Sea Fever, 2019

This is a kind of science fiction thriller movie directed and written by Neasa Hardiman. The movie follows the crew from the marooned fishing trawler, someone that locates themselves threatened by the parasitic infection.

Cast Lists

  • Connie Nielsen appeared as Freya
  • Elie Bouakaze appeared as Sudi
  • Ardalan Esmaili appeared as Omid
  • Jack Hickey appeared as Johnny
  • Dougray Scott appeared as Gerard
  • Hermione Corfield appeared as Siobhán
  • Olwen Fouéré appeared as Ciara


Siobhan, the scientist studying THE faunal behavioral patterns, bought a place on a fishing trawler, Niamh Cinn Óir, operated by the crew of six: ship’s engineer Omid, Sudi, Johnny, and Ciara, skipper Gerard with his wife Freya. As they start out, they are being warned by a Coast Guard that the planned destination that is loaded with fish has been in the exclusion zone. Gerard, unknown to the rest, takes them in the zone, since he needed the big fish haul on this outing in keeping the ship. When they travel in the zone, a ship is running into the shoal-like, unknown object which stops a boat. Omid discovered the strange breaches in a hull which exuded the blue-green slime. A crew suspected barnacles, and when Siobhan possesses an only diving gear aboard. Gerard sends the armed with the knife to slice the boat free. Beneath the water, she discovered the tentacles of the huge bio-luminescent organisms far beneath adhering to a boat. Thinking it can be a newly-found form of huge squid, the crew attempted to capture this with the net, but a creature proved to be too heavy. While setting out the net, Johnny sliced his hand over the rope, which has been covered in that similar slime.

The crew saw another ship on a horizon, and Johnny, Siobhan, Gerard row to it in looking for help. The moment it is onboard, they located the whole crew dead from the suicide inside their cabin, with one from their guys appearing to have the eyes scooped out. Then, Gerard instructed the others to not talk about the discovery, naming it as “sea fever” and then insisting some of the other crew to merely become mad. During their return to the ship, they saw that the creature had been released. Lowering the nets, they make that huge catch of fish, where the crew had been in high spirits.

During that evening, Johnny starts to exhibit uncharacteristic attitude, with wanting to go in a swim. Suspecting the fever, Siobhan performed the medical diagnosis of him and discovered the movement in his retina. As he washed his face, Johnny abruptly becomes blind and the eyes burst, releasing the minuscule organisms which slither went down the drain, then, enter the water system of the ship. The crew rushed to rescue Sudi, who has been taking his shower. Sudi suffered lots of cuts over his physical body when this waterborne creature is biting him, and Johnny died from the injuries. Checking the water filtration system, a crew finds that the whole water supply had been contaminated by a tiny creature, who Siobhan realized had been larvae of the bigger creature. Gerard pilots their ship towards home in as rapid as he can.

Writer’s Notion

This is a simple horror movie that takes the aged-old fear of a sea serpent, modernized it, and then takes it to the new heights. It begins with the unlikely heroine, nerdy graduate learner Siobhan, who adores learning oceanography in the virtual forms, and had to be pushed just to get on the boat and examined it in the real life. She discovers herself on the small fishing boat, unwell at ease with a boisterous crew, who started by exclaiming through the not so good luck she, being the redhead, will take to the voyage. The other seafaring legends and myths are of interest, with one, told to the Siobhan by a boat’s co-owner, known as Freya, which turned to be relevant to the tale. Some of the undersea life footage not only further a story, but is truly beautiful. Siobhan did her best in fitting in, and did make the connection with one and two of their crew members.

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