My Boyfriend’s Back, 1993

The film is a romantic American zombie black comedy movie of director Bob Balaban that told the tales of Johnny Dingle, the teenage boy that returns from being dead as one zombie to met Missy McCloud, the girl he is in love with, to have a date.

Cast Lists

  • Andrew Lowery appeared as Johnny Dingle         
  • Cloris Leachman appeared as Maggie/Zombie Expert
  • Austin Pendleton appeared as Dr. Bronson
  • Paxton Whitehead appeared as the Judge in Heaven
  • Danny Zorn appeared as Eddie  
  • Paul Dooley appeared as Big Chuck
  • Matthew Fox appeared as Buck Van Patten
  • Philip Hoffman appeared as Chuck Bronski
  • Traci Lind appeared as Missy McCloud
  • Matthew McConaughey appeared as Guy 2
  • Jay Sanders appeared as Sheriff McCloud
  • Libby Villari appeared as Camille McCloud
  • Renée Zellweger (scene cut)
  • Bob Dishy appeared as Murray, a Gravedigger
  • Edward Herrmann appeared as Mr. Dingle
  • Mary Beth Hurt appeared as Mrs. Dingle


During a “robbery”, the actual robber holds Missy and Johnny at gunpoint. Thinking that it was Eddie, Johnny died taking the bullet that was meant for Missy. Then after his funeral, Johnny rose from his grave. He was greeted by Murray, a gravedigger, who warned him that he cannot leave the cemetery. Then, Johnny ignored him and goes home. Missy was hesitant to be with Johnny, but then changes her thinking when Buck, her boyfriend and Chuck, his dim-witted pal discriminated against him for becoming a Zombie. They went on a date that went off well until Missy had accidentally rips off the ear of Johnny. Johnny goes for a check to Dr. Bronson, their town doctor, who referred him to the lady named as Maggie, also a zombie’s widow. She told Johnny that he needed to eat a living flesh to stop decaying. Missy and Johnny meet up in the library, where he had been attacked by Chuck and Buck. Chuck accidentally punched himself in his head with a chop and dies. Johnny ate Chuck’s body, invoking a rage of Chuck’s father, the Big Chuck.

The town sheriff, Missy’s father, told Johnny to leave the town for his personal safety. Johnny does not listen and returned to Missy in the evening, but then leave when he bites the arm. Dr. Bronson captured him, who tried to dissect Johnny, then, make the youth formula from the zombie cells. Johnny escaped when Big Chuck heads the mob to murder him, with Eddie and Missy helping him. He flew to the cemetery, wherein Murray, his parents, Missy and Eddie defend him, earned him to the town and then the sheriff’s acceptance. Missy and Johnny danced, but Johnny starts to decay and then die.

Writer’s Notion

If you want to watch a zombie movie and your girlfriend wanted a romance movie, then this is the movie that is bombed at a box.

The movie is a romantic black comedy, which is about the zombie that is truly entertaining! And where lots of the actors here have fallen off their faces of the earth, they still help this movie what it is planned to be. This movie is absolutely worth hunting out when you wanted something a bit different instead of the average run of a mill comedy. The movie is a special zombie film regarding love and acceptance. The zombie’s parents accepted him without questions, because he is still their son, and the zombie’s girlfriend accepted him because of the depth of their love is what had able him to come back from the dead and then make this to the prom, although, it will mean that his devouring some of the classmates. This movie is sweet, charming and sincere.

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