The Darkness (2016)

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The movie is a supernatural horror movie co-written by director Greg McLean, Shane Krause and Shayne Armstrong. The movie is from what is thought to be actual events, regarding a family that visited the Grand Canyon and takes home the supernatural force where it feeds off the fears and takes away their lives.

The Cast List:

Kevin Bacon played as Peter Taylor

Lucy Fry played as Stephanie Taylor

Radha Mitchell played as Bronny Taylor

David Mazouz played as Michael Taylor

Jennifer Morrison played as Joy Carter

Parker Mack played as Andrew Carter

Matt Walsh played as Gary Carter

Tara Lynne Barr played as Kat

Judith McConnell played as Trish

Paul Reiser played as Simon Richards

Trian Long-Smith played as Sammy Levin

A.J. Tannen played as H. Quinlan

Ming-Na Wen played as Wendy

Krista Marie Yu played as Tasha

The Story Line:


Bronny and Peter Taylor went on for a trip in Arizona to the Grand Canyon with Stephanie, the teenage daughter, and the teenager autistic son, Mikey. He discovered the tiny Kiva Caven,and this is  where he discovered black rocks within the signs on them. He then takes the rock and keeps an untold secret.

When the Taylors came back home, odd things start to happen. Bronny discovers that the sink remains turned on, and then Stephanie saw some handprints on the steamy mirror, where both of which Mikey then charge on “Jenny”. Right after Stephanie goes home from the school; she vomited into the container and placed it under the bed. Bronny caught her, and Peter and Bronny learnt that Stephanie has been tossing up for a moment; there were so many containers under the bed. They bring Stephanie to the hospital for some assistance, sending off Mikey at the mother’s house of Bronny. Bronny’s other locates Mikey is attempting to murder the cat, much to the disbelief of Peter.


While in the house, Bronny investigates online for the answers to the odd activities and discovered about the Indians Anasazi, who have thought that demons were about two rocks the unseen from the underground caves and if a rock is taken and the demon takes the figures of the buffalo, crow, snake, wolf, and coyote. The clan has already encountered with the snake and the crow. The demons connected to the young kids who were dragged into the world, triggering the event called as ‘The Darkness’. Their way means that may be banished is if rocks will be returned to where they must be located by somebody that was really afraid.

The Writers View:

This movie is simply a lazy one. It has the tiniest seeds of possibilities in the feature of the kid with autism. There might be something with the horror movies that applies a child that has disorders and had some kind of supernatural or psychic connections to things, it can create could good premises for the movie. The Darkness is a broad all the way to the title – can may you envision the faces light up when the artists were told that they will be in the latest horror film under the production of Jason Blum, and the script known as ‘The Darkness’ and the flakes fell too little – and the laziness became bigger in execution.

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Raw (2016)

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This is a French-Belgian drama, horror movie directed and written by Julia Ducournau.

The Cast List:

Garance Marillier played as Justine

Rabah Naït Oufella played as Adrien

Laurent Lucas played as the Father

Bouli Lanners played as a driver

Joana Preiss played as the Mother

Ella Rumpf played as Alexia

Jean-Louis Sbille played as a professor

Marion Vernoux played as the nurse

The Story Line:


Lifelong vegan Justine arrived to begin in a veterinarian school. During their initial evening, she encountered Adrien, her gay roommate and was obliged to participate in the hazing ritual in welcoming the fresh students. They were taken to a gathering, where Justine felt uneasy and encounters her sister Alexia, and she showed Justine old class pictures with their parents. The following morning, the recent class was splashed with blood and was told to eat fresh rabbit kidneys. Justine refused, and told them that she is a vegetarian and Alexia forced her to eat the kidneys, but she unwillingly ate those kidneys. Shortly that night, Justine finds itchy, strong rashes all over her face and body. The next day, she goes to a doctor who diagnosed her having food poisoning and provides her a cream especially for the rash.


The following day, Justine goes to a gas stand with Adrien to have a midnight snack. When they are going there, Justine saw a car crash. In the evening, she ate raw chicken. Then after she speaks with her professor regarding cheating, Justine tossed up a bunch of hair she ate. In the evening, she gets drunk with Alexia and asked if she may sleep there for a night. She discovers identical cream in the cabinet Alexia, the same with what the doctor gave her. While on stay, Alexia gave her a Brazilian wax, and then some of that wax was stuck on the skin of Justine and Alexia goes on to cut off with the sharp scissors. Justine spanks her away and Alexia by accident cuts her finger off and then faint. Justine rapidly called the ambulance. When she waits, she is devastated with the craving for meat, and she ate the finger together with the waking up of Alexia in shock. Inside the hospital, she attempts to throw it, but failed. They blame it all on to Quicky, Alexia’s dog that is just down.

