Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival, 2015

The movie is the revival movie of same title film under the direction of Dustin Ferguson and with the writer John Klyza.

Cast Lists

  • Luc Bernier appeared as James Zacherly
  • Jarad Allen appeared as The Shape
  • Dorothy Booraem appeared as Christmas Caroler
  • Jennii Caroline appeared as Holly Brickman
  • Chad Haufschild appeared as Black Peter (voice
  • Rich Kern appeared as Jeffery Butler/Black Peter       
  • Pete Lipins appeared Humphrey Brickman
  • Sarah Moshman appeared as Switchboard Operator
  • Jennifer Runyon appeared as Carol Brickman
  • Johnny Tran appeared as Johny Tran/Christmas Caroler
  • Julia Farrell appeared as Angelica Zacherly
  • Jeff Dylan Graham appeared as Max
  • Kia Beason appeared as Christmas Caroler
  • Mike Crawford appeared as the Drunk Santa
  • Jeanne Kern appeared as Doris  
  • Greg Kubitschek appeared as Christmas Caroler
  •  Vijay Olander appeared as Christmas Caroler
  • Breana Mitchell appeared as Regina Andrews
  • Rikki Wallace appeared as Christmas Caroler       


After a passing away of one of their family member, the siblings James Zacherly with Angelica Zacherly take a trip to the little city of East Willard during the Christmas Eve to give their personal respects. They stayed at the home bed and have a breakfast that is under the management of Jennifer Runyon Corman wherein they began to look in the past and discovered the strange set of killing in 1972 and about the myth of the Black Peter, Santa’s vengeful brother. However, the moment that they discovered the lost journal owned by Jeffrey Butler, they found out that the city has its personal sordid history – and that is one more fixed in reality.

Writer’s Notion

The movie is not that good or bad too, but it is believed that there are some of the best things scattered all throughout in the movie. The movie was obviously done with a low budget production, which is obvious when it comes to the murder scenes. Its death scenes were all cheap and with a scene with the rubber hand. The other issue with the funds was that it appeared that they could not shoot that much footage because there is plenty of footage being from the original one. Initially, it was thought that the movie was plausible since it did not use that much footage from its original film, but, the final 30 minutes are really taken from its 1972 film.

Some will think that was really needed since lots of people may not remember that the movie’s events, but it could have been dealt with a much better means where we are not given 20+ minutes’ worth of reusing footage. The screenplay seemed to offer up some very nice ideas in building what had been watching in the initial movie.

Both Bernier and Farrell were good with their parts. At times with low-budget movies, it is really hard to provide with any kind of performance. Some of the movie’s supporting players are not really bad; however, none of them had been in big enough roles to where this really effecting the movie. The movie is not a total success, but, there are also some few interesting ideas in this movie.

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