1922 (2017)

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This movie is a horror drama film directed and written by Zak Hilditch, from Stephen King’s novel of similar title.

 The Cast List:

Thomas Jane played as Wilfred James

Brian d’Arcy James played as Sheriff Jones

Kaitlyn Bernard played as Shannon Cotterie

Neal McDonough played as Harlan Cotterie

Dylan Schmid played as Henry James

Molly Parker played as Arlette James

The Story Line:


Wilfred James or “Wilf” goes to the city hotel to write his affirmation of the crime he performed in 1922.

In 1922, James was a farmer that lives in Hemingford Home in Nebraska together with Arlette, his wife, and Henry their 14 years old son. Arlette and Wilf were in a fight about selling or not the land they just inherited. However, Arlette wanted to vend up totally to use the money for opening a dress shop that is in Omaha. The couple discussed their divorce, and Arlette was resolute that Henry should be coming with her also. Wilf settles on convincing his son in assisting him to kill Arlette to shun him from being away, embracing the love interest of Henry, Shannon at stake. Henry unwillingly agrees.


James pretended to agree with the sale, soothing Arlette. She settles to celebrate, and became drunk. After bringing her to the bed in an intoxicated stupor, Henry and Wilf killed her, and with intentions of hiding her in a corn field. But, Henry fell down from an ordeal and James settles to throw her remains inside a well. The following day, they also toss the cow to the well, to give an aim for filling inside the well. But, Sheriff Jones had the suspicions following a disappearance. He questioned Wilf regarding Arlette, and with Wilf saying that she goes by herself.

Henry became isolated, causing the girlfriend Shannon to develop concerned. He started to resent the killing. Later, Shannon is exposed to be pregnant. Shannon was sent to the religious organization until this baby is born alive and be given away. But, however, runs away together with Shannon, sending Wilf alone.

The Writers View:

Based on the novel of Stephen King’s of similar title, 1922 is just like Stephen King’s personal edition of Allen Poe’s eternal classic stories that set around Wilfred James, the Nebraska farmer with the bitter wife known as Arlette and the loyal son known as Henry. The hardworking but not that successful farmer discovers himself with increasing pressure from the wife when she visibly begins to express her aggravations living in the state and wanted to find her all of that 100 acres land that she take inheritable and transferred to the huge city. The movie is beautifully done, with an effective slow-burn horror and drama and the unrecognizable Thomas Jane gave his best performances here in his entire career. He is deeply sincere and really a committed performance was given in this movie. The movie is one of the best and deserves some recognition.

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Gerald’s Game (2017)

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The movie is a psychological horror film edited, co-written and directed by Mike Flanagan with the writer Jeff Howard. This is from Stephen King’s novel similar name.

The Cast List:

Carla Gugino played as Jessie Burlingame, wife of Gerald’s
Carel Struycken played as the Moonlight Man or as Raymond Andrew Joubert
Chiara Aurelia played as the Young Jessie
Bruce Greenwood played as Gerald Burlingame
Kate Siegel as Sally, mother of Jessie
Henry Thomas played as Tom, father of Jessie

The Story Line:


Jessie Burlingame and Gerald arrived at the isolated lake home in Fairhope, Alabama, to have a romantic weekend getaway, in trying to save the strained marriage and renew their sex life. Gerald suggested that he must handcuff Jessie and so she agreed. While he consumes the Viagra tablet, Jessie called out to the stray dog with a steak and upon re-entering in the house, he left the front entry ajar.

Jessie varies to the new evening gown, takes out the tag, and places it over the shelf above the headboard of the bed. Gerald took the next Viagra and left the glass of water over that same shelf. He controls Jessie with a handcuff on each of his wrists locked to a bedpost and started to be tough with her, revealing her to shout for assistance. She played along initially first, but soon became not comfortable with the violent fantasy, and so she told him to finish and also uncuff her. After some time of that heated argument, Gerald suffered from a heart beat and then died. His body fell off his bed, leaving Jessie being locked with her hand cuffs. Panicked, she started to shout for some, but knows that nobody will be able to hear her.

