Satan’s Little Helper, 2004

The film is a black comedy American slasher movie written and directed by Jeff Lieberman. The movie combines horror and black comedy is the first film of Lieberman as a director in his 17 years in the industry.  The film was praised by their reviewers for the satire, characterization and the elements of comedy it has.

Cast Lists

Alexander Brickel appeared as Douglas Whooly, “Dougie”              Joanna Beckson appeared as She Head

Lisa Barnes appeared as Mrs. Flarin                                                          Jim Fitzpatrick appeared as Pinocchio

Stephen Graham appeared as Alex Martin                                             Melisa McGregor appeared as Nicole

Joyce R. Korbin appeared as the Mrs. Sylvia Tishbaum                     Amanda Plummer as Merrill Whooly

Larry ‘Ratso’ Sloman appeared as Mayor Flarin                                    Dan Ziskie appeared as Vernon Martin

Wass Stevens appeared as Dean Whooly                                               Joshua Annex as Satan Man, Billy Flarin

Christian Robert Varley appeared as He Head                                      Mary Kay Adams appeared as Fran

Katheryn Winnick appeared as Jenna Whooly                                      Anthony Ardolino appeared as Hunter


‘Dougie’ is the 9 years old boy that is really obsessed with his video games, wherein he played as the little helper of Satan. Jenna, his sister came home for Halloween from his college, but things turned sour when Dougie discovers that she brought with her Alex, her boyfriend.

After the fallout with her sister Jenna, Dougie strolls and finds the man dressed in his cheap costume organizing the dead body over his lawn like it is a certain decoration. Dougie honestly thought that the man was Satan, and asked him for some assistance in sending Alex to go to Hell, and “Satan” nodded assent to. Meanwhile, Alex came up with the thoughts of bonding with Dougie through dressing as Satan in this coming Halloween. When Dougie came back home, he tried to lure Alex in the basement wherein Satan is before him, but failed. Dougie ended up changing his tactics to instead ambush Alex by Satan while Alex and Dougie go out to have some Satan costume shopping, where Alex ended up being left out as dead.

Dougie then brings Satan home and everybody thought to be Alex. In spite Satan becomes physically and forcefully intimate with Jenna with his unwillingness to talk, Jenna interprets those things as the devotion of Alex to his Satan outfit. When Dougie and Satan left and go out to have some Halloween candy, they ended up shoplifting the market for tools and candy, where Satan then killed the bagger who tried on stopping them and then the two of them engage in a slight physical assault binge with their cart. On their way home, Satan engaged in the combination of attacking and killing some more people, with the estranged dad of Alex, just before Dougie and Satan are being accosted by the policemen. Satan implies to Dougie to go home while he confronted the policemen, who are later located as dead. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Alex had endured, who had been discovered from the babbling man that every policeman on the island were all dead and that the police station was on fire. The moment that Dougie comes back in their house, he told Jenna about the things that Satan and he has accomplished. Still in thoughts that Satan is Alex in costume, Jenna started to think that his boyfriend Alex is pushing the game a bit far now.

Writer’s Notion

The movie is an occasionally silly, pretty predictable, and an overall average acted and written film. But this is also one unique and pretty fresh flick that must be a welcome screen for any horror fanatics out there.

The story rotates around the little kid who looks Jewish, that because of the new favorite videotape game, the Satan’s Little Helper, had now mixed the ideas of the game ideas with daily living. He only wants to play trick or treat when her sister came home. But, with the new discover like for Satan, due to a certain video game, he looks for Satan and go trick or treat with him. The entire flick is not really anything that extra special. In more than 90 minutes of the movie run time, it is a bit long when there is nothing more to do. Also the kid that plays the lead was a grating little kid with a-dimensional acting skills. The movie succeeds in its exclusive idea of having the silent killer leading the little kid around in helping to kill many people is a bit sweet for Halloween. It is definitely a great treat for the horror movie with very low budget. All in all the movie is a just good.

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