Sint, 2010

The film is a Dutch dark horror and comedy movie about Sinterklaas, this is the character wherein Santa Claus, the Anglo-Saxon is based. The movie was under the direction of Dick Maas and had marked his returned to the genre of horror, wherein he gained acclaim from his movies. The story deformed the famous myths of Sinterklaas and portrayed him as the ghost who killed big numbers of individuals when the yearly celebration evening coincides with the full moon.

Cast Lists

  • Huub Stapel appeared as St. Niklas, the evil bishop who had been killed 475 years past and murders each of the 23 years past every on 5th of December.
  • Egbert Jan Weeber appeared as Frank, the teenage boy who had been falsely accused of becoming the December 5 killer.
  • Caro Lenssen appeared as Lisa, the new girlfriend of Frank who believed in the fable of that evil bishop.
  • Bert Luppes as Goert, appeared as the suspended police official who endured the murderous attack of Sint 40 years past and did not observe a Sinterklaas holiday anymore.
  • Escha Tanihatu appeared as Sophie, best friend of Lisa.
  • Joey van der Valden appeared as Hanco, Frank’s good friend
  • Cynthia Abma appeared as Lisa’s mother
  • Madelief Blanken appeared as Natasha, Frank’s good friend
  • Niels van den Berg appeared as young Goert
  • Kees Boot appeared as the police officer
  • Jim Deddes appeared as Sander, Frank’s another friend 


On December 5, 1492, the gang headed by the previous bishop Niklas was murdered by the villagers that refused to place up the gang’s killing and looting any longer. In those years of the gang’s death the date coincides with the full moon, they returned as deadly ghosts.

The public was not aware about it and yearly celebrated the Sinterklaas custom on December 5, with the adults, not considering that Sinterklaas existed, but making small kids believed that he is one of a kind. The Zwarte Pieten was not blackened by the soot from the chimneys, but as an outcome of the fire wherein they had been killed. Niklas’ crosier had sharp edges and was the weapon. On December 5 Zwarte Pieten and Sinterklaas did not stand out, since lots of people are being dressed like for a festive. The last time a ghostly gang came back was in 1968. There were many people who were killed, including their entire family of a small boy, Goert, who’s now one police detective. The establishments downplayed the incidents, and also with the Roman Catholic, keep the probably involvement in Niklas one secret.

And because there is the full moon on December 5, 2010, Goert was really concerned and recommended forbidding all the Sinterklaas activities and increased the surveillance, but he’s not being taken seriously and then sent on runoff. As Goert predicted the gang returned and killed hundreds of people, and when this gang was immune to bullets, they’re finally chased to go by the fire.

Writer’s Notion

If you are someone who is not being really well acquainted with St. Nicholas other than that worldwide famous image of Santa and the truth that the historical image at the back of it had dwelled in Turkey in the prehistoric times, then, you will be intrigued by this film. Unfortunately, the movie’s prologue which has been set a background for an evil St. Nicholas, had been really succinct -and also confusing for the global viewers, and, I guess that not only for those non-Christians but also for anyone outside a local audience. It will be hard for most of people that don’t know the history and so how the moviemakers themselves had adapted Santa Claus and about how much of its difference stemmed from the cultural understanding of t Dutch about St. Nicholas as different from Santa Claus.

As with this horror movie, the initial half was somewhat average other than the standard novelty of commencing the fatal Santa Claus in the traditional Halloween-esque slasher story. Yet, things have gotten even more interesting during the second half since unfolded events shifted from the baby-sitting female individuals in their houses at night. While the next half, we had been offered of some amazing and great visuals of St. Nicholas while he made his horseback riding atop the rooftops!

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