After hours of shouting and the sun start to set down, Jessie became tired and weak. The dog she provides with food earlier walks inside the room and snuffled over Gerald’s corpse. Jessie attempts to scare it so it will go away, but it just bites a piece from Gerald’s arm and then ate it by the main entrance fronting her. A distressed Jessie started to cry in seconds, Gerald stand-up, but still in pain from that dog bite with his arm. Then, Jessie is still aware of that Gerald’s dead body over the floor and was aware that living Gerald was a sign of her mind being fatigue. He mocks Jessie with the memories of the strained marriage, wherein she was scared in asking about the dark side of him. Jessie tried again and miraculously succeeded to free herself from being cuffed. She rejoices to Gerald, then turned around and told her actual self that it is just simple to escape; the escape of the actual Jessie was still trapped with her bed, and she is now in hallucination of the other version of her. Both talks to her and sets off Jessie to recall that glass of water that is above her bed. Jessie was able to hand that glass of water, but was not able drink it for it is far into her mouth. These hallucinations reminded Jessie about the tag that she put over the head shelf, where she rolled to a straw so she may drink the water.

The Writers View:

Individually, we are rating, liking and disliking movies. For this film, there are many people that says they like it, others says, they don’t. It is just clear that the film is quite a polarize novel. The movie makes the viewers feel excited about what is going to be its outcome when it became a movie. The movie is really enjoyable, knowing that it is one of King’s novels and became a movie adaptation. It is very interesting to know how they come up with such an ending that will be a talk of the town, and in most cases, this is just one movie that became a better version of the book.

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It (2017)

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The movie is a supernatural horror film by director Andy Muschietti, from the novel of the 1986 novel of similar title by Stephen King. The movie tells the tales of the 7-kids in Derry, Maine, that were terrorized by an eponymous being, and only to see their personal demons through the process.

The Cast List:

  • Jaeden Lieberher played as William Denbrough or Bill, the stuttering head of a Losers’ Club that is looking for Georgie, the missing brother.
  • Sophia Lillis played as Beverly Marsh or “Bev”, the female member in the Losers’ Club, who is also bullied in school because of false rumors about her being promiscuous.
  • Tatum Lee played as Judith, the disturbing lady from an abstract painting that was haunting Stan.
  • Wyatt Oleff played as Stanley Uris or Stan, a Jewish mysophobe and the son of the rabbi.
  • Geoffrey Pounsett played as Zack Denbrough, George and Bill Denbrough’s father.
  • Jackson Robert Scott played as George Denbrough or “Georgie”, an energetic, innocent, 7-year-old sibling of Bill Denbrough.
  • Bill Skarsgård played as “It” or Pennywise Dancing Clown, a trans-dimensional, ancient, evil that is awakened every 27 years.
  • Jake Sim played as Reginald Huggins or “Belch”, another bully friend of Henry Bowers that was known for the ability to belch with command.
  • Jeremy Ray Taylor played as Benjamin Hanscom or “Ben”, the recent kid in school and thus says to have no friends and has been bullied at school.
  • Logan Thompson played as Victor Criss or “Vic”, the bully friend of Bowers that was reluctant to fit into their most sadistic actions.
  • Owen Teague played as Patrick Hockstetter, the psychopathic bully in the Bowers Gang.
  • Finn Wolfhard played as Richard Tozier or “Richie”, the bespectacled friend of Bill, whose foul language and loud mouth usually gets him in trouble.
  • Steven Williams played as Leroy Hanlon, Mike Hanlon’s stern grandfather
  • Molly Atkinson played appears as Sonia Kaspbrak, Eddie Kaspbrak overprotective mother
  • Javier Botet played as The Leper, the rotting and diseased man that met Eddie Kaspbrak
  • Stephen Bogaert played as Alvin Marsh, Beverly Marsh’s abusive father
  • Joe Bostick played as Mr. Keene, Derry’ pharmacist
  • Ari Cohen played as Rabbi Uris, Stanley Uris’ father.
  • Megan Charpentier played as Gretta Keene, the daughter of Mr. Keene that targets Beverly for being so ridiculous.
  • Jack Dylan Grazer played as Edward Kaspbrak or “Eddie”; he’s the essence of the hypochondriac, and overly exaggerated by such immense quantity of objects in the medicine cabinet.
  • Pip Dwyer played as Sharon Denbrough, George and Bill Denbrough’s mother
  • Nicholas Hamilton played as Henry Bowers, the young sociopath that heads the Bowers Gang.
  • Stuart Hughes played as Oscar Bowers or “Butch”, the abusive, police official, Henry Bowers’ father
  • Chosen Jacobs played as Michael Hanlon, the African American outsider and home school student.

