Run, 2020

The film is an American psychological thriller movie under the direction of Aneesh Chaganty and with the writer Sev Ohanian and Chaganty. The movie is about a homeschooled teenager that starts to suspect her own mother has been keeping a really top secret from her.

Cast Lists

  • Kiera Allen appeared as Chloe Sherman
  • Pat Healy appeared as Mailman Tom
  • Sharon Bajer appeared as Kathy Bates, the homage to the start of similar name.
  • Sara Sohn appeared as Nurse Kammy
  • Sarah Pauls appeared as Diane Sherman
  • Tony Revolori appeared as Brooklyn Boy (the voice)


Diane gives birth prematurely, with her baby, a daughter, whom she saw later that had been laid down to an incubator, enclosed by a hospital staff. She cried and asks if her child will then be ok. A screen reads the meaning of arrhythmia, asthma, diabetes, paralysis and hemochromatosis.

After 17 years in Pasco, Washington, the now-teenage daughter Chloe is waiting for her university acceptance letter. Diane insisted that she is keen to see Chloe leaving home and start her college life, yet repeatedly halts Chloe from seeing a meal before her.

Then Chloe discovered that the finds green capsules approved to her mother during her search inside the bag of groceries. Then Diane later handed on to Chloe, and claimed that it is Trigoxin approved to Chloe. Chloe checked the bottle and saw the pharmacy sticker with her name that covered the label with Diane. She tried to look up about Trigoxin online, but the home internet is not working. She dialed a stranger from the room of her mom, where the only line in their house is, and asked him to search up that drug for her. This guy is confused, but finally looks it up, the same time that Chloe heard her mother in their front door. The guy told her that it is a heart medication, then she asked for the color, and he said red.

Chloe looks for the means of finding out what that green pill is for, and then coaxes her mother so she can take her to a movie house. While at the middle of the movie, she told her mother that the nature is calling her and need to be in the bath area, and since Diane is distracted, she lets her go. Then Chloe rushed out the main door going to the pharmacy that is across the street. She cut the long customer’s line, she begs for the pharmacist to say to her what the medicine is for. But the pharmacist refused because it is not for Chloe’s medicines, but for her mother, and she cannot give out the confidential data. Chloe explained that it is a scavenger hunt that the two had been playing, and so the pharmacist told her that it is really a relaxant known as Ridocaine that Diane picked up for the nonexistent dog. Diane jogs in shouting for Chloe as Chloe asked the pharmacist what might possibly happen if one human being took the medication incidentally. The pharmacist said that a leg could go numb, Chloe starts to hyperventilate. Diane subtly sedated her and takes her home.

Writer’s Notion

The movie began a bit slow, but it is still enjoyable with the manner the actual action began and the ending is also understandable. To sum it all, the movie was a great film, from the plot into an amazing performance, particularly with Sarah Paulson.

Kiera Allen and Sarah Paulson give us great performances, one very special dynamic pair and for that alone will be worth watching a movie. Both of the actresses are the greatest part of the movie. Their movie script is just adequately good to know and develop these two characters. Locate the problem and then reach its climax. It can be a very simple story, but it’s still excellent. Lastly, what every thriller need is a good scoring that is achieved by this movie and without any doubt that is one of the highest points of this film. It is an exciting and a light ride that can keep you on your seat’s edge.

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