Swallow, 2019

This is a type of body horror and psychological thriller film, both directed and written by direct Carlo Mirabella-Davis, as his directorial debut. The plot follows the young woman who, sensitively stifled in her domestic and married life, develops the impulse to consume indigestible objects.

Cast Lists

  • Haley Bennett appeared as Hunter Conrad          
  • Zabryna Guevara appeared as Alice
  • Nicole Kang appeared as Bev                                     
  • Elizabeth Marvel appeared as Katherine Conrad
  • Laith Nakli appeared as Luay                                      
  • Denis O’Hare has appeared as William Erwin
  • David Rasche appeared as Michael Conrad          
  • Austin Stowell appeared as Richie Conrad
  • Babak Tafti appeared as Aaron                                  
  • Lauren Vélez appeared as Lucy


Hunter is the young woman from one lower working-type of family in the upstate New York had recently married Richie, the man from the wealthy family who has been set to occupy the CEO position of his father in Manhattan Corporation. This manages Hunter, once one aspiring illustrator, the capability to remain in their house in the lavish upstate home of the couple on Hudson River. In spite of this, Hunter locates her increasingly expressively stifled and isolated mutually her marriage and her domestic life, and locates Richie distant and insensitive towards her. One day when she was home alone, Hunter develops the impulse to eat a marble, and musters the courage to do so. She finds it exhilarating, and works on to consume the other inedible items around their house, like metal figurines, batteries, and thumbtacks. Each item she swallowed, once digested, she carefully arranged and cleans on her vanity.

Right after Hunter discovered that she is pregnant, Richie and Hunter visited the hospital for her routine ultrasound, and which the technician noticed some anomaly in the abdomen of Hunter. She was rushed in the emergency surgery to take out those varieties of objects being trapped inside her intestine. Right after the surgery, she was diagnosed with pica, the psychological disorder which propels the individual to eat inedible stuffs. The parents of Richie, Katherine and Michael, arranged for her to go and see a psychiatrist within the city. During Hunter’s therapy sessions, she gradually divulges her appeal to consume the objects that she mainly said had to make with the textures.

At the request of Richie’s parents, Richie hired Luay, their family friend and an immigrant from Syria, someone to be with Hunter and monitor her while he is working during the day. While Hunter, feeling ever more smothered, is primarily hostile toward Luay, and who dismissed her mental illness to result from her fortunate life. Despite those external efforts in stopping it, Hunter continued to covertly consume other objects. Through her constant therapy sessions, Hunter finally revealed that she wasn’t raised by her real/biological father, and the truth is, she never met him – although she knows his real name and kept a photo of him inside her wallet.

Writer’s Notion

The movie is actually not a thriller or a horror one, so it is understandable when people will get disappointed by this film if they had been expecting something more. The movie is more of one psychological drama and as odd as the movie was, you can never be never bored. The lead actress deserved a major point since she made every scenario gripping. You will really come to appreciate her motivations and just why she is doing what she is doing. The ending part is ideal to watch, but it can be seen why it would polarize lots of viewers. In general, the acting, story, visuals, and the cinematography are all adorable, although a bit strange but enchanting.

It is a good drama, psychiatric film and not a horror one. It contains the best portrait of one traumatized woman and no more, no less. It is a bit slow, uncomfortable, enticing, but an enjoyable film.

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