Wrong Turn, 2021

The film is a horror movie of director Mike Nelson with the writer Alan McElroy. The movie is the reboot of Wrong Turn movie series, and it is the global co-production between Germany, Canada, and the United States of America.

Cast Lists


Charlotte Vega appeared as “Jen” Jennifer Shaw                Tim de Zarn appeared as Nate Roades

Vardaan Arora appeared as Gary Amaan                                Adain Bradley appeared as Darius Clemons

Emma Dumont appeared as Milla D’Angelo                          Rhyan Elizabeth Hanavan appeared as Ruthie

Adrian Favela appeared as Luis Ortiz                                        Valerie Jane Parker appeared as Corrine

David Hutchison appeared as Cullen/ the Boar Skull          Daisy Head appeared as Edith                                    

Chris Hahn appeared as Samuel/ the Elk Skull                      Daniel R. Hill appeared as Reggie

Dylan McTee appeared as Adam Lucas                                    Matthew Modine appeared as Scott Shaw

Damian Maffei appeared as Morgan/ the Deer Skull         Chaney Morrow appeared as Hobbs

Mark Mench appeared as Standard/ the Wolf Skull           Bill Sage appeared as Venable



Scott Shaw takes a journey to the little town in the rural Virginia to look for his daughter that had been missing after taking a visit to the place with her buddies. He gets just a bit of help from the people. Flashback to 6 weeks earlier: Darius, the boyfriend of Jen Shaw with the couples Milla and Adam, and Luis and Gary, arrived at the city to have a hike at the Appalachian Trail. Then, they encountered hostility from the locals at the bar, particularly from Nate. Jen meets also the strange lady known as Edith; with Ruthie, the young mute girl.

The friends start out with their hike and although warned to not go off a trail to locate the old fort. The big tree trunk came crashing beneath the hill and then Gary had been crushed to death. Disoriented and bruised, the team gets lost and the set up the camp for the evening. The next day, Milla was missing, and also their cell phones. They find the plaque dated 1859 remembering the making of the team of colonisation in the hills named as the “Foundation”, that believed the ending of the US was really close.


While searching for Milla, Adam was caught in the trap and had been dragged into the pit. Darius, Luis and Jen come across the barn packed with clothing and backpacks, then witness Adam trussed to the pole, carried in between two guys clad in odd costumes and clothe in animal skull mask. The friends hurried to confront the guy who talked in the language they cannot understand. Adam break-free and manically strikes one of them up to death whereas the other escaped. Milla appeared and revealed that she went to have a bathroom break, then, hid when she witnesses the two guys. The friends encounter some other traps and had been enclosed by more masked guys. Milla falls into the pit and was impaled on a stake and killed with the arrow. Adam, Darius, Luis and Jen are all captured.

Writer’s Notion


If you have not seen the other ‘Wrong Turn’ movies, you cannot say how it will compare… It will only mean that, you can watch this movie with any actual expectations about what must happen. It happens that it had been a decent enough terrifying movie. There are so many reasonably scary times and also quite a few not so pleasant passing. The protagonists are not mainly likeable; they can be different and politically free but they had their personal prejudices. Without the need to go into retails, the way friends crossed paths here, the different kinds of traps were enjoyable and the Foundation seemed to be scary. While its downside is, one really do have to suspend the other one’s disbelief; and The Foundation may be a harm to the hikers, but one cannot imagine the authorities will be tolerant and ignorant of people disappearing at the exclusive hill for one hundred and 70 years! The setting appears great, although the movie was filmed in Ohio and not in Virginia. Overall, it can be said that, the movie is really worth watching, however, this is not something that is a must watch one for the horror fans; and one advice is, to not take it that serious.

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