The Writers View:

For a debut featured movie, director and writer Julia Ducournau choose for a certain taboo topic of cannibalism. It is both an admirable and bold move, as if there is something that takes the viewers, members in arms and attacking out of the cinema, it is the view of the non-zombie person chowing down on the altar of their type and creating its way into film screens right after a victorious festive run.  Raw come up with both critically acclaimed and the sense of disrepute, having evidently rendering festive-goers faint and the puking in the walkway, to a point where a paramedic can be called. This is normally the case with films that generated the same controversy, but, Raw isn’t really that gruesome.

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Carnage Park (2016)

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The film is a crime, horror thriller movie written by director Mickey Keating. Keating illustrated Carnage Park as a nod to movies by Peter Watkins and Sam Peckinpah that were created in 1970s, and he created the movie around that concept.

The Cast List:

Ashley Bell played as Vivian Fontaine

Bob Bancroft played as a bank manager

Larry Fessenden played as Travis

Pat Healy played as Wyatt Moss

James Landry Hebert played as Scorpion Joe

Michael Villar played as Lenny

Alan Ruck – Sheriff Moss

Darby Stanchfield

The Story Line:


In 1978, two robbers, Lenny and the so-called Scorpion Joe, escape into the wilderness with the hostage, Vivian, after the failed heist. Lenny passed away of a gunfire wound undergo during the escape, and then Joe pushed Vivian to assist him in disposing of Lenny’s corpse. After the failed escape effort, Vivian explained that she was in the bank to look for a loan to rescue the family’s farm. When she secretly reached for the switchblade on the ground of Joe’s auto, a hidden assailant blasted one of the auto tires. Joe chains Vivian to the routing wheel and exited the auto, boasting that he might murder whoever blast at them. The covert sniper murdered Joe, then, goes up to speak to Vivian. Wyatt Moss, the sniper told her that she is intruding on personal property, and insisted he had all the legal right to murder Joe. Vivian requested him to let go of her, but instead, he bangs her out with the drug.


The sheriff, Wyatt’s brother, visited Wyatt’s composite to inquire if he has notice Vivian. Wyatt denied any information about her, and the brother warned him that she is really well-known for the killing to be quiet. When Vivian wakes-up she is chained to Joe’s body in the car. She yanks the body out of the auto and assisted with a rock to break the handcuff. The moment she is free, she strolls towards the PA system that has the record player fastened. When she played the album over it, the tape of a warning siren, Wyatt then takes some shots at her. Vivian takes off the chain while running, followed by Wyatt. After being away from a trapped pit, Vivian discovered an apparently deceased lady who has a shiv. Vivian takes the weapon, surprising the lady to semi-consciousness. When Vivian tries to recover her, Wyatt shoots to kill the lady. The sheriff discovered Lenny’s corpse and loudly proclaims that he is coming into the compound. When Wyatt was distracted, Vivian shocks him with a strike, then, gets the rifle from him, to shoot him.

The Writers View:

This movie is a new horror movie by director Mickey Keating. Keating placed out two attractive solid horror movies last year, Darling and Pod, so it is for sure that the viewers were all excited to check out the latest offering. Almost immediately the movie was interesting, the opening scenarios did a great job of setting the tone of the movie, then starting there they jump right in the service to one of the best scenarios from Quentin Tarantino’s, the Reservoir Dogs. The initial 30-minutes were Millhouse asked that is so nice. The primary character that was introduced was a cool character, Scorpion Joe, the kind of personality that was not usually seen in horror movies. Then, Vivian was introduced and she played the part so well, but her character was somewhat not that interesting. Sadly, though, right after the 30-minutes point the movie begins to get pretty plain.

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The film is a supernatural horror movie by director Johannes Roberts with co-writer Ernest and Roberts Riera.

The Cast Lists:

Sarah Wayne Callies played being Maria Harwood, the mother and wife mourning the loss of her son.

Jeremy Sisto played being Michael Harwood, husband of Maria.

