Malignant, 2021

This is an American horror movie under the direction of James Wan from the screenplay of Akela Cooper, and based on the story of Ingrid Bisu, Cooper and Wan. The woman starts seeing visions of random people being killed, and only to find out the events are really taking place in real life.

Cast Lists


Annabelle Wallis performed as Madison Lake Mitchell     Jake Abel performed as Derek Mitchell

Madison Wolfe performed as the young Serena May        Amir Aboulela performed as Dr. Gregory

George Young performed as the Detective Kekoa Shaw  Ingrid Bisu performed as CST Winnie

Christian Clemenson performed as the Dr. Victor Fields   Jon Lee Brody performed as Officer Lee                

Mckenna Grace performed as the young Madison Lake   Zoë Bell performed as Scorpion

Maddie Hasson performed as Sydney Lake                           Andy Bean performed as Frank                                 

Jean Louisa Kelly performed as Serena May/Jane Doe     Ray Chase performed as Gabriel (voice)

Paula Marshall performed as Beverly                                      Ruben Pla performed as Officer Rubin

Susanna Thompson performed as Jeanne Lake                   Josh Rutgers performed as the referee                  

Patricia Velásquez performed as Nurse Velasquez             Dan Ramos performed as Basco

Michole Briana White performed as the Detective Regina Moss

Jacqueline McKenzie performed as the Dr. Florence Weaver

Marina Mazepa performed as Gabriel/a physical performer



In year 1993, Florence Weaver the doctor, with her colleagues John Gregory and Victor Fields treat the psychiatric patient Gabriel by the Simion Research Hospital. And do not know that Gabriel had a special power that is able of controlling electricity and broadcast his thoughts through the speakers. One evening, Gabriel turned violent and kills some staff members in the institution.

After twenty-seven years, Madison Lake, the pregnant woman who lives in Seattle, returned home to Derek Mitchell, her abusive husband, after the pregnancy makes her feel ill while at work. During the argument, Derek smashed Madison’s head against the wall, which caused her to blood loss during impact point, after which she locked herself in the room and fell asleep. Madison woke up later to find the dead body of Derek after having had the dream of the man coming in their house and aggressively murdered him. The murderer, who is in the house, attacked Madison, interpreting her unconscious.


The following morning, Madison woke up in the hospital and was informed by Sydney, her sister, that the unborn baby didn’t survive the attack. Right after being questioned by the policeman and detective Kekoa Shaw with the partner Regina Moss, then, Madison returns home. Madison revealed to Sydney where she had been adopted at 8 years old. The murderer abducted the woman running the Seattle Underground tour. Then Madison had one more vision, but this time, the killer killing Dr. Weaver.

During their investigation, Shaw and Moss discover a photo of Madison as a child in Weaver’s house and learn that Weaver specialized in child reconstructive surgery. Madison and her sister approach the police after Madison has another vision, this time of the killer murdering Dr. Fields. The killer contacts Madison and reveals him to be Gabriel, Madison’s childhood imaginary friend. She and her sister visit their mother, Jeanne, to learn more. Madison realizes that Gabriel was not her imaginary friend, but someone real to whom she spoke during her childhood. Shaw finds a link between the doctors and Madison, which leads him to discover Dr. Gregory’s dead body.

Writer’s Notion


Horror movies are really tough to make, particularly when you’re trying to gratify the common crowd and the toughened horror aficionados. Particularly with the latter might show the movie and quite some things you chose. James Wan seemed to love the moving camera and it is thought to have worked nicely. However, he seemed to like action that is apparent to the almost insane act set piece almost in every finale of a movie. It’s over the top and that one can feel it does not belong in there.

This is still some sort of works when you suspend your doubt. Other points you will criticize are things which are being constructed with no pay off. While this cannot be that bad when this comes to (comedic) romance subplot, it’s more than odd with the place towards the finale. It will get such a classic introduction, and yet this will deflate into almost nothing. There are some terrifying cliches too, but, overall this movie is one nice mixture between comedy, action and of course, horror. If you may dig that, then you are on your best way to really adore this.

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