Pay the Ghost 2015

The movie of director Uli Edel with the writer Dan Kay is an American supernatural horror type of film by RLJ Entertainment.

Cast Lists

Nicolas Cage appeared as Mike Lawford                 Juan Carlos Velis appeared as Morales, the Cop

Veronica Ferres appeared as Hannah                      Darren Frost appeared as the Ice Cream Vendor

Jack Fulton appeared as Charlie                                Janet Lo appeared as Jai Wen

Caroline Gillis appeared as the Priestess                Matteo Ghazni appeared as Pablo

Kalie Hunter appeared as Ghost Annie                   Susannah Hoffmann appeared as Jane

Stephen McHattie appeared as the Blind Man     Alex Mallari Jr. appeared as EMT

Sam Velasquez appeared as Professor Oak          Sarah Wayne Callies appeared as Kristen

Lauren Beatty appeared as Annie Sawquin           Lyriq Bent appeared as Detective Jordan Reynolds

Erin Boyes appeared as Emily, the Sexy Coed


Mike Lawford, the professor, frantically searched for his son that was abducted during the parade in Halloween night. As nearly one year ago, the parents were still searching for their son who are starting to see and hear their son who is reaching out to them from the other part of the world—the Professor also saw his son on the passing bus, but when he chases the bus down to just discover that his son is totally not there. He got out and locates some spray painted on the building that says, “Pay the ghost,” a phrase that his son uttered just before he vanished. He entered the building and locates homeless people dwelling inside. Unearthly screams from the lady are heard, and the blind homeless man ring the others to mask the fires, giving details to Mike that those screams have been heard yearly before the Halloween came. Mike asked about the phrase, then, he took him to the wall with lots of similar phrases written over it. Engrossed through the wall and this homeless man, he doesn’t notice the wall at his back shifted to another world, with the demonic figure briefly appeared behind him, then, it vanished. The homeless guy explained nothing, but rapidly abruptly told Mike to leave.

Mike’s wife later saw their son’s scooter stirs on its own, then, calls him. Later in that evening while pouring wine to drink, the power inside their home went out. Mike looked at the window to see that there are three children appear that had been burned at stake, then turned and saw that his apartment is being crowded with kid’s figures, standing pale and lifeless. They phone the psychic to investigate. She stands in the room of their son, she senses nothing, however, then, abruptly walked into the window, looked at the coming storm, and said, “It’s here and it has all those children.” The psychic was thrown against the side of the wall and strangled just before collapsing, burned scars all over the hands. Then, when the autopsy was shown, it was disclosed that her other internal organs were also burned to ash.

Then, Mike walked upstairs to the room of his wife, and she addressed him with the voice of their son, pleading for help in saying “She is coming, Dad. I am scared.” He walked closer, and saw his wife slicing herself. Cleaning the injury, they saw the symbol that heads them to the Celtic Halloween commemoration. The participant explained the kids are burning dolls so they can pay the ghost, and so that they will not be taken. During the early New York of 1679, on Halloween night, because of the Celtic worship, the young widow living at the primary New York settlement had been burned alive with the three kids by the angry crowd of settlers believing her as a family of witch, and then she takes revenge yearly on Halloween night, when the border in between the physical world and the spiritual world dissolved for a little time.

Writer’s Notion

The movie seemed to be a pretty real good one, although it does not seem to develop and pace scenarios too well, and the script felt a bit of poorly edited and there are scenes where the settings are too hastily, that it lacks the intensity and atmosphere, it is very lukewarm that it misses the mark it should have. It must have really copied you in really you must have been mixed up already. There are some quality directing, editing and pacing that is lacking, and also the sound engineering seems to be a bit of mislead, but still this is another movie that you can choose to watch.

The movie idea is just great and there are similar ideas of it in some movies, but with greater ways of acting. Nothing about the tale of the movie will kept me at the seat’s edge, but there is also nothing about it that you would want to slit. There were some few decent moments that were scattered throughout the scenes, that were not really that scary at all, but you will get scared. Cage acting here is what is being asked for and if he made more, then it will not match either. The movie is still a bit of a must watch.

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