The Story Line:


In year October 1988, the stammering teenager Bill Denbrough provides his 7-year old sibling, Georgie, the paper sailboat. Georgie sailed the boat in rainier avenue of the little town of Derry, and was upset when it goes down to the storm drain. When he tried to take it, Georgie saw a clown inside the sewer, and introduces himself being the Pennywise, “The Dancing Clown”. He enticed Georgie to get closer to the drainage, then severs the arm and dragged him to the sewer.


By next summer, Bill with his friends Richie, Eddie and Stan run afoul of the bully Henry with his gang. Bill, was still haunted by the disappearance of Georgie and it resulted in neglecting from his grief-suffering parents, discovered that his brother’s remains may have washed out in the marshy wasteland named as the Barrens. He recruited his buddies to have checked it, believing his sibling may still be alive.

The Writers View:

In this movie, the characters fell into a predictable horror film tropes. It is a bit silly when they have been scared already by the Pennywise for many times. What really saves this movie is he kidding performances. Bill really did a great job with the Pennywise. But, he lacks that charm wherein Tim Curry had, but still, these are big gaps that are going to fill-in with this film. In particular, Lieberher and Lillis, being the kids were really amazing with their performances. The viewers also felt the empathy for the bullied Henry, played by Hamilton. While Wolfhard the joker; and Finn also did well with their performance.

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It Comes at Night (2017)

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The film is a psychological horror movie written by their director Trey Edward Shults.

The Cast List:

Joel Edgerton played as Paul, Travis’s father and Sarah’s husband

Carmen Ejogo played as Sarah, Travis’s mother and Paul’s wife

Kelvin Harrison Jr. played as Travis, Sarah and Paul’s son

Chase Joliet played as the man that attack Will and Paul

Riley Keough played as Kim, Andrew’s mother and Will’s wife

Mick O’Rourke played as the man that attack Will and Paul

David Pendleton played as Bud, Travis’s grandfather and Sarah’s father

Griffin Robert Faulkner played as Andrew, Kim and Will’s son

Christopher Abbott played as Will, Andrew’s father and Kim’s husband

The Story Line:


The highly contagious eruption has ravaged the humanity. Paul with wife Sarah and Travis, the teenager son has isolated themselves inside their home that was deep in the forests in the undisclosed location. When Bud, Sarah’s father, contracted the disease, they murdered him and burnt his remains in the shallow grave. The following evening, they have captured an intruder that is breaking inside their house. Paul tied him to the tree and placed the bag over the head all night to verify that he is not bearing the disease. Will, the stranger, explained that he was not aware that the house has occupants and was only looking for some fresh water for him, for his young son and for his wife. Will handed to trade some of the supply of their food for some water. Sarah suggested of bringing Will’s family to go back to their land, their home, saying that the more populace they have, the easier it is for them to defend themselves, in case, anyone else will discover their place. Paul agreed, and he brings Will to gather his family. On their way, they were ambushed by these two men. Paul murdered them and he accused Will of setting him up. Will pointed out that he also fought with the men and ease Paul’s mistrust.

Stanley and Bud

After some days, Paul comes back again with Will, his son Andrew, and wife Kim. After setting up the rules that Sarah and Paul have applied to remain safe, with keeping an only entrance that is protected with a key Sarah or Paul wore around the neck, and maintaining minimum nighttime tour, the two kin started to set up the sense of familiarity and became with one another. One day, Stanley, Travis’s dog started barking aggressively and hunts the unseen presence from the woods. Travis followed his dog deeper in the woods just before Stanley’s barking abruptly ceases. Travis insisted to Will and Paul that he perceived something from the woods, and so they decided to go back home, as Paul insisted Stanley knows the forest will find his way back home. That evening, Will seemed to contradict with the story he told to Paul earlier regarding what he and also Kim were doing before finding the dumped house. This makes Paul to start distrusting Will.

The Writers View:

This movie is a post-apocalyptic film and for the remaining 20 minutes the film showed promises, good mood and visuals. But, as it goes, it crawls on repeated same shots and also it shocks the viewers after the hour passed by without anything happened. At this phase, the audiences were left thinking when the actual story will start. The plot elements were starting but then suddenly abandoned. A bit of mystery was a good idea for it heightens the audience fear, but still, it will to that point when you will need the actual narrative of the story to draw and have a figure of it all together. The ending really did force the climax.

