Halloween Kills, 2021

The film is an American slasher movie of director David Gordon Green with the writers Danny McBride, Scott Teems and Green himself. It is the sequel of 2018’s Halloween and also the 12th installment of this Halloween franchise.

Cast Lists

Jamie Lee Curtis performed as Laurie Strode, the survivor of the 1978 killing spree of Michael Myers. She is Allyson’s grandmother and Karen’s mother.

Jamie Lee Curtis performed as Laurie Strode, the survivor of the 1978 killing spree of Michael Myers. She is Allyson’s grandmother and Karen’s mother.

Andi Matichak performed as Allyson Nelson, Laurie’s granddaughter and Karen’s daughter.

Will Patton performed as the Deputy Frank Hawkins, the sheriff’s deputy stabbed.Will Patton performed as the Deputy Frank Hawkins, the sheriff’s deputy stabbed.

Thomas Mann performed as Frank Hawkins’ young version.

Jacob Keohane performed as Deputy Tobias, the partner of young Frank Hawkins.

Anthony Michael Hall performed as Tommy Doyle, the friend of Lindsey.

Robert Longstreet performed as Lonnie Elam, father of Cameron who bullied Tommy.

Tristian Eggerling performed as Lonnie Elam younger version.

Dylan Arnold performed as Cameron Elam, Lonnie’s son and Allyson’s ex-boyfriend.

Charles Cyphers performed as Leigh Brackett, former sheriff at Haddonfield who went missing his daughter

Kyle Richards performed as Lindsey Wallace, a friend of Tommy.

Nancy Stephens performed as Marion Chambers, a retired former assistant of Dr. Samuel Loomis.

Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney performed as The Shape / Michael Myers, the masked figure.

Airon Armstrong performed as the younger guy of Michael Myers.

Christian Michael Pates performed Michael Myers as the 6-year-old boy, as seen in the imagination of Karen.



On 1978 of October 31, the Deputy Frank Hawkins shot by mistake his partner dead when trying to rescue him which being attacked by Michael Myers. He prevented Dr. Samuel Loomis when executing Michael. After 40 years, on 2018 of the same date, after being stabbed, then just left to die through Dr. Ranbir Sartain, Frank Hawkins was located by Cameron Elam, and called the ambulance. Hawkins regretted not permitting Michael’s execution and vowed to slay him.

In the meantime, Tommy Doyle celebrated the 40th remembering of the imprisonment of Michael together with the other survivors Lonnie Elam, Cameron’s father, Marion Chambers, and Lindsey Wallace having each survived their encounter with Michael Myers in 1978. Firefighters who are responding to the burning home of Laurie Strode’s encountered Michael, who murdered them with their personal equipment. Laurie, her granddaughter Allyson and her daughter, Karen was taken to the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, wherein Laurie underwent emergency surgery. Michael attacked Laurie’s neighbors, initially slaying the husband through stabbing to his death, then piercing the wife’s throat by the fluorescent light tube. And then starts returning back to Haddonfield.

Lonnie, Tommy, Marion, and Lindsey learn of Michael’s slaying by the wireless emergency alert. The bar patron Vanessa apparently encountered Michael in her auto, but the driver crashed and escapes unnoticed. Then Tommy formed the mob of resentful Haddonfield residents that will kill down and murder Michael. Karen was told that Michael is alive and hold back that data from Laurie to permit her to recover. Then Allyson reconciled with her ex-boyfriend, Cameron, and she goes with Tommy’s mob to get even the death of her father. Hawkins and Laurie both awakened in the similar area and reminisce about the former relationship they had.

Writer’s Notion

The cast were all trying harder with what they can give. And there are lots of good ideas on the display here: the town going angry with a bloodthirsty vengeance because of what did Michael has done, brutally coming together to chase him down.

But I swear, the script was just written in 2 hours and there is no single thing there that is genuine and believable in any way. The cast deaths in this film would have been evaded if they had acted like real people, but there was this one death that will make you really hard, that it is really overwhelming.

Overall, Halloween Kills is one mindless splatter film, and that is already everything that this movie has – some well staged slayings. The rest is either a tiresome affair with the characters that you will not be able to relate. The movie is not really a recommended one, but if you want some splatter dose, then give this movie a try.

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