Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale, 2010

The movie is a Finnish fantasy thriller and a horror dark film directed and written by Jalmari Helander with regards to the people living close by the Korvatunturi hill who discovered the secret behind that Santa Claus. This movie is from the 2003 short movie.

The Cast Lists

  • Onni Tommila played as Pietari Kontio
  • Jorma Tommila played as Rauno Kontio
  • Per Christian Ellefsen played as Riley
  • Jonathan Hutchings played as Brian Greene
  • Rauno Juvonen played as Piiparinen
  • Ilmari Järvenpää played as Juuso
  • Peeter Jakobi played as Pietari’s Elf
  • Tommi Korpela played as Aimo
  • Risto Salmi played as Sheriff
  • Jens Sivertsen played as Main Elf
  • Olav Pedersen played as Main Elf
  • Nils M. Iselvmo played as Main Elf
  • Sigmund Bøe played as Main Elf                

The Story Line

The British research group from Subzero has been taking drill core sample on the peak of the Korvatunturi (Ear Fell) at the Finnish province in Lapland. The fell has been thought to be the dwelling place of Joulupukki, the figure in the Finnish folklore that assisted in shaping the present day versions of this Santa Claus.

It became clear to Riley the group leader that the whole fell is a prehistoric burial mound constructed by the Saami throughout the centuries to cover and imprisoned something. The two local boys, Pietari and Juuso, watch the group at work and then, eavesdrop on the discussions. They then run to Juuso’s close by snowmobile fighting regarding Santa Claus’s survival, as the groups started to excavate this fell by using explosives. Pietari returned home to read them some of the books regarding Santa Claus, which suggested that he has been the horned being that whips misbehaving kids and then boils them in the cauldron.

That evening before Christmas Eve, Rauno Pietari’s father, the local reindeer slaughterer, burrow the trap pit in their yard to secure the other remaining reindeer with the of wolves. He awakens Pietari up by tossing the snowball at the window and told him to prepare the rounding up reindeer herd with those other herders in the reindeer pen that is in electric. This year, there had been only 2 skinny reindeer runts, and so Rauno together with herders go to the glacier by the Korvantunturi. The moment they reached there, they located the relics of thousands of reindeer that had been gnawed into the bone. It appears like the explosions which have been just about in the fell for the couple of months have been driven the wolves at the area mad. Then, Rauno examined the carcasses worriedly. In the far away area, Pietari too examined some traces and was convinced that it is not the wolves’ work, while Juuso warned him not to say his father wherein they plied open their fence to Korvantunturi.

The Writers View

This has been an excellent tiny Christmas horror movie, but is good enough for the older kids that are above 13 years old. It is not gory since this is but it is that quite creepy. Bizarrely, there has been a bit of the male nudity, but it is in such aspect that you will think nothing about it. It was not that big deal to those watching on the big screen, and the characters and somehow the movie makers are not anticipating it as one big deal also. But there had been some people from the audience who Amy chuckled loudly.

The soundtrack was a bit bombastic, which was great and possibly a bit too over used because there is a bit subtlety in some moments of the movie. The child antagonist has been absolutely superb in performing the typical “why these grownups won’t listen to me” presentation. How he eventually grabbed the attention will make you cheering really like hell. The tale is creepy and well paced. It had some good twists and the sprinkle of humor thrown within the mix.

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