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Jigsaw (2017)

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The movie is a horror film by director Peter and Michael Spierig, with the writer Peter Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg. This is the eighth installment of the Saw franchise, taking up over a decade right after the deceased of the eponymous killer of Jigsaw, during the police examination of the new succession of the killings that fit the modus operandi.

The Cast List:

Brittany Allen played as Carly
Hannah Emily Anderson played as Eleanor Bonneville
Clé Bennett played as Detective Keith Hunt
Paul Braunstein played as Ryan
Josiah Black played as Edgar Munsen
Michael Boisvert played as Lee James
Tobin Bell played as John Kramer or Jigsaw
Shaquan Lewis played as Officer Solomon
Matt Passmore played as Logan Nelson
Mandela Van Peebles played as Mitch
Callum Keith Rennie played as Det. Halloran
Laura Vandervoort played as Anna

The Story Line:

Criminal Edgar Munsen was hunted by the policemen from the rooftop, where he activated the triggering mechanism just before being non-fatally shot by the Police Det. Halloran with his fellow officers.
Then, five people were held in prison in the barn, each of them with the metal noose just around the neck. The tape recorder from John Kramer explained they should give the offering of blood and need to confess their offenses. The chains started pulling them to a wall of the buzzsaws. Four handles to survive by slashing themselves on to the blades as the offering of blood, and then a guy who was lifeless during the main of the game appeared to be dead.

The following test divulges that crowd member Carly and caused the deceased of the asthmatic lady by stealing the purse that had her inhaler inside for emergency use. To rescue the remaining people from being dangled, she should inject herself with a needle, one that contained an antidote to the poison in her scheme, first a saline solution, while the other one is a potent acid. The volatile crowd member Ryan finally stabs Carly with the other three to rescue himself, melting the face and murdering her.

The Writers View:

Jigsaw history repeats itself of going back to the old roots by being simple, with the basic traps and the mind blowing end. Unfortunately, there is a trap that is not so likable here and it is the involvement of lasers. It relies too much on the CGI, the stakes were high and the practical traps were way more creative and fun. With tricks, chains, wires, a puppet, and a traditional pig head, the movie will surely leave a smile on your face.

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Annabelle: Creation (2017)

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The film is a supernatural horror movie by director David Sandberg with the writer Gary Dauberman. This is a prequel of the Annabelle’s in 2014 and the 4th installment of The Conjuring series and the movie depicts the obsessed Annabelle doll’s origin.

The Cast List:

Stephanie Sigman played as Sister Charlotte
Bonnie Aarons played as Valak or the Demon Nun
Talitha Bateman played as Janice
Alicia Vela-Bailey played as the Evil Esther Mullins
Tayler Buck played as Kate
Mark Bramhall played as the Father Massey
Adam Bartley played as the Officer Fuller
Joseph Bishara played as Annabelle Demon
Philippa Coulthard played as Nancy
Grace Fulton played as Carol
Brian Howe played as Pete Higgins
Ward Horton played as John Form
Anthony LaPaglia played as Samuel Mullins
Samara Lee played as Annabelle Mullins or “Bee”
Lou Lou Safran played as Tierney
Lotta Losten played as an adoption agent
Kerry O’Malley played as Sharon Higgins
Miranda Otto played as Esther Mullins
Lulu Wilson played as Linda
Annabelle Wallis played as Mia Form
Fred Tatasciore played as the Demon Voice
Tree O’Toole played as the adult Janice or Annabelle Higgins

The Story Line:


In 1943, the doll-maker Samuel Mullins with his wife Esther grieved for the death of Annabelle, their 7-year-old daughter, “Bee”, who died in an auto accident.
In 1955, 12 years after, the Mullins unlocked their home to give shelter to the six girls and for Sister Charlotte, who were left homeless with the shutting down of their orphanage.
Despite having been informed not to go inside Bee’s locked room, Janice, the young orphan disabled by polio, was awakened by the noise, discovering the note that says “find me”, and slips into the room, that has oddly become unlocked. She discovered the key in the closet of Bee and opens it, where she saw an eerie ceramic doll. This doll innocently releases the powerful demon that started terrorizing the girls, exhibiting the special interest with Janice.


