Raw (2016)


This is a French-Belgian drama, horror movie directed and written by Julia Ducournau.

The Cast List:

Garance Marillier played as Justine

Rabah Naït Oufella played as Adrien

Laurent Lucas played as the Father

Bouli Lanners played as a driver

Joana Preiss played as the Mother

Ella Rumpf played as Alexia

Jean-Louis Sbille played as a professor

Marion Vernoux played as the nurse

The Story Line:


Lifelong vegan Justine arrived to begin in a veterinarian school. During their initial evening, she encountered Adrien, her gay roommate and was obliged to participate in the hazing ritual in welcoming the fresh students. They were taken to a gathering, where Justine felt uneasy and encounters her sister Alexia, and she showed Justine old class pictures with their parents. The following morning, the recent class was splashed with blood and was told to eat fresh rabbit kidneys. Justine refused, and told them that she is a vegetarian and Alexia forced her to eat the kidneys, but she unwillingly ate those kidneys. Shortly that night, Justine finds itchy, strong rashes all over her face and body. The next day, she goes to a doctor who diagnosed her having food poisoning and provides her a cream especially for the rash.


The following day, Justine goes to a gas stand with Adrien to have a midnight snack. When they are going there, Justine saw a car crash. In the evening, she ate raw chicken. Then after she speaks with her professor regarding cheating, Justine tossed up a bunch of hair she ate. In the evening, she gets drunk with Alexia and asked if she may sleep there for a night. She discovers identical cream in the cabinet Alexia, the same with what the doctor gave her. While on stay, Alexia gave her a Brazilian wax, and then some of that wax was stuck on the skin of Justine and Alexia goes on to cut off with the sharp scissors. Justine spanks her away and Alexia by accident cuts her finger off and then faint. Justine rapidly called the ambulance. When she waits, she is devastated with the craving for meat, and she ate the finger together with the waking up of Alexia in shock. Inside the hospital, she attempts to throw it, but failed. They blame it all on to Quicky, Alexia’s dog that is just down.

The Writers View:

For a debut featured movie, director and writer Julia Ducournau choose for a certain taboo topic of cannibalism. It is both an admirable and bold move, as if there is something that takes the viewers, members in arms and attacking out of the cinema, it is the view of the non-zombie person chowing down on the altar of their type and creating its way into film screens right after a victorious festive run.  Raw come up with both critically acclaimed and the sense of disrepute, having evidently rendering festive-goers faint and the puking in the walkway, to a point where a paramedic can be called. This is normally the case with films that generated the same controversy, but, Raw isn’t really that gruesome.

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