Ready or Not, 2019

The film is an American comedy horror movie under the direction of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin with Tyler Gillett. The movie is about the newlywed who was then hunted by the family of her spouse as part of the wedding night rituals.

Cast Lists

  • Samara Weaving appeared as Alex’s newlywed wife, Grace Le Domas.
  • Kate Ziegler appeared as the younger Becky Le Domas.  
  • Andrew Anthony appeared as Helene’s late husband, Charles.
  • Adam Brody appeared as Emilie and Alex alcoholic brother, Daniel Le Domas,
  • Kristian Bruun appeared as Emilie’s husband, Fitch Bradley.         
  • Daniela Barbosa appeared as the maid, Dora.
  • Chase Churchill appeared as the younger Alex Le Domas.
  • Henry Czerny appeared as Tony Le Domas, Alex’s father.
  • Elana Dunkelman appeared as the younger Helene Le Domas.
  • Nat Faxon appeared as the telephone helpline employee, Justin.
  • Nicky Guadagni appeared as Tony’s sister, Helene Le Domas.
  • Etienne Kellici appeared as the younger Daniel Le Domas.
  • Elyse Levesque appeared as Daniel’s wife, Charity Le Domas.
  • Andie MacDowell appeared as Alex’s mother, Becky Le Domas.
  • Liam McDonald appeared as Emilie and Fitch’s son, Georgie Bradley.
  • Mark O’Brien appeared as Grace’s husband, Alex Le Domas.
  • John Ralston appeared as the butler of Le Domas family, Stevens.
  • Melanie Scrofano appeared as the cocaine-addicted sister of Alex, Emilie Le Domas Bradley.
  • Ethan Tavares appeared as Emilie and Fitch’s son, Gabe Bradley.
  • Hanneke Talbot appeared as the maid, Clara.
  • Celine Tsai appeared as the maid, Tina.


The young brothers, Daniel and Alex Le Domas are being observed running through the hallway of the mansion. Daniel is the older brother that leads Alex all-around their mansion and at last had Alex hiding in the closet when the man approaches him, pleading Daniel to assist him. Daniel looked at him for that moment before yelling, “He is in here!” That man runs and is being stopped by the members of Alex and Daniel’s family wearing masks and together with different weapons. Then one of them shot the man in his chest, and the woman in her wedding gown pleaded for them to end it. The guy is pick-up off the floor and dragged inside the room. Then, the room’s door shuts behind them. After 30 years, Alex had gone back to marry Grace, his fiancée, the previous foster child was eager to at last have a family. During the night of their wedding, he told her the tradition that every new added member of the family should play the game. Grace needs to draw the random cards, and this game they need to play should be written there.

Their family included Alex, Daniel and Charity, Daniel’s snobbish wife, his sister Emilie and his whiny husband, Fitch, Georgie and Gabe, their children; Tony, their father and Becky, their mother, with Helene, the somber Aunt. It has been explained that from Victor Le Domas, their ancestor, made an arrangement with the guy named Le Bail. This man Le Bail might construct the fortune of Le Domas in exchange to the Le Domases examining the tradition. Grace draws the card labeled as “Hide and Seek.” Not aware of the reality, she hides whereas the Le Domases armed themselves with the antique weapons to pursue her down.

That moment Grace witnesses Emilie unintentionally killing one of those maids that believe it to be herself, Alex admits that this “hide and seek” cards are the only game which requires the family in killing the recipient. They consider that when Grace survives until sunrise, the whole family will pass on, as per agreement with the Le Bail. He hides what is the fact from Grace aware she would leave him when she knew about it. The last time somebody pulled that card had been 30 years past when the husband of Helene was killed. Scared, shocked, and angry, Grace became determined to endure. She is located by Daniel, who has been disillusioned with their bloody family custom and provides her the head start. To shun the family from tracing Grace, Alex destroyed the security monitors just before being controlled by Tony and Daniel.

Writer’s Notion

The people that rate this movie with 1 or 2 had been rated it wrong. The reasons for the low rate like that are not really that good. The movie is a comedy horror and it clearly states here and the trailer also clearly shows that. So, why moan about having comedic moments within the movie? The movie is one comedy horror that is perfectly done. Its dark humor smashed up the gore with violence up perfectly. Their characters are ideal from the creepy above the top aunt into the heading protagonist Samara. Acting has been on point and this film never slows up. The movie really had an ending, and it has been a good ending too. The film delivered on everything they wanted to give their viewers and even more.

So, do not listen to those non-constructive and low critics and just construct your personal decision and then, go watch the movie. It is one comedy horror film!

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