During the second evening, the demon continued in tormenting Janice, informing the real form and stating that it wanted her soul. Even though she attempted to be away using the stairlift, she was left severely harmed when caught by that demon and thrown down from the second ground going to the first ground. The following day, Janice is confined to the wheelchair and was dragged to a hut. The demon takes Bee’s form, effectively possesses her. Linda, one from the other homeless and Janice’s best buddy, notices the shifts with her behavior and then admitted to Samuel that it seemed Janice had creep to Bee’s bedroom and discovered the doll two prior evenings. Shortly after the revelation of Linda, the obsessed Janice, who is now walking, transformed into a demon and harshly kills Samuel.

The Writers View:

This is a prequel of Annabelle and was the back story of The Conjuring. Nobody asked for a movie like this, but, thankfully and surprising, it is right.
The creation of Annabelle has no business of being this so good. True enough, it is odd that this bizarre film was released within the year like Ouija. Both films follow up the terrible primary films. Both were prequels of the terrible initial films. Both should not have been made and both were extremely efficient horror movies. The similarities do not even end there since there are so many similarities of a good movie.

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Friend Request (2016)

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The film is an English-language of a German psychological, supernatural horror movie by director Simon Verhoeven and with writer Matthew Ballen, Philip Koch and Verhoeven.

The Cast List:

Alycia Debnam-Carey played as Laura Woodson

Liesl Ahlers played as Marina Mills or Marina Nedifar

Shashawnee Hall played as Detective Cameron

Connor Paolo played as Kobe

William Moseley played as Tyler McCormick

Brit Morgan played as Olivia Mathison

Brooke Markham played as Isabel

Sean Marquette played as Gustavo Garcia

The Story Line:


Laura was one of the famous learners in her college and takes pleasure an active social living with family members and has many friends. She is always on the go with social media and had more than 800 friends on the social account, Facebook. She stays in a house with three friends, Isabel, Gustavo and Olivia. She is also close to friends Kobe and is presently dating Tyler.

Laura takes the friend request from one of the students at their campus, Marina Mills. Viewing her animation talents, she accepted the friend request and started the friendship with a lonely girl. But, she notices immediately that the Facebook profile of Marina’s is plastered with disturbing and bizarre images and the obsessive behavior started to put Laura to feel uncomfortable. Then Laura shares photos of birthday dinner where Marina was not present, Marina angrily and publicly confronted her on the campus. During their fight, Laura by accident pushed Marina and the head-hood falls off, and it reveals the Marina’s baldness, and this cause Marina to go away. Laura observed Marina’s numerous comments and was trying to say sorry to her, but Laura eventually cut her friendship with Marina on Facebook.

Scene 180 INT/EXT Factory Shaft; Laura runs into Demon Marina & Marina child.

Seeing that her number of friends became zero again, the heartbroken Marina crossly closed her laptop. That evening, Laura noticed the black mirror, which illustrates the forest where the dark figure was seen walking. When Laura was staring at it, the demonic terrifying face appeared behind her, but rapidly disappeared when Olivia opens the light. Then another night, Marina uploaded the video, showing her burnt the illustration of Laura and committed suicide by placing herself hang, and this terrifies Laura.

The Writers View:

The internet may be a dark place. It is that way since people are more comfortable about saying how they feels on matters when they were hidden at the back of a computer screen, rather than facing them with someone. Through this darkness as the movie subject has been stroked on, but not totally mastered by Hollywood.

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A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

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A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

This is an anthology horror film by director Grant Harvey, Brett Sullivan and Steven Hoban. The movie is a sequence of interwoven tales tied altogether by the framework tale featuring William Shatner that played as the radio DJ.

The Cast List:

George Buza played as Norman or Santa Claus

William Shatner played as the DJ Dangerous Dan

Rob Archer played as Krampus

Olunike Adeliyi played as Kim Peters

Damir Andre played as Principal Herod

Brad Bennett played as Chomping Elf

Jeff Clark played as Taylor

Corinne Conley played as Aunt Edda

Jessica Clement played as Grace

Jonathan Caines played as Wire Elf

Zoé De-Grand Maison played as Molly Simon

Amy Forsyth played as Caprice Bauer

Glen Gaston played as the Middle-Aged Man

Adrian Holmes played as Scott

Percy Hynes White played as Duncan

Ken Hall played as Shiny Elf

Orion John played as Will

Shannon Kook played as Dylan

Debra McCabe played as Marta Claus

Paige Moyles played as Sobbing Teen

Michelle Nolden played as Diane Bauer

Alex Ozerov played as Ben

A.C. Peterson played as Big Earl

Joe Silvaggio played as Jingles, Changeling

Julian Richings played as Gerhardt

Korina Rothery played as Sparkles Elf

Eric Woolfe played as Foreman Elf

The Summary of the Story Line:

Dangerous Dan is the radio DJ that was stuck pulling the long transfer at the radio station in Bailey Downs during Christmas Eve. While broadcasting, the series of four horror stories were witnessed:



  • Story One

Story one A Christmas Horror Story 2015

Dylan, Ben, and Molly Simon have settled to break to their before-convent school, so they may investigate two killings that happened in the basement in the prior year. Their buddy, Caprice, was thought to go, but she chooses to go out of town with her parents. The three were ending up being locked in the school basement and the terrifying experience begins.




