Poltergeist, 2015

This is a supernatural horror movie of director Gil Kenan, the remake of the movie in 1982 with identical title. The movie stars are Sam Rockwell played as Eric, Jared Harris, Jane Adams and Rosemarie DeWitt played as Amy Bowen. The movie is a good one for grossing over $95 million universally.


Eric and Amy were the married couple hunting a house to buy for themselves and for the 3 kids. Their children are Saxon Sharbino played as Kendra, the eldest 16 year old daughter; then Kyle Catlett played as Griffin, their 9-year-old only boy; and Kennedi Clements played as Madison, their youngest 6-year-old daughter. Eric was recently laid off from his job, but they were given a house that has newly come on the advertisement that suits their value range, and so they bought it and immediately move in. During the first night, they were already hearing strange noises coming from the walls, and Griffin locates a carton of clown stuffed dolls that were left behind at the house. During midnight, electronic devices and lights begins turning on and off, as there were also some force s that were unseen and appears to walks through the house. The disturbance wakes up Griffin, and he went downstairs and saw Madison dealing to unknown presence in the TV. She told Griffin somebody is coming, and he tried to remove the TV’s plug and this makes the lights to be out of control. Madison told her family that the unknown presence is already there. The next evening, Amy and Eric goes out for dinner with their buddies and leaving the three kids alone at home. At their get together, they heard that their house was once an old cemetery, and now, only the names were transferred, but the bodies and the blessed spirit were believed to stay in that place, the place where their house is constructed.

poltergeist1 2At their house, Kendra’s cell phone started emitting odd sounds and a glitch screen, and as she tried to trace the sound and comes in the garage, the floor breaks out and a corpse’s hands appears and started pulling her foot. Griffin observes the clown dolls were shifting by themselves. A clown doll harassed him, but he wipes it out and run away from his bedroom. He saw Madison in her room, squat in a corner, scared, and told her to remain with her, but he goes out to look for Kendra. Madison is then trap into her cabinet and went lost in unending hole. As she saw the bedroom drifting away a lot further, she is pulled in the darkness by the ghosts. Griffin, runs but a branch of an old tree brags and hang him outside their house. Eric and Amy arrived home to witness what happened to Griffin and Eric released the grip when they come close. Inside the house, Kendra told everyone that she can’t locate Madison.

This movie is a very scary and a better version of Poltergeists because once the scares begin, they fly it fast and thick. The film has an impressive story line, great acting and great special effects. Being a horror fanatic movie, it was a surprised to know that they only add twists and effects in respects to the original film. If you really like scary movies then this movie is for you and a must watch, but after watching this film, you don’t get scared, then I believe that no other film will ever scare you.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HD2sz9RVzfM]



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