Spell, 2020

The film is an American supernatural thriller and horror movie of director Mark Tonderai and this film was released through digital on 30th of October, 2020 by Paramount Players through Paramount Pictures in the USA.

The movie was originally planned to be theatrically released before it has been pulled from a schedule due to this present pandemic cause by COVID-19. It was later then rescheduled to make public on 30th of October, 2020 in home media. It was spread by Paramount Players through the studio’s parent band of Paramount Pictures.

Over the review aggregator website, the movie holds on with the approval rate of 47% from their critical reviews, with the average rating of 5.20 over 10. The website’s critic consensus read as, “Despite the promising start, this predictable and repetitive thriller lacks sufficiently of an identity that will cast much of this movie and there are also some critic reviews that indicated that they are generally unfavorable with their review states.

Cast Lists

  • Omari Hardwick appeared as Marquis
  • Steve Mululu appeared as Lewis
  • John Beasley appeared as Earl    
  • Lorraine Burroughs appeared as Veora Woods
  • Hannah Gonera appeared as Samsara Woods
  • Tumisho Masha appeared as Sheriff
  • Kalifa Burton appeared as Tydon Woods
  • Loretta Devine appeared as Ms. Eloise


While flying to the funeral of his father in the rural area of Appalachia, the intense storm caused Marquis to lose his control over the plane that carried his family and him. He soon awakened alone, wounded, and trapped in the attic of Ms. Eloise. Eloise claimed she is able of nursing him to bring back his health with the hoodoo figure that was made from his own skin and blood. Unable to ask for some help, Marquis desperately tried to smash free from the dark magic and rescued his family from the sinister ritual just before the coming out of the so-called blood moon.

Writer’s Notion

The film did not bring anything new in the horror genre, but you will still like it anyway.

There are lots of people that hate this movie because there is nothing new in it, but if you are someone who is really a fan of that old horror flick with most of those hoodoo magic techniques, then this movie is still fine to watch.


The movie actors were all good and this film is an almost totally African American cast. The two major characters are being played by folks that are aware of acting. If you want to complain about something that they have done, it is just fine, but do not knock them because of this since they are the ones that carried the whole film.

For some, they personally enjoyed the little twist of this Misery-like film. When you do not think you wanted to see something that is just like it, then, do not watch it. But, if you believe that it sounds interesting, then go and watch it. The movie is not going to knock you off, but it had some cringe that is really worthy of your time with great performances from the two main characters. Honestly, these other reviewers had sounded just a bit jaded instead of being willing to provide credits to where credit must due.

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