Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary, 2019

The movie is an American horror and supernatural film under the direction of Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kölsch with writer Jeff Buhler. The movie is the second adaptation of the novel from 1983 by the similar name by S. King. It is about the family that discovered the mysterious graveyard behind their new house in the woods.

The Cast Lists

  • Jason Clarke played as the Dr. Louis Creed           
  • Sonia Maria Chirila played as the Young Rachel
  • Maverick Fortin played as the “Dog Face”             
  • Lou Ferrando played as the “Rabbit Face”
  • Maria Herrera played as Marcela                              
  • Emma Hill played as the “Horse Face”
  • John Lithgow played as Jud Crandall                        
  • Jeté Laurence played as Ellie Creed
  • Lucas and Hugo Lavoie played as Gage Creed     
  • Jacob Lemieux played as the “Mouse Face”
  • Suzy Stingl played as Norma Crandall                      
  • Amy Seimetz played as Rachel Creed or née Goldman
  • Obssa Ahmed played as Victor Pascow                  
  • Alyssa Brooke Levine played as Zelda Goldman
  • Najya Muipatayi played as the “Cat Face”             
  • Tonic, Jager, JD and Leo played as the “Church the Cat”

The Story Line

Louis Creed is the emergency physician that was from Boston, Massachusetts, who moves to the tiny city of Ludlow, Maine together with Rachel, his wife, their two young kids, Gage and Ellie, and Church, Ellie’s cat. Exploring the woods, Ellie and Rachel stumble across the funeral procession of the kids taking the deceased dog to the cemetery known as “Pet Sematary.” In the university hospice, Louis is left traumatized after failing to rescue the life of Pascow, Victor, the student who has been fatally injured right after being struck, then dragged by the car. He later encountered that dream wherein Victor heads him in the backyard of the cemetery, then, warned him not to “undertake beyond.” Louis awakened to discover his feet and the sheet cake with mud, recommending that the happenings were more than a nightmare.

During Halloween, Church was killed by the truck. Their neighbor, Jud Crandall, who has been the soft mark for Ellie, took Louis past that pet cemetery to the prehistoric burial ground to submerge Church. The following day, Louis has been stunned when Church returned home alive, although he became different: violent and aggressive, tearing apart the bird and then eat it alive. Jud revealed to Louis that this burial ground is bringing things back from dead and is thought to inhabit by the spirit named as the Wendigo. He apologized, having considered that Church would come back the same. Right after Church attacked Gage, Louis ineffectively tries to euthanize Church and instead decided to set him in the wild as free as the birds.

The Writers View

Sometimes just leaving what the original movie has is better that thinking of trying to change it. This movie sequel is not really good at all. For those of you who are planning to watch this movie, do not have high expectations with this movie. Compared to the first story line, the film did not alter that much in the course of happenings. But, they applied the traditional old horror film recipe – dramatic music and jump-scares (in scenes when this was not clearly the case) – and then transformed the entire product into some common stuff. The method that the film was shot and place on together as the artistic goods does anybody who watched this thought of the Discovery television shows that were viewed reconstitutions of strange events and murders – almost schematic and sorry, but it is cheap!

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