Red Christmas, 2017

The film is an Australian horror movie written, directed, and also produced by Mr. Craig Anderson.

Cast Lists

  • Dee Wallace appeared as Diane
  • David Collins appeared as Peter
  • Geoff Morrell appeared as Joe  
  • Deelia Meriel appeared as Hope
  • Bjorn Stewart appeared as Scott
  • Sarah Bishop appeared as Suzy
  • Sam Campbell appeared as Cletus
  • Janis McGavin appeared as Ginny
  • Gerard Odwyer appeared as Jerry


One family gathers together in celebrating Christmas. Amidst the said celebrations, the strange, cloaked stranger, “Cletus” came in the house and had been taken in. Because of his odd behavior, he is finally forced to leave the place.

It is then revealed that twenty years ago, Diane, the matriarch of their family, travelled going to the north to have her abortion. During her procedure, one religious fanatic bombed that clinic and took with them the child of Diane. Cletus, the baby and Diane, endured the procedure and had now come back to their family home for aggressively exact revenge over the entire family.

During an evening, Cletus killed Hope by using an ax, and then proceeded to strangle Joe inside the car. Cletus smashed Scotts head. And then later on, Cletus forced Peter’s head into the blender. Diane by accident shoots Jerry. Ginny gave birth to her baby. Cletus then stabbed Suzy by using an umbrella. Cletus stabbed Ginny in her back also and gently rested her newborn baby over the table. Diane stabbed Cletus with the anchor being chained around the neck, then, she leaps out over the window of their second-floor room, hanged herself and ripped out Cletus’ insides and leave the newborn baby of Ginny being the only survivor of that night.

Writer’s Notion

First of all, if you are a big fan of any Christmas-themed horror movies, then, you can watch this for now. This movie had Dee Wallace and that is one good thing about it and she had been one genre icon for more than 3 decades, however, for this movie, it’s just not carried that picture.

Although, there are secondary considerations, in some slasher films, you need to appreciate the styles that went to Cletus. He’s totally one of those more refreshing masked murderers we have seen through the years, without comparison in the recent memory. And an idea of having the abortion clinic themed was very wise, because it can make you understand how much this became an untapped place of horror. The shortcomings of this movie have that far outweighed those positives that everybody brought to others. The dialogue seemed weakly scripted and delivered, whilst the pregnant lady looked like she had been literally holding up the beach ball beneath her dress. Each character makes the poor decisions; and whilst poor decisions are just common in the slasher movies.

One of the massive downfalls is really making the movie a Christmas story. There’s a bit of the Christmas-related plot, but this is somewhat not relevant to the tale at large. Cletus would have shown up any day of a year and it could have been good. Lastly, for the producers, if you will choose to make Christmas theme, then make it somehow identifiable in the movie.

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