  • Story Two

Story two A Christmas Horror Story 2015

Scott is a police official, but it did not stop him from going to the woods owned by the “Big Earl” together with his clan to illegally reduce the Christmas tree for the family. While on a walk, Scott’s son Will wanders off and get lost. The couple discovered Will inside the tree and they were overjoyed to locate him, but their joy is just shortened when Will started to act strangely and their encounter with Big Earl and the changeling begins.



  • Story Three

Story three A Christmas Horror Story 2015

Duncan and Caprice were traveling with their parents so they may visit the elderly Aunt Etta. While on visit, Etta told to them regarding Krampus, the mythological creature that frightened Caprice, particularly after Duncan purposely behave badly in trying to irritate the caretaker Etta’s, Gerhardt. The parent settles to take the kids at home at Etta’s firmness, but on their way, the family ended up taking to the car accident, and making it essential for them to stroll. Informed that they were hunted by the Krampus because of their bad actions, every member of the family takes refuge in the church where they plead for their sins in faith that Krampus will go away if they do this. But, they were taken one by one until it is only Caprice remains. He handles to flee to the house of the Great-Aunt Etta. She was thriving in slaying Krampus who transformed into Gerhardt. It is exposed that he changed into Krampus because of his anger with the family’s actions and also Etta was really aware that this thing will happen. Furious, Caprice’s fury makes her to become Krampus and then he attacks Etta.


  • Story Four

Story four A Christmas Horror Story 2015

While so busy preparing or the Christmas season, Santa Claus discovered that all of the elves with his wife have become zombies after one of the infected elves died and follows a fit of rage. Santa handles to murder everyone, but was forced to battle with Krampus. During their battle, it is exposed that Santa was actually the Mall Santa is known as Norman who had a psychotic breakdown while on his overtime work, and this caused him to view the usual mall goers being zombies during Christmas Food Drive. Then the policemen arrive and managed to shoot him down when he was about to slay Krampus and exposed him to be the manager in the mall, Mr. Taylor. This is a trouble in the mall that the Dangerous Dan had been talking through his broadcasting.

The Writers View:

Let me begin by saying that the movie is a better shot, written and acted than the normal shocker. The film interweaves nicely the four stories and the semi-story of the DJ, William Shatner. Every story was narrated nicely and was varied in sound. The movie is so slick and directed, edited, and shot so well together – especially that there were three directors involved. The dialogue was not always its’ greatest, but heck it is really a good horror film so it is way over the average genre. There were so many nice scary scenes in the movie.

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Murder, She Baked (2016)

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The movie is a TV movie series, from the cozy mystery novels of writer Joanne Fluke. The TV film center in the little city-baker Hannah Swensen, with Detective Mike Kingston, and there were five films for this Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel that have been made from Fluke’s book series.

The Cast Lists:

Alison Sweeney played as Hannah Swensen

Lisa Durupt played as Andrea, sister of Hannah

Gabriel Hogan played as Doc Norman Rhodes, Hannah’s close friend and the dentist

Toby Levins played being Detective Bill Todd, the local detective that marries Andrea

Cameron Mathison played as Detective Mike Kingston, the presently widowed homicide detective that transferred into town coming from the city

Barbara Niven played as Delores Swensen, Andrea’s mother and Hannah

The Film Series Story Line:


  • Series No. 1 – “A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery”

The series is directed by Mark Jean with the writer Nancey Silvers and Joanne Fluke. Hannah Swensen, is a baker that turned that amateur sleuth right after discovering her friend and the delivery driver was shot to death just behind the shop, of the bakery of the Cookie Jar.

  • Series No. 2 – “A Plum Pudding Mystery”   

The series is directed by Kristoffer Tabori and written by Nancey Silvers and Joanne Fluke. It is about a guy that was murdered in his office. The records of the suspects are really a long one, from the bitter ex-spouse to the exasperated investors. But, Hannah with the love interest, Mike Kingston, a Detective was on the case.

