Silent Night, 2012

The film is an American slasher movie of director Steven Miller and this is the loose remake of the 1984 movie Silent Night, Deadly Night.

Cast Lists

  • Malcolm McDowell appeared as James Cooper, the Sheriff
  • Mike O’Brien appeared as Stein Karsson
  • Rick Skene appeared as Ronald Jones Jr/Ronald Jones Sr.
  • Kristen Sawatzky appeared as Jane Jones
  • Courtney-Jane White appeared as Tiffany Revie
  • Kelly Wolfman appeared as Goldie Willis
  • Andrew Cecon appeared as Stanley Giles, the Deputy     
  • Laura Cartlidge appeared as Morwood Girl
  • Jaime King appeared as Aubrey Bradimore, the Deputy
  • Donal Logue appeared as Jim Epstein, the Santa
  • Curtis Moore appeared as Reverend Madeley
  • Lisa Marie appeared as Hilary Morwood
  • Cortney Palm appeared as Maria
  • Lane Styles appeared as Mindy Lu
  • Ali Tataryn appeared as Alana Roach
  • Ellen Wong appeared as Brenda
  • Tom Anniko appeared as Mayor Revie
  • Erik J. Berg appeared as Dennis
  • Aaron Hughes appeared as Frank Forester
  • Brendan Fehr appeared as Kevin Jordan, Deputy
  • John Lowe appeared as Mr. Bradimore
  • Adriana O’Neil appeared as Mrs. Bradimore


The mysterious man clothe in a suit of Santa Claus is complete with his own mask. Once clothe in, “Santa” captures and murders Jordan, the police official in the little city of Cryer, Wisconsin. Then, Jordan was sleeping with a married Alana Roach and has been electrocuted with the Christmas lights at his home. On the next day, Christmas Eve, Sheriff Cooper, Sheriff of Cryer, phones Deputy Aubrey Bradimore on her rest day when Jordan did not arrive to work. Aubrey is the latest add-on to the policemen force and had been reeling from the unforeseen passing of her hubby John. She does not think she is the best officer as she was attempting to live up with her father, who’s a retired police.

Aubrey will be going to spend a holiday with the parents; however, instead she went out to check Jordan, finding the mangled body and the Roach has torn apart afterwards in the day. The Sheriff Cooper decided not to say to Mayor Revie anything until the case has been solved. In the mean time, the masked Santa murderer went on killing spree, murdering those that have done a thing he considered naughty. The next victim is the bratty teen girl who he killed with a Taser, and then he creates his way into the local motel, killing two of the three people during the soft-core porn shoot. A lady handles to run and tried to hide inside the farm of Christmas Trees but the murderer chops-off a leg of her and throws the feet initially into the wood chipper.

The Sheriff Cooper phones in Deputy Stanley and went out to locate the murderer himself, but returns empty-handed. Aubrey began to suspect Jim, a Santa, the local drunken portrayal of Santa, Stein, the drug dealer, and Madely, the perverted Reverend. Aubrey attempted to interrogate Karsson, however, he flees. Aubrey provides chase, but has been closely killed and only rescued by Cooper. That night, during the annual Christmas parade of the town, Aubrey looks for the murderer but is not able to identify him from the crowd of men clothe in the suit of Santa Claus, though she arrested Jim when he escapes from her.

Writer’s Notion

The film is everything that the viewers are wanting from the slasher movie and more. The movie is very impressive and the concentration is on everything and both embraced the cheese of the year 1980, but it also keeps the scary moment. The movie is one of those rarest remakes that had been better than the unique one in every way.

The movie played it raw and real and the viewers will surely love the idea that it appeared like a real movie. It was all acted very well, well shot and pitch perfect. Miller arrives as the real admirer of horror and respected it that is why this movie works really well. Even though they’d play so many horrors in one realistic way…But, he still handles to provide us outlandish death scenarios, great gore, wonderful homage, and nudity that are all original. I am sure that you will all scream with joy because there are lots of movie makers who are doing the horror remakes that are doing great, and this one is really one of the best.

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