Picnic at Hanging Rock, 1975

The film is an Australian mystery movie that was under the direction of Peter Weir and the movie was adapted through Cliff Green from a 1967 novel of similar name through Joan Lindsay, who had been deliberately ambiguous regarding whether the actions had really happened, but, the story is totally fictitious.

Cast Lists

  • Anne-Louise Lambert appeared to be Miranda St. Clare
  • Tony Llewellyn-Jones appeared as Tom 
  • Helen Morse appeared to be Mlle. de Poitiers
  • Margaret Nelson appeared as Sara Waybourne
  • Rachel Roberts appeared as Mrs. Appleyard
  • Christine Schuler appeared as Edith Horton
  • Jane Vallis appeared as Marion Quade
  • Jacki Weaver appeared as Minnie
  • Kirsty Child appeared as Miss Lumley
  • John Fegan appeared as Doc. McKenzie
  • Vivean Gray appeared as Miss McCraw
  • John Jarratt appeared as Albert Crundall
  • Jenny Lovell appeared as Blanche
  • Garry McDonald appeared as Const. Jones
  • Wyn Roberts appeared as Sgt. Bumpher
  • Karen Robson appeared as Irma Leopold
  • Kay Taylor appeared as Mrs. Bumpher
  • Martin Vaughan appeared as Ben Hussey
  • Olga Dickie appeared as Mrs. Fitzhubert
  • Peter Collingwood appeared as Col. Fitzhubert
  • Dominic Guard appeared as Michael Fitzhubert
  • Frank Gunnell appeared as Mr. Whitehead


At the Appleyard College, one private school for girls near the Woodend, Victoria City, the students are clothing on for the Valentine’s Day, 1900, morning. Miranda, Irma, Marion, Sara, Rosamund, and the outsider Edith read Valentine’s Day cards and poetries.

The group prepared for the picnic to the local geological formation called as the Hanging Rock, escorted by the math mistress Ms. Greta McCraw and with the beautiful and young Mlle. de Poitiers. Through the command of a strict headmistress Mrs. Appleyard, jumpy teacher Ms. Lumley advises the orphan learner Sara that she isn’t permitted to attend.

The buggy worker Ben Hussey takes the crowd to a Rock during mid-afternoon. After the meal, Mr. Hussey noted his watch has halted when it stroke at twelve, as had the watch of Ms. McCraw. With the permission given by Mlle. de Poitiers, Irma, Miranda, and Marion decided to explore the Hanging Rock and then take measurements, and with Edith permitted to follow. The team is observed some more minutes later through the younger Englishman, Michael Fitzhubert, the one having lunch at the Rock together with Colonel Fitzhubert, his uncle, Aunt Mrs. Fitzhubert, with the valet Albert. Closest by the top of the Hanging Rock, the crowd laid down, seemingly dazed through the sun. Ms. McCraw, at the bottom of the Rock, stared up. Irma, Miranda, and Marion awakened and, as when in a trance, shift into the recess in a rock face. Edith, observing this, screams, then flew down the Rock uneasily.

Writer’s Notion

Although the pictures stayed with ever since the first appearance, but the power to instill the odd sense of loss still remains. The modified director’s edition was released in 1998 not usually cuts 7 minutes from its original. The sound quality of the movie has been enhanced, while the look also improved by the color regrading, however, but sad to say, the couple of the key sceneries involved Irma had been omitted.

Miranda provides the voice over from the poem of Edgar Allan Poe, arranged the tone from the start and also the movie went to concern itself through the aftermath of a disappearance and an impact on everything involved with those that are missing. It explored the apparently idyllic means of living that is not what first seemed to be, how this unreal paradise is fragile, how it is crushed through the breakdown of the established order. Hysteria and tensions are all surface, revealing the suppressed passion that is the life’s reality, and also as a claustrophobic atmosphere of an affluent Victorian European living in an alien land. The theme is expressed further by a virginal white dress clothe for the picnic, that seemed not proper in, these surroundings and represented a stifling restriction situated on a younger woman.

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