Sofia Rosinsky played being Lucy Harwood, Oliver’s younger sister and Michael and Maria’s daughter.

Suchitra Pillai-Malik played being Piki, Harwoods’ live-in nanny.

Jax Malcolm played being the voice for Oliver.

Logan Creran played being Oliver Harwood, Lucy’s older brother, Michael and Maria’s deceased son.

Javier Botet played being Myrtu, a caretaker of the underworld.

The Story Line:


After the death of her son Oliver in India in a car accident, Maria did not really recover from that tragedy. Throughout the accident, Maria prefers to rescue the youngest daughter, Lucy as an alternative for Oliver and the remorse devastated her. One evening, her hubby Michael locates Maria unconsciously after the failed attempt of suicide. At the hospital, Maria was comforted by Piki, the housekeeper. Piki asked Maria if she wanted one last opportunity to utter goodbye to Oliver. Then she explained that in their village, there was a forsaken shrine where the line in between the dead and the living is really thin. Maria should spread out her son’s powder at the temple ladder and lock herself inside. Oliver will talk to her the moment night came. But, regardless of what Oliver will say, Maria should not open the door of the temple for him. Maria agreed and the pair then had Oliver’s corpse dig up and burnt. Maria noticed some strange guys covered with ashes. Piki explained that they were shamans that use the dead’s flesh and coat them in the ash to support the bonds in between the dead and the living world.

maxresdefault (1)

The following day Maria arrived at the temple and then goes after Piki’s instructions. Indoors, she uncovered the mummified body of the lady. Night came and Oliver started talking to Maria, who then apologized to Oliver for parting him off. Oliver begins demanding with Maria to unlock the door and explained that somebody was taking him. Maria then panics and unlocks the door, but there was nobody. The next day, she returned home and now having closure. She concentrates her attention on Lucy and Michael, but did not tell Piki that she unlocks the door. Odd things began to happen, the piano plays itself and then Lucy told Maria that Oliver had returned and that he was just hiding from somebody. In a room of Oliver, a chair shifts toward her, along with the Jungle Book, wherein Maria was reading for Oliver when he passed away, but did not over. Realizing that Oliver wanted her to close the book, she did so. Piki noticed that the close by plants had begun dying and started to realize that Maria had violates the instructions in the temple.

The Writers’ View:

This 2016, horror films became an interesting trend, this may be not the latest one, but this is the awful one. The movie makers have settled on taking actresses from famous shows, like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, and place them in the foreign state, then toss in the bunch of jumps scary and scared with the special effect of faces and voila, one more bad move out from the pipe of the Hollywood so the people may view more bad stuff. Being a horror fan is gullible and simple to please, but still, everything is not certain why the added horror denotes the absence of the story, but, there are still great new horror movies coming from the clever writers with the new prescient and twists plots.

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Split (2016)

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The film is psychological horror-thriller movie mutually directed and written by M. Night Shyamalan. It follows a guy that had 23 unlike personalities who was abducted and imprisoned three teenage lass in the isolated underground room.

The Cast Lists:

James McAvoy played as Kevin Wendell Crumb, he suffered DID or dissociative identity disorder that has 23 outstanding personalities.

Sebastian Arcelus played as Mr. Cooke, father of Casey.

Betty Buckley played as Dr. Karen Fletcher, the psychologist that tried to help Kevin.

Kim Director played as Hannah.

Brad William Henke played as John, uncle of Casey.

Neal Huff played as Mr. Benoit, father of Claire.

Anya Taylor-Joy played as Casey, the young girl with the traumatic history and past about self-harm.

Haley Lu Richardson played as Claire Benoit, Casey’s classmate and Marcia’s friend.

Lyne Renée played as Academic Moderator.

Jessica Sula played as Marcia, Casey’s classmate and Claire’s friend.

Night Shyamalan played as Jai, the security guard at Dr. Fletcher’s residence building.

Bruce Willis played as David Dunn.

The Story Line:


Claire, Marcia, and the outsider Casey were the three teenagers that were abducted and held captivated by “Dennis”, one from the person of 23 personalities that was present in the thinking of Kevin Wendell Crumb. He was the victim of early days abused and diagnosed having DID or dissociative identity disorder.

