Rattlesnake, 2019

The film is a type of crime drama, mystery movie written by the movie director Zak Hilditch and this movie has been released on Netflix.

Cast Lists

  • Carmen Ejogo appeared as Katrina Ridgeway                      
  • Emma Greenwell appeared as Abbie
  • Catherine Haun appeared as Loraine’s Sister                       
  • Stephanie Hill appeared as Neighbor
  • Joy Jacobson appeared as Loraine                                           
  • Richard Lippert appeared as Dying Man
  • Debrianna Mansini appeared as The Woman                      
  • Alexandra Nell appeared as Hiker
  • Arianna Ortiz appeared as Francine                                        
  • Apollonia Pratt appeared as Clara
  • Theo Rossi appeared as Billy                                                     
  • Tim Stafford appeared as Male Nurse
  • Melissa Chambers appeared as Disheveled Woman         
  • David Yow appeared as Charlie
  • Sean Dillingham appeared as Dr. Hayes                                 
  • Jenna Doolittle appeared as Female Nurse
  • Bruce Davis appeared as The Suit or Donald Covington


Clara, Katrina’s daughter, had been bitten by the rattlesnake where Katrina encounters the mysterious woman in the trailer who said she will help. Its bite seems to disappear and when Katrina took Clara to a hospital, it seemed that everything is doing fine. The doctor suggested it was just one hallucination.

The mysterious man visited Katrina at the hospice to talk with regards to her “payment” for the recovery of Clara, declaring her spirit was spared and then must be repaid; and the only requirement being that the spirit Katrina takes should be human, and this must be paid in that period. He gives her up until sunset to pay back the debt; or else Clara will be dead from the bite of the rattlesnake. Katrina does not initially believe it, however, when she returns to the desert path, the trailer had disappeared and she saw the trucker with the missing eye, and warned that Clara will be dead.

Katrina discovered the Tulia City, Texas, where she ended up, had been connected to the series of brutal killings and mysterious vanishings. Any time there’s the video and the photo of the crime scenario, there is the mysterious shadowy form at the background. The man that visited her in the hospital is really the lawyer who had been fatally stabbed by the university professor with the teacher that says “a soul for one soul” as he’d stabbed the lawyer, while the creepy kid that spooks Katrina really went missing way back in the year 2010. Right after the aborted attempt at trying to kill the dying old guy in the hospice, Katrina set her sights over Billy, the abusive boyfriend she saw criticizing his own girlfriend inside the bar.

Writer’s Notion

There are lots of low budget horror films that ended up just like this RATTLESNAKE. They are stretching out the story and then the patience of the viewer in the best that they can to attain that entire feature length during that time that they really should have remained the leaner 30-minute shorter in the horror anthology of types. There is the pretty nice set-up that the wind up spinning the wheels in 50 minutes and until it attains the underwhelming finale. You hardly have the chance to know the main artists or their behind evil that drive the force of the tale.

It would have been even better if we were not subjected to witness each single little movement. Close to the end, that moment that she was going down the canyon, it takes forever and perhaps the suspenseful music that would really help and add to the intensity.

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