Split (2016)


The film is psychological horror-thriller movie mutually directed and written by M. Night Shyamalan. It follows a guy that had 23 unlike personalities who was abducted and imprisoned three teenage lass in the isolated underground room.

The Cast Lists:

James McAvoy played as Kevin Wendell Crumb, he suffered DID or dissociative identity disorder that has 23 outstanding personalities.

Sebastian Arcelus played as Mr. Cooke, father of Casey.

Betty Buckley played as Dr. Karen Fletcher, the psychologist that tried to help Kevin.

Kim Director played as Hannah.

Brad William Henke played as John, uncle of Casey.

Neal Huff played as Mr. Benoit, father of Claire.

Anya Taylor-Joy played as Casey, the young girl with the traumatic history and past about self-harm.

Haley Lu Richardson played as Claire Benoit, Casey’s classmate and Marcia’s friend.

Lyne Renée played as Academic Moderator.

Jessica Sula played as Marcia, Casey’s classmate and Claire’s friend.

Night Shyamalan played as Jai, the security guard at Dr. Fletcher’s residence building.

Bruce Willis played as David Dunn.

The Story Line:


Claire, Marcia, and the outsider Casey were the three teenagers that were abducted and held captivated by “Dennis”, one from the person of 23 personalities that was present in the thinking of Kevin Wendell Crumb. He was the victim of early days abused and diagnosed having DID or dissociative identity disorder.

Through the years, Kevin was treated by Dr. Karen Fletcher, his psychiatrist and appeared to be stable: with his mind, all of the personalities sit in the chairs in the room, waiting for each turn in the light. Two personalities, Patricia and Dennis were kept out due to Dennis’ obsessive–compulsive disorder and voyeuristic tendencies, and the mutual personalities’ worshiping “The Beast”, the rumored personality in the 24th. The three lasses understand Kevin’s personality when they meet “Patricia”, the lady in the dress. Casey looked to befriend Hedwig, someone that claimed to be the 9-year-old boy, someone that confides that girls will be offered for “The Beast”. He told them that he stole power over the brightness from Barry and had been persuaded to assist Patricia and Dennis. When Claire attempted to escape, “Dennis” bolts her in the separate cell. Dennis pretends as Barry while in a meeting with the Dr. Fletcher, but she then recognized that Patricia and Dennis have displaced Barry as the governing personality. Marcia attempted to run away next, but was grab and also situated in the different cell. Casey goes on being to befriend Hedwig, and having earlier perceived he states a window in the


The Writers’ View:

There is a welcome return that is forming for James McEvoy and the director which gives one of the finest performances. The film is a great movie to watch over in the theater, since it is full of suspense and there are some quite meaningful and touching ways here, even if you like or don’t like the ending twists, you will be portrayed in this story and the edge of the seat in a more anticipated mode.

This is a great movie if you something that is original and full of suspense and thriller, then this movie is strongly recommended for you to watch. The movie is completely different, if there are some expectations in you that are beyond to what is anticipated, because there are some traditional touches as the film goes on.

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