Through the years, Kevin was treated by Dr. Karen Fletcher, his psychiatrist and appeared to be stable: with his mind, all of the personalities sit in the chairs in the room, waiting for each turn in the light. Two personalities, Patricia and Dennis were kept out due to Dennis’ obsessive–compulsive disorder and voyeuristic tendencies, and the mutual personalities’ worshiping “The Beast”, the rumored personality in the 24th. The three lasses understand Kevin’s personality when they meet “Patricia”, the lady in the dress. Casey looked to befriend Hedwig, someone that claimed to be the 9-year-old boy, someone that confides that girls will be offered for “The Beast”. He told them that he stole power over the brightness from Barry and had been persuaded to assist Patricia and Dennis. When Claire attempted to escape, “Dennis” bolts her in the separate cell. Dennis pretends as Barry while in a meeting with the Dr. Fletcher, but she then recognized that Patricia and Dennis have displaced Barry as the governing personality. Marcia attempted to run away next, but was grab and also situated in the different cell. Casey goes on being to befriend Hedwig, and having earlier perceived he states a window in the


The Writers’ View:

There is a welcome return that is forming for James McEvoy and the director which gives one of the finest performances. The film is a great movie to watch over in the theater, since it is full of suspense and there are some quite meaningful and touching ways here, even if you like or don’t like the ending twists, you will be portrayed in this story and the edge of the seat in a more anticipated mode.

This is a great movie if you something that is original and full of suspense and thriller, then this movie is strongly recommended for you to watch. The movie is completely different, if there are some expectations in you that are beyond to what is anticipated, because there are some traditional touches as the film goes on.

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Under the Shadow (2016)

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The film is globally co-produced terror movie directed and written by Babak Anvari, an Iranian-born national as his directorial debut. The movie is about a daughter and mother who are being haunted by the strange devil in Tehran in 1980, during the Cities War.

The Cast Lists:

Avin Manshadi played as Dorsa

Narges Rashidi played as Shideh

Behi Djanati Atai played as Pargol

Suhaila Armani played as lady prison guard

Hamidreza Djavdan played as Mr. Fakur

Bijan Daneshmand played as the Director

Adel Darageh played as the pot-bellied man

Saussan Farrokhnia played as Mrs. Fakur

Aram Ghasemy played as Mrs. Ebrahami

Ray Haratian played as Mr. Ebrahimi

Jalal Izzat played as glazier

Zeid Jad played as the fire fighter

Nabil Koni played as Mr. Bijari

Arash Marandi played as Dr. Reza

Rami Mehyar played as the revolutionary guard

Ahmad Mehyar played as the paramedics

Bobby Naderi played as Iraj

Houshang Ranjbar played as the senior police officer

Karam Rashayda played as Mehdi

Amir Hossein Ranjbar played as the young soldier

Ehab Rousan played as the revolutionary guard

Abu Rashed as the paramedics

Zainab Zamamiri played as Sogand

Khaled Zamameri played as Ali

Motasem Younis as the fire fighter

The Story Line:


Amidst the fear of war-tattered post-activist in 1980 in Tehran, a previous medical learner Shideh is banned from resuming her learning since her participation with the student leftist crowd. Upon coming home, she removed most of the aged medical textbooks, and keeps the book for medical terminology rewarded for her by the newly dead mother. The war increasing, Shideh elected to remain in the city together with Dorsa, her daughter in spite of the complaints of Iraj, her husband, the doctor that has been called by the army and allocated to the locale of heavy battle. Iraj wanted Shideh to get Dorsa and stayed with his relatives in a secured part of the state, but Shideh, motivated with his offhand reply to her blocking, refuses. Dorsa was really upset to watch her father leaves, and Iraj promised to her that her much loved doll, Kimia, will surely protect her.


A new boy transferred in the neighboring Ebrahimi clan, who were his cousins; his relatives were murdered in an assault. During the shooting, he whispered something to Dorsa’s and handed her an appeal to ward off the devil spirits. Dorsa told Shideh that a boy told her regarding the fable of the Djinn, and a charm can shield her, although Shideh throws it away while clearing-out Dorsa’s room. Shideh visited Mrs. Ebrahimi and asked her to inform her relative not to be scared Dorsa with ghost tales, but an amazed Mrs. Ebrahimi informed her that a boy has been quiet since the deceased of his relatives. Dorsa developed a fever and some swing of nightmarish, and Shideh was also haunted with the same bad dreams.

