Suspiria 2018

Suspiria 2018

Suspiria is a supernatural horror movie by director Luca Guadagnino with the screenplay made by David Kajganich, and inspired from the 1977 Italian movie of similar title.

The Cast Lists

Dakota Johnson played as Susanna Bannion, “Susie”, The Mother Suspiriorum

Fred Kelemen played as Agent Albrecht

Christine LeBoutte played as Miss Balfour

Vincenza Modica played as Miss Marks

Chloë Grace Moretz played as Patricia Hingle

Gala Moody played as Caroline

Mikael Olsson played as Agent Glockner

Renée Soutendijk played as Miss Huller

Fabrizia Sacchi played as Pavla

Sara Sguotti played as Doll

Sylvie Testud played as Miss Griffith

Angela Winkler played as Miss Tanner

Alek Wek played as Miss Millius

Halla Thordardottir played as Mascia

Olivia Ancona played as Marketa

Jessica Batut played as Miss Mandel

Małgosia Bela played as Mrs. Bannion and Death

Anne-Lise Brevers played as Sonia

Ingrid Caven played as Miss Vendegast

Vanda Capriolo played as Alberta

Brigitte Cuvelier played as Miss Kaplitt

Elena Fokina played as Olga Ivanova

Mia Goth played as Sara Simms

Jessica Harper played as Anke Meier

Doris Hick played as Frau Sesame

Tilda Swinton played as Madame Blanc and Dr. Josef Klemperer (being Lutz Ebersdorf), the Mother Helena Markos

The Story Line

During the 1977 German Autumn, Susie Bannion, the young American lady from the Mennonite clan in Ohio, arrived in West Berlin for an audition for this Markos Tanzgruppe. The learners there, Patricia Hingle, had been concurrently disappeared right after revealing to the Dr. Josef Klemperer, the Psychotherapist that the matrons of the schools are the coven of the witches who worshipped The Three Mothers, the trio of the witches who roamed the Earth once, spreading darkness, sighs and tears. The witches had been individually identified as Mater Lachrymarum, Mater Suspiriorum, and Mater Tenebrarum. Susie befriends Sara Simms, the wealthy classmate, as her dancing rapidly started to attract attention coming from their head artistic director with their choreographer, Madame Blanc.

The Nun 2018

Hell Fest 2018

At their rehearsal, Patricia’s Soviet student and friend Olga, blames their matrons of being accountable for Patricia’s disappearance, also with practicing witchcraft. She attempted to flee in the school, and only to become unsettled and trapped inside a room; in the mean time, Susie performed a dance number for Madame Blanc. But, her movements violently and physically inflict damage on the body of Olga. After the performance of Susie, the matrons drag the mangled body of Olga away with the big hooks. Then, they causally vote for the new leader of covens and voted Mother Markos, the aging witch that has long lined the coven, above Blanc. They started conspiring to apply Susie as the host corpse for Markos. The sheepish matron, Miss Griffith, committed suicide.


The Writers View

The remake of Suspiria has been declared during the early 2000s, right after Guadagnino had obtained the alternative from the previous film’s writers, Daria Nicolodi and Argento. Guadagnino tendered the project to David Gordon Green, their director, but it has been canceled because of financial conflicts. In 2015 of September, Guadagnino verified his plans in directing, with the film illustrated as the “homage” of the 1977 movie instead of a direct remake. At the ending of the movie, a woman may be witness walking out from the front backyard of Klemperer’s earlier estate holding the book with the title “The Great Mother.” Its full title…”The Great Mother: Analysis of Archetype”. Based on the description, the manuscript, “explores this Great Mother as the primordial image of a human psyche.” This book also described how a “feminine” may be depicted as the goddess or the monster. All of the themes are explored within the film, particularly towards the end of the movie during the ritual.

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