Halloween, 2007

The film is an American slasher movie produced, written, and directed by Rob Zombie. This movie is the remake of the horror film from 1978 of similar name and the 9th installment of a Halloween franchise. The director chose to develop this movie as both a remake and an origin story, allowing for an even more original content rather than simply re-filming similar scenes.

Cast Lists

Malcolm McDowell performed as Dr. Samuel Loomis Bill Moseley performed as “Z-Man” Zach Garrett

Tyler Mane performed as Michael Myers Nick Mennell performed as Bob Simms

Daryl Sabara performed as Wesley Rhoades Pat Skipper performed as Mason Strode

Jenny Gregg Stewart performed as Lindsey Wallace Daniel Roebuck performed as Lou Martini

Lew Temple performed as Noel Kluggs Danny Trejo performed as Ismael Cruz

Tom Towles performed as Larry Redgrave Max Van Ville performed as Paul

Dee Wallace performed as Cynthia Strode Adam Weisman performed as Steve Haley

Sheri Moon Zombie performed as Deborah Myers Steve Boyles performed as Stan Payne

Richmond Arquette performed as Deputy Charles Leslie Easterbrook performed as Patty Frost

Brad Dourif performed as the Sheriff Leigh Brackett Micky Dolenz performed as Derek Allen

Sybil Danning performed as Nurse Wynn Skyler Gisondo performed as Tommy Doyle

Daeg Faerch performed as Michael Myers (10 y/o) Ken Foree performed as the Big Joe Grizzly

William Forsythe performed as Ronnie White Mel Fair performed as Taylor Madison

Clint Howard performed as Doctor Koplensen Hanna Hall performed as Judith Myers

Danielle Harris performed as Annie Brackett Sid Haig performed as Chester Chesterfield

Kristina Klebe performed being Lynda Van Der Klok Udo Kier performed as Morgan Walker

Paul Kampf performed as Officer Lowery Richard Lynch performed as Principal Chambers

Scout Taylor-Compton performed as Laurie Strode / as Angel Myers



On Halloween at Haddonfield, Illinois, have already exhibited some signs of psychopathic possibilities, 10-year-old Myers murders the school bully, Wesley, the older sister Judith, the boyfriend Steve, and the abusive boyfriend of his mother, Ronnie, out of vengeance. He only spared his infant sister. Then, after the longest trials at the state’s tale, Michael was found responsible for the first-degree murder, then, was sent to the Smith’s Grove Sanitarium in the custody of child psychologist, his doctor, Samuel Loomis, M.D.

Michael initially collaborated with Loomis, and Deborah, his mother, whom he loves dearly, visits him regularly. In the next year, Michael becomes fixated on the paper-mâché mask, withdraw from the people surrounding him, and dissociative, even to his mother. When he killed the nurse when Deborah was going out from one of the visits she made, she was unable to deal with the situation and committed suicide.

During the next following 15 years, Michael keeps on his masks and of not speaking to anyone. Loomis, have kept on treating Michael through the years, attempted to keep on his life and closed Michael’s case. Then, Michael escapes from the Smith’s Grove, killed the guards and also the hospital staffs. He killed the truck driver for the clothes and then returned to Haddonfield. During Halloween, Meyer arrived at the abandoned childhood home, wherein he recovered the Halloween mask and the kitchen knife he stored under their floorboards that evening that he murdered his sister.

Writer’s Notion

Everybody said that this movie should have not been remade. The director also created the back table for around 40 minutes and then just explaining what went wrong. Some things that you can like in this movie were, first, the death scenes have been all great. Second, it just actually portrayed how the real teenagers are acting now. Third, this was the best plot and showed just how Michael’s Life had been and how he turned to be so evil.

This movie will really scare you more than any Halloween movies that usually do. The movie had some killing scenes and good acting and also great unexpected ending. Crazy enough, but you will love the Halloween movie, just like the original! This psychology of Michael about how he becomes the monster will be something that what more audiences are craving for. This movie version is really great for Halloween especially if you are someone who preferred things as more sinister and darker. You will absolutely love the sound effects and the shaky cam. The movie is just one of those best movies ever made.

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