The Writers’ View:

One of the best things in this movie was the social context and the historical setting that appeared while watching it. On the other hand, this is a claustrophobic resident-based horror movie; there were also real horrors outside the house. The truth is, the house is the shelter for the mother in so many ways, an area where she is not wearing restrictive clothing and my workout with her Jane Fonda videotape. Beyond the secured sanctuary she needs to deal with the repressive system that can fiercely punish her if the clothing is not proper or if they even heard she owned the VCR. The preventive living of ladies during the time of the Cultural Revolution is the actual life terror that the hero experiences out within their home, whereas the supernatural Djinn body is the awfulness she and her daughter suffered within their home. At identical moments, there were horrors of war that constantly occurred with potential fatal consequences and without warning.

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Blair Witch (2016)

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The movie is an American found footage paranormal horror movie by director Adam Wingard with writer Simon Barrett. It is the third certified movie in the series of the Blair Witch. The movie was shot in a found recorded style, followed the crowd of college students and the local guides that undertake in the in Maryland Black Hills Forest to expose the mysteries enfolding the disappearance many years ago by Heather Donahue. Primarily, the movie’s link to the Blair Witch contract was kept secret, and the movie having been turned to the fake label, The Woods.

The Cast Lists:

James Allen McCune played as James Donahue

Valorie Curry played as Talia

Callie Hernandez played as Lisa Arlington

Brandon Scott played as Peter Jones

Corbin Reid played as Ashley Bennett

Wes Robinson played as Lane

The Story Line:


In year 2014, James Donahue discovered a YouTube video containing the image of a lady he believed to be his sibling Heather that vanished near Burkittsville in 1994 while on investigation about the myth of Blair Witch. Considering that she is still breathing, he goes to the forest with her friends Ashley Bennett, Peter Jones, and the movie learner Lisa Arlington, who wanted to film James’ investigation for the documentary entitled The Absence of Closure. The locals Lane and Talia also joined them.

Upon making the camp for that evening, Talia and Lane discussed the fading of Heather’s movie crew, and some other mysterious happenings, that they ascribe to Blair Witch. Right after hearing noises in the evening, the crowd was awakened to discover odd stick figures that hung in the trees. Scared, they choose to leave. Lisa spotted twine in the backpack of Lane and both Talia and Lane was gone after admitting to making the figures just to convince the crowd to go, provided that there were strange noises in the night and they awakened at 2pm.


After hours of strolling, the four go back to the original campsite that both were gone in circles. Lisa directed a drone to get their location, but it failed. Ashley became sick because of the lesions on her foot, obliging the crowd to camp again. Then Peter inspected Ashley’s swollen foot, he spotted a parasite inside the foot, but did not mention it to Ashley. Peter left the campsite for some firewood, soon being hunted by unknown object; he gets injured from the falling tree on him, and disappeared.

The Writers’ View:

When you read the previews for this movie, it seemed that the story sticks with the first edition. The initial sequels from the early 2000’s were bad and that made me decide to watch this movie without any doubts, but I was wrong. This film was sticking from the roots of total isolation and limited budget, which made the initial movie such a great one. Both this new Blair Witch and the original one have their unique sensible feeling of total isolation and that makes the movie instantly creepy. There are three things that make this horror movie a perfect one: build-up/anticipation, total isolation and helplessness. Despite the viewers cheering for Heather or Lisa in the two films to finally find their way to be out from the woods, it is really hopeless and makes true sense that all who dare alone from a small crowd into the forest of Black hills will surely not make it out breathing!

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The Love Witch (2016)

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The film is a horror-thriller movie written by director Anna Biller. The story is about the present day witch that applies magic and spells to take guys to be in-love with her and end with a disastrous result. The whole film was shot in Eureka and LA, California.

The Cast Lists:

Gian Keys played as Griff

Samantha Robinson played as Elaine

Clive Ashborn played as Professor King

Elle Evans played as Star

Jennifer Ingrum played as Barbara

Jeffrey Vincent Parise played as Wayne

Jared Sanford played as Gahan

Robert Seeley played as Richard

Laura Waddell played as Trish

Stephen Wozniak played as Jerry

The Story Line:


The movie opens with Elaine, the pretty young witch, steering to Arcata, California to begin a fresh life after the deceased of her spouse Jerry. It is deeply directed that Elaine killed him. Once there Elaine rented a room in the Victorian home possessed by Barbara, Elaine’s mentor and maintained Trish Manning, the interior decorator. In an effort to assist the young lady, Trish brings Elaine to the teahouse, where she was met by her spouse Richard, who instantly obsessed with Elaine after encountering her. Hopeful to look for a new lover, Elaine performed the ritual to discover a new guy and soon encounter Wayne, the literature professor at the local university.

