False Positive, 2021

This American horror movie is under the direction of John Lee, from the screenplay by Ilana Glazer and Lee. The movie had their world premiere on 18th of June, 2021 at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Cast Lists


Ilana Glazer performed as Lucia Martin, “Lucy”                   Sabina Gadecki performed as Nurse Rita

Josh Hamilton performed as Greg                                             Zainab Jah performed as Grace Singleton

Gretchen Mol performed as Dawn                                            Justin Theroux performed as Adrian Martin

Lucy Walters performed as Marcy                                             Kelly AuCoin performed as Dirk

Pierce Brosnan performed as Doc. John Hindle                    Sophia Bush performed as Corgan



The copywriter Lucy Martin dwells with Adrian her husband in Manhattan. This couple had been trying to form for two years, then decided to seek out for Dr. John Hindle, the former teacher of Adrian and the leading fertility physician. Lucy became pregnant right after Dr. Hindle inseminated her, using a method he invented. During the ultrasound she discovered that she is pregnant and with triplets: with the female and male twins. Hindle suggested the selective reduction; either their daughter or the twins must be terminated to make sure of having that healthy pregnancy and also birth. Lucy and Adrian decided and choose the girl. Lucy joined the team of expecting mothers, wherein she befriended with Corgan, who then got pregnant by using IVF. Lucy discovered Grace Singleton through online, the spiritual midwife with the natural approach and then developed her fascination with her.


While on reduction, Lucy passed out and heard Hindle and Adrian talking. Later, she bled excessively from the uterus and where Hindle dismissed as a usual instance. Adrian presented Hindle of an award and then Lucy grows cautious of him. Lucy discovers a safe in the office of Adrian and shared with Corgan the growing suspicions she had that Hindle did some extraordinary thing for the unborn daughter in her and Adrian knows about it. After Lucy had further complications, Hindle blamed this on the antenatal depression and recommends her medication, which then she intake. After having that dream where she saw Adrian and Hindle having sex, Lucy opened Adrian’s safe and discovered the file on her, with evidences that she’s being monitored. Corgan took the file and showed her lawyer husband, then suggested that Lucy normally behave until she will know more.


Lucy confronted Adrian, admitting that she does not feel secure with Hindle. Lucy encounters further strange visions and dreams, including nearly going down in the bath that is full of bloody water. During the baby shower, Lucy realized that Corgan is aware of the real name, despite not having shared it. Corgan gifted her that a duplicate of the initial edition of JM Barrie’s book and Lucy seemed to see the shadow morph of Peter Pan into some weird expanding stains on its book cover. Lucy confronted her and Corgan admitted that she also consulted Hindle and that she handed the file to her husband because she is worrying about Lucy’s mental state.

Writer’s Notion

The storyline of the movie that have been seen of a thousand times before and has been predicted as Biden groping the speech. However, at least it feels always like it had the possibility for something that is shocking to happen about its next corner.

The cast of the movie is reasonably strong, although it is surprising to watch Pierce Brosnan in this type of character. Ilana Glazer as the lead role will really impress the viewers. You will see that she had absolute acting chops bring her on the serious role. The movie ending had lots of fun and was really payoff what a film needed. The movie is one of those kinds where it does not personally hit you right away, but just how dim what is actually taking place is. The movie is enjoyable and this is really worth a watch, but don’t set your expectations high and you will surely enjoy it even more.

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