Overlord 2018

Overlord 2018

The movie is an American horror, war movie by director Julius Avery and with writers Mark Smith and Billy Ray. The movie plot follows some of the American soldiers who had been dropped behind the enemy lines that day before the D-Day and discovered the secret Nazi experiments.

The Cast Lists

Jovan Adepo played as Pvt. 1st Class Edward Boyce, the paratrooper who uncovered the Nazi experiments under the radio tower and the church

Pilou Asbæk played as Captain Wafner, the SS Hauptsturmführer or Captain.

Dominic Applewhite played as Pvt. 1st Class Jacob Rosenfeld, the paratrooper.

Jacob Anderson played as Pvt. 1st Class Charlie Dawson, the paratrooper

Patrick Brammall played as American Officer

Iain De Caestecker played as Pvt. Morton Chase, the paratrooper and the photographer

John Magaro played as Pvt. 1st Class Lyle Tibbet, the paratrooper and the sniper

Mark McKenna played as Pvt. First Class Murphy

Mathilde Ollivier played as Chloe, sister of 1Paul and the French civilian that aid with the trapped paratroopers

Wyatt Russell played as Corp. Lewis Ford, the explosives expert and paratrooper who is passion against swaying from his mission to annihilate the radio tower

Erich Redman played as Dr. Schmidt, leader of the research on dead German soldiers and French civilians

Gianny Taufer played as Paul, the younger brother of Chloe

Bokeem Woodbine played as Sergeant Rensin

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The Story Line

On the evening of D-Day, the paratrooper squad has been sent to smash the German radio tower at the old church. The plane has been shot down and crashed, and mainly all of the squad, with the squad leader Sergent Rensin, was being killed either in the crash or through the Nazi soldiers and the landmines. The four survivors remained: the second in the command, Corporal Ford with the Privates Boyce, Chase and Tibbet.

The group continues onward and then met Chloe, the young woman from their village where their church was located. She allows them to take refuge inside her house. Chloe dwells there with Paul, her eight year old brother and aunt, who started disfigured by the Nazi experiments happening at the church. After Chase and Tibbet departed to look for the scheduled rendezvous site, the Nazi patrol head by the SS Hauptsturmführer Wafner visited Chloe. Wafner transmitted his men away, then, proceeds to force Chloe for sex, menacing to send Paul to the church and be “fixed”. Private Boyce, being the idealistic latest recruit, cannot disregard this and interrupted the Nazi officer. Corporal Ford has been forced to pursue suit and hold back Wafner.


Trying to arrive at the rendezvous tip to look for Chase and Tibbet, Boyce witnessed the Nazis are flaming disfigured village populace. He is chased through the dog and is being forced to conceal in the truck moving dead bodies in the church. Slipping out from the truck, Boyce discovered the underground base that houses not only the radio operating room, and also the laboratory where these Germans performed different experimentations on the villagers linking the mysterious serum and the big large pit packed with black tar. Private Boyce took the syringe that has the serum and rescued Rosenfeld, one more member of this paratrooper squad who has been captured alive. They run away from the sewer base.

The Writers View

The story has nothing special in it, its old techniques have been repeated many times with this experiment now became a boring plot. It can be not that bad if the character of Boyce seemed a bit less irritating, he acted like he had taken a huge dose of Ritalin, agitated yet doing childish things. Boyce performance does not seem to fit in the viewed scenario.

The opening of the movie in its’ 5-10 minutes, was ok with the viewers review, however, the movie is not the type of opening that might warrant a cinema pop in. It is not like the other movies that as it is over in one flash, roughly about 1 to 2 minutes, then the pretty action in the trailer and in the rest of the story will come out spontaneously. It will rapidly twist pace, and had been-there-done- scenes with the added cliche and cheese characters, that start to wear the hopes of the viewers for that fun and big movie way. In this movie, the viewers seem to get bored, just wished for an outstanding and more action filled and more creative finale that can win over the viewers.

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