The two go to the cabin of Wayne, where she takes him to drink the concoction with the hallucinogens. They had sex, after then which Wayne became clingy and emotional, and it proved to be irritating for Elaine. He died the following day, and Elaine buried the body together with the witch bottle. She resolved that the next guy that she will attempt to seduce must be Richard. When Trish was gone, Elaine invited him to her apartment, and there she also handed him the concoction. After that, Richard became fixated with Elaine, making her to split up with him.


Unknown to Elaine, one of Wayne’s associates has reported that he was missing, leading to the police official Griff to have investigated and recover Wayne’s body and the witch bottle of Elaine. He makes it to Elaine but rather fell in-love with her and at first refused to consider that she might be competent of killing, much to the anger of his companion Steve. Elaine shared his love and then considered him to be his dream man, even as far as to grasp a scoff wedding with her co-witch at a resurgence faire.

The Writers’ View:

It is overwhelming to know that this time, culture clash exists. The movie is a pitch ideal pastiche of the late 60s, and early 70s exploitation films. A cleaver assessment of changing manner towards male-female desires, sexual relations, and gender politics from the vantage point of 50 years on by the female director with the clear obsession and affection for genre and the deep wisdom of the source item. Visually, the feel and look of the era’s approach of the movie were recreated perfectly. The intentional and occasional glimpses of the present vehicles parked on the streets, and the personalities talking over the phones were intended to shiver the viewer from the particular delusion. Maybe, this was a fund cleverly constraint by Biller to the film’s advantage, as the self-reflexive instances like these seemed to work as the cue of the cultural style and the artifice of cinema.

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The Purge: Election Year (2016)

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the purge

The film is a dystopian action horror movie directed and written by James DeMonaco. It is the continuation of The Purge: Anarchy in 2014.

The Cast Lists:

Frank Grillo played as Leo Barnes

Elizabeth Mitchell played as Senator Charlie Roan

Raymond Barry played as Caleb Warrens

Christopher James Baker played as Harmon James

Christy Coco played as Young Charlie Roan

Juani Feliz played as Kimmy’s friend

Betty Gabriel played as Laney Rucker

J. Jewels played as the Political Debater

Edwin Hodge played as Dante Bishop

Kimberly Howe played as Kimmy’s friend

Brittany Mirabilé played as Kimmy

Jamal Peters played as Crips leader

Joseph Julian Soria played as Marcos Dali

Kyle Secor played as the Minister Edwidge Owens

Terry Serpico played as Earl Danzinger

Liza Colón-Zayas played as Dawn

Mykelti Williamson as Joe Dixon

Matt Walton played as Reporter No.1

Cindy Robinson played as the Purge Announcement Voice

David Aaron Baker played as Tommy Roseland the NFFA Press Secretary

Roman Blat played as Lead Russian Killer Tourist purger in the Uncle Sam costume

The Story Line:


The young Charlene Roan was obliged to see her family being murdered on the evening of Purge. After eighteen years, Roan, a U.S. Senator was agitating for the position of U.S. Presidency, swearing to end the yearly Purge nights. Leo Barnes, the former police sergeant is now the head of thesecurity for Roan. NFFA or the New Founding Fathers of America and the nominee, Minister Edwidge Owens, see Roan as a danger and decided to cancel immunity on the administration officers during the Purge.

Viewing the presidential deliberation are the deli-owner Joe Dixon, the helper Marcos, and the EMT Laney Rucker. The couple of teenage girls goes in the store and makes some shoplifting, but Joe stopped them. The girls tease Joe until Laney comes in, wherein they give up with the stolen goods and then leave. The telephone call for Joe exposed that his insurance payment for the Purge coverage had been increase, which he can’t afford now. Joe was certain in guarding the store himself, even though Laney and Marcos pleas not to.


During the evening of the Purge, Joe guarded the store with Marcos, and together they handles to repel the attack by the young girls. Laney together with her partner Dawn toured in the city through an ambulance, giving medical care to all wounded individual. Roan settles on waiting out the Purge from the house rather than the secure place in order to protect the vote, and was escorted by Barnes, Eric, Chief Couper, and the added security forces. But, a betrayal by Eric and Chief Couper allowed a paramilitary power head by Earl Danzinger to murder the security features and attack the house. Barnes escorted the Senator to security, but is injured in the procedures. He exploded a bomb inside the house, killing Chief Couper and Eric.

