Nekromantik, 1987

The film is stylized as NEKRomantik as a West German terrifying exploitation movie directed and co-written by Jörg Buttgereit. This is known as frequently controversial and banned in some countries, and had been a cult movie through the years because of its’ transgress subject matter and audacious imagery.

Cast Lists

  • Daktari Lorenz
  • Harald Lundt
  • Beatrice Manowski


The movie opens in the evening, as the woman urinated at the grass through the area of the path. She pulled up her underwear, get inside the car driven of her husband, and then they drive away. This couple lost their road in the dark, then, subsequently runs off the street. The following day, their dead bodies had been discovered, the guy in the car and the lady thrown from it where the body had been cut in two.

Rob Schmadtke, a tragic hero, works for a business known as “Joe’s Cleaning Agency”, the company that takes away the dead bodies from the public areas and then they will cleaned up after the traffic accidents. Their symbol is a Totenkopf symbol (crossbones and skull variant) within the pentagram. This work left him the chance to go on with his full-time pastime: necrophilia. He returned home coming from his job up to his apartment with the girlfriend Betty. He played with his collection of preserved human bodies and watched TV while Betty took a bath of blood-laden water. The apartment had been decorated with centerfolds that feature images of famed killers, jars containing the human parts that are being preserved in formaldehyde and also models. Rob watched the televised interview of the psychiatrist who spoke over the topic of the Arachnophobia and the ways to overcome the phobias. Then, Rob entered the daydream of the young rabbit that has been caught on the farm and graphically killed. It is being implied that these had been the memoirs of his father murdering “an adored childhood pet”. The scene of the autopsy on the human cadaver followed. The guy drinking beer and then shooting at the birds with the rifle accidentally killed the nearby gardener, and then discarded the corpse.

Rob returned to work and found his latest obsession, the body of an unnamed gardener that had been discovered rotting in the pond. During his removal process, Rob escapes with it. He returns home excited with his gift to his waiting wife. Then, they immediately cut the steel pipe and place the condom over it and so that Betty can have the phallus to bestride during the ménage à trois. It is then followed by the scene of the meat being fried. Rob and Betty dine and talked while watching their latest “toy” hang over the wall. The plates had been collecting the fluids that were dripping out of that body.

Writer’s Notion

The movie is likeable and also it is not known whether or not you can be able to sit through it and watch it again. Jorg Buttgeireit proved himself as quite the revolutionary director for this moviemaking, and ever since then had goes on to creating even better films.

This movie is not really a very complicated tale. Betty and Robert are in love. Betty and Robert have this sick fetish. This movie needed to be watched to believe it. It is not recommended to watch by the average horror fanatics. You need to be wanting in searching for something new. There are lots of horror collection movies, but this one is really different from the rest. It has its second film that is rather good as well, and you will surely have a hard time choosing which one had the most sickening ending.

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