  • Series No. 3 – “A Peach Cobbler Mystery”

The series is under director Kristoffer Tabori with writer Teena and Joanne Fluke. The story goes, after a rival store inaugurates, and one from the owner was located shot to kill inside. Hannah was strong willed to confirm that she was not alone who had an axe that will grind the Quinn sisters. Someone was not fooled by the sweet-as-the pie act, and it depends to Hannah to find whoever beat up this killing.

  • Series No. 4 – “Murder, She Baked: A Deadly Recipe”

Hannah discovers herself been involved in one more murder. This one left the deceased sheriff, a deputy being accused, with a murderer on the loose. To let matters worse, the indict deputy was Bill, her brother-in-law, who is flowing towards the sheriff of the coming election. The series is directed by Kristoffer Tabori.

  • Series No. 5 – “Murder, She Baked: Just Desserts”

Kristoffer Tabori again directed the fifth series of Hannah, who had her first-ever bake-off on TV competition that became deadly. It is because Leonard Bishop, the grumpy, judge high school coach was found dead and with a very unnatural cause. The detective boyfriend Mike and Hannah discovered some indications that some of the other judges can also be targeted, with Hannah as well.


The Writers View:

The movie plays the perfect fantasy and also created an appealing character with Hannah Swenson, the owner of the little town bakery that likes to dabble in the police dealings. She may take away numerously just like Jane Marple because the instincts were right. She bakes so many delicious goodies that no one wanted to incarcerate her particularly the sheriff who adore her delivery to the station.

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Holidays (2016)

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Holidays 2016 poster 2

This film is a horror anthology movie of subversive short, terrifying films, and each inspired by different celebration. There are many directors in the making of this movie and one of them is the writer, director Scott Stewart for the Christmas episode. Adam Egypt Mortimer directed the New Year’s Eve episode with writers Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kölsch.

The Christmas Cast List:

Kalos Cluff

Seth Green

Clare Grant

Richard DiLorenzo

John Johnson

Michael Sun Lee

Shawn Parsons

Wes Robertson

Karina Noelle

Scott Stewart

The New Year’s Eve Cast List:

Andrew Bowen

Megan Duffy

Lorenza Izzo

The Christmas Story Line:

download (1)

Pete Gunderson was late and trying to purchase a virtual glass for his son. The guy before him bought them but abruptly had a heart attack and was not able to get his pills. Instead of assisting the guy, Pete stole the glasses and rushed to go home. During Christmas day, Bobby, Pete’s son, was overjoyed. The glasses make your ideas and thoughts to become a virtual game. Out of interest, Pete tested them and sees the stripper initially, but those virtual glasses abruptly showed the happenings of him, stole the glasses from that guy that had a heart attack. Pete attempts to cover what had happened, but Sara, his wife, revealed that she witness the same footage. Pete revealed that he is weary again of being pressed by the season and that he wanted it simpler for himself. But to his surprise, Sara was turned on and the two of them have sex. Then, Pete looks to the glasses once again and discovered that Sara tortured and murdered the boss right after he passed her through a bonus.

The New Year’s Eve Story Line:


After killing his date, Reggie picked up a lady from the dating site, known as Jean, and went to meet her during the New Year’s Eve. The date was awkward, but they seemed to click. They go back to Jean’s apartment and then Reggie went to the bathroom and wash up, although he was really prepared to apply chloroform on her. Reggie checked the medicine dresser and discovered that Jean kept cutoff organs and limbs inside jars. Suddenly, Jean rushed in holding an ax and then attacks Reggie, who then discovered the bodies in the bathtub. Reggie tries to make it into the living area and has his foot cut by the ax. Right after seeing it from the bag he pulled out the gun, but did not check if it has loaded, resulting in Jean murdering him first. When the New Year comes in, Jean dances then with… the ax.

The Writers View:

Sure, it is really not that easy and simple to create an Anthology and that is probably the positive things you can think of from viewing this. If you are mean you can even argue that the SyFy has done a lot of feature length films than most of those short films being shown here. One thing really is for sure: there is not that much found here to cherish about. It is only a shame, because it sounds really cool. Kevin Smith alone was doing the short sounds that seemed great. But again, even if he was really busy with some other stuffs or something else has occupied.

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