Secret Santa (I), 2018

The film is an American horror movie by the writer and director Adam Marcus with the writer Debra Sullivan.

Cast Lists

  • Michael Rady appeared as Ty
  • Cole Rommel appeared as Cpl. Esposito
  • Ryan Leigh Seaton appeared as Penny
  • Michelle Renee Allaire appeared as Jacqueline
  • Scott Burkett appeared as David               
  • Pat Destro appeared as Carol
  • William Dixon appeared as Albert
  • John Gilbert appeared as Leonard
  • Nathan Hedrick appeared as Jackson
  • A Leslie Kies appeared as April
  • Joshua Kwak appeared as Patient Zero
  • Drew Lynch appeared as Kyle
  • Freddy John James appeared as Gordon
  • Jaden Reid appeared as Dylan
  • Debra Sullivan appeared as Shari
  • Andrew Streiber appeared Dr. West
  • Petra Areskoug appeared as Tilde
  • Melissa Corkern appeared as Cpt. Soles
  • Tracy Drolet appeared as Denise
  • Curtis Fortier appeared as Carter
  • Joyce Greenleaf appeared as Beverly
  • Joe Howard appeared as Jon
  • Rachael Kemery appeared as Sarah
  • Jeff Karr appeared as Cpl. DePalma
  • Jude B. Lanston appeared as Sgt. King (Jude Lanston)


The young woman returned home with her lover/boyfriend for the Christmas celebration and already gave him a warning – that her family is really a nut. Sure enough, everyone starts to grasp just how unsupportive and awful they are. Before a meal had started to serve, the dysfunctional family’s Christmas feast in the night devolves into a violent chaos when everybody unknowingly munched drugged punch. The unknown assailant spikes this toxic and dysfunctional family’s Christmas punched with the military grade drug, and they are already with each other’s throats to some past slights and then one of them at last had enough, starting the chain reaction of the killing and the mayhem, rotating them to homicidal maniacs then, fight to endure the evening as they begin to turn to one another.

Their Christmas dinner takes in tidings of death if someone enacts revenge, then, out of a bloody madness ascent the hero who should face against all odds to halt the outbreak before it become too late.

Writer’s Notion

Secret Santa may not be the best production movie’s values and it may wear the limited budget on the sleeve, but it had something so much that similar films do not have – the damn good script with the actors who knew what they are doing.

The movie is a constant ridiculously funny and surprising movie that went on with lots of bizarre directions that it is hard to maintain. Not like with the other indie movies, wherein you are scratching your brain and then wonder how the no-talents are being hired as actors, this movie, Secret Santa presents the funniest and the most interesting ensembles in the recent memory. There is no frail link in the group and everybody takes their personal weight. Better yet, they’ll seem to be on the similar page, just about how this type of film must be played.

The movie script is witty, incredibly inappropriate, fast and incredibly exciting. There are some awful instances of the CGI blood taint in the film for a bit, however, when you have the cast and script this is funny.

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