The Writers’ View:

The movie seemed cool and its’ franchise seemed evolving to what the viewers want. The first Purge was not that amazing but, somehow, you would still want to see the flow of the ideas. So, after watching the first one, you can feel that the public demand is to make another one, but this time, make it better and bigger and a lot more wonderful. Then, when this edition came out on the national scale, they exactly give what is being expected from them. The movie is more on the political side which is pretty topical and the Purge contract has always carry the politics on its’ sleeve, and someone has to accept what is going into it. The Purge together the intriguing concept on it gathered altogether the thrill of horror films where the threats were actual people and not just ghosts.

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The Forest (2016)

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The film is a supernatural horror movie by director Jason Zada with writers Nick Antosca, Ben Ketai, and Sarah Cornwell. The movie is about a young lady that travels to the suicide forest of Aokigahara to search find her sister. Although, the movie gained negative critics, it still became a box office success that grossed higher from the reported budget.

The Cast Lists:

Natalie Dormer played as Jess Price and Sara

Taylor Kinney played as Aiden

Eoin Macken played as Rob

Noriko Sakura played as Mayumi

Yukiyoshi Ozawa played as Michi

James Owen played as Peter

Rina Takasaki played as Hoshiko

Stephanie Vogt played as Valerie

Yûho Yamashita played as Sakura

The Story Line:


The mainstream of the tales is around the Forest of Aokigahara, it is a forest in the Mount Fuji in Japan at the northwest bottom, which is really famous for people that want to commit suicide. The American woman, Sara Price take a phone call coming from a Japanese police and telling her that they supposed her twin sister Jess, who seemed troubled is dead, because she was seen on her way to the Aokigahara forest. In spite of the fear of Rob, she fiancé, she insisted on going to Japan and arrived at the hotel that her sister stayed.

At the hotel, Sara meet-up with Aiden, the reporter. They mutually drink, and she told him about her parents’ passing away because of driving drunk and got into an accident, which her sister saw, but she did not. Aiden invited her to go into the forest together with Michi, a park guide, and him so she can search for her sister. When the three goes in the Aokigahara, Michi told Sara that Jess also has most likely slay herself. Sara rejects to believe this; clearing how being her twin she can sense that Jess is not dead. Deep in the forests, the crowd locates the yellow tent that Sara identifies as Jess’s. When the evening is nearly approaching, Michi suggested that they must leave a memo for Jess and then leave. Sara rejected the idea, and Aiden volunteered on staying with her throughout the night.


That evening, Sara perceived some rustling in the greenery, and considering that it can be Jess, hurried into the forests after her. Sara locates Hoshiko, the Japanese girl, who claimed that she know Jess. Hoshiko warned Sara not to fully trust Aiden and run away at the echo of his voice. Sara tries to run after her, but fell down and loses her. The following day, Sara and Aiden became lost and started to walk in the woods. When they are walking, Sara’s doubts were rising and demanded Aiden to hand back her his phone and will look for a photo of Jess on the phone. Aiden rejected any concerns with Jess, but Sara goes into the woods alone. While moving she started to perceive voices that told her to turn her back. She seemed to be unfazed with this until she overhears the voice straight behind her. She turned around to witness a hang remains, and goes on running away. She fell into the underground cave and went on unconscious, later she woke up and find out that she is inside the cave together with Hoshiko, who happened to be Yūrei. Hoshiko then happens to what seemed to be a “devil figure”. Sara then rushes in the opposite way to what seems to be Aiden. Aiden locates her and assisted her out from the cave, together with some persuasiveness, they go on walking together.

The Writers’ View:

The Forest is a little bit efficient in making atmosphere, particularly during the late evening and early morning scenario when the woods became less a compilation of trees, leaves and branches, and more of the abstract maze. The movie issue is originated in the screenplay, and for the character dealings and the set-up to be at once successful, or at least harmonious, they needed to be developed equally. Originally, the screenwriter trio made this right by providing Sara sufficient time just before she goes to the forest to permit her personality to unlock to get to know by the viewers. We get to be acquainted with and her sister’s background after she encountered Aiden and the audience takes a hold with their characters nicely.