding what have the city dubbed that known Valentines’ Day Massacre. However, all isn’t what seems from ten years later since Tom Hanniger, the nearly victim of Warden, returned to the little city to vend the mine, but their killings suspiciously started that moment and it all depends with Tom to tidy his name.

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