Slender Man 2018

The movie is an American supernatural horror movie by director Sylvain White and with writer David Birke, from the character of similar name.

slender man

The Cast Lists

Joey King played as Wren

Julia Goldani Telles played as Hallie Knudsen

Jaz Sinclair played as Chloe

Annalise Basso played as Katie Jensen

Alex Fitzalan played as Tom, the love interest of Hallie Taylor Richardson played as Lizzie Kn

Javier Botet played as Slender Man

Kevin Chapman played as Mr. Jensen, the alcoholic father of Katie

Jessica Blank played as Mrs. Knudsen, the mother of Hallie and Lizzie

Michael Reilly Burke played as Mr. Knudsen, the father Hallie and Lizzie

The Story Line

In the little town of Massachusetts, there are four high school best friends – Wren, Hallie, Chloe, and Katie. They approach the group of guys and ask what they’re doing that night; however, they tell the four girls that it is a top secret. Hallie has been by Wren that evening to go to house of Katie, together with Chloe. They have spent time in her basement since her dad is already passed out drunk. These girls then discussed that those guys are attempting to call the Slender Man, the monster identified by the internet that gets children. They discovered the online video to see about how one will summon him. Those girls close their naked eyes as they waited to hear the bells tolling.

story of slender man

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After a week, the girls had been on the field trip together with their classes to the cemetery when Katie abruptly becomes spooked by the things in the trees. Eventually, she disappeared with no trace, and the whole class has been left there for a couple of hours until a police show up and started searching for her. Hallie was inside her room with Lizzie, her sister when they heard the thumping sound coming that was from downstairs. They were frightened, and Hallie went out to check it. It’s Katie’s dad, although drunk, asking if Katie has been with Hallie. He was mad, and accused Hallie of taking Katie into a certain occult business, and tried to attack Hallie. A policeman arrived and Katie’s dad has been arrested, just like Hallie’s parents are there outside and the father is yelling out at him.

Hallie goes with Chloe and Wren to the house of Katie to investigate. Wren distracted Katie’s dad while these other two girls sneak in coming from the back. These girls go into the room of Katie and take the laptop. After they left, they look to the laptop, then, find videos of the others that have met Slender Man. These girls read the messages of Katie and observe that she was speaking to somebody else with a handle “AleeyCat93”. Then Katie had been communicating her about how they can make a deal with the Slender Man. Hallie talked to AleeyCat93 once more to ask what to do to take Katie back, and then she responded that they should give something they are holding near and also dear to them.

The Writers View

The movie is okay. The basic formula you have seen before in those simple horror movies. It is not scary, and it is not bad enough to become an enjoyable in that feeling. Surprisingly, most of the cinematography appears good and there are some interesting surrealist instances, however, the acting seemed okay at its best and their dialogue is at times quite cringey. The scares are mostly jump scares in most of the scenes.

The source stuff is just hard to work with and so those that are familiar with the origins of Slendy’s will see this strangely adapted. This Slender works more with the video games and creepypastas, and not so much in cinematically. This is far from any worst horror movie being shown, but still a bit disappointing, though still some will not like the movie because of its being bland, and it is understandable, but from a more objective perspective, it is a functional movie that just lacks spirit.

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