Great White, 2021

The film is an Australian survival horror movie of director Martin Wilson with the writer Michael Boughen. In the film, there are two white great sharks circle the five passengers aboard the stranded plane in the sea miles from the shore.

Cast Lists


Katrina Bowden performed as Kaz Fellows, the American nurse that works alongside Charlie.

Aaron Jakubenko performed as Charlie Brody, the former marine biologist that presently runs the charter plane business.

Te Kohe Tuhaka performed as Benny, an on-site cook who is also a friend of Kaz and Charlie.

Tim Kano performed as Joji Minase “Joe”, the Japanese businessman that’s afraid of water.

Tatjana Marjanovic performed as Tracy, the wife of Luke.

Kimie Tsukakoshi performed as Michelle Minase, the wife of Joe that hired the charter plane of Charlie to sprinkle the ashes of her grandfather.

Jason Wilder performed as Luke, husband of Tracy and a vlogger.



The pair of seaplane operators and lovers, Kaz Fellows and the bf, Charlie Brody, together with Joji Minase, their passengers, his wife, Michelle with the cook Benny, that takes the flight to the picturesque Hell’s Reef. During the landing, they encountered the corpse that had washed up right after the suspected shark attack. It has been reported to their coast guard, but locate the phone of the man had the photo of the girlfriend.

Charlie and Benny coax others into chasing the couple’s yacht were on with instances that she survived. Joji believed it’s hopeless and objects in being placed at risk. Kaz soars off with all of the other five looking for that missing harmed yacht. They locate the yacht capsized, then, Benny dived in to look into the wreck for instance, that the girl was being trapped inside. He locates the partially consumed body and returned to the seaplane at which the white great shark reappeared and attacked one of the floats of that seaplane. The seaplane starts to sink and so all five departed for the life raft of the plane.


Wandering in the present, Charlie tried to navigate using an oar and a life raft meager compass. Joji and Michelle take shift rowing a raft, but Michelle nod off and lost one of that oars. Kaz dive in the water and regains the oar. Joji and Benny get into the scuffle because of the latter’s jealousy, then, Joji pushed Benny, who fall-in the water and is being attacked and murdered by the shark. The shark then attacked the raft flipping everybody into the water. And Joji was killed swimming back into the raft.

Without provisions and only an oar, Kaz Charlie and Michelle tried to row with the use of their hands. Then, the shark returned, but then Charlie to his shocked realized that there’s now more than one shark. Kaz was knocked in the water, but handles to take back to a raft unhurt. The following day, Michelle spotted land, but a raft had started to deflate. Understanding that they can surely sink and become at the compassion of mutual sharks, Kaz and Charlie settled on trying and distracting the sharks just in order that Michelle can make it to the land.

Writer’s Notion


The storyline of the movie is a very interesting and an exciting movie. It is a generic storyline when you look into it objectively. However, it has a storyline that’s well-written since it handled to snatch up on you and take you along there in a raft together at the marooned five.

There is the best amount of thrills and excitement in the film, since there must be with any other good shark movie. It worked nicely, especially since there was such the best balance between a hopelessness of it being marooned in the so far out in the sea and the feeling of being stalked of the great white, being aware that it’s there under the water but merely see it come in the surface. You will certainly enjoy this aspect of the “Great White”.

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