Tales of Halloween 2015

The movie is a horror comedy movie of American anthology that has 10 interlocking segments. The response to the movie has been positive. The movie received favorable, although the critics still wish for a darker, terrifying and affecting stories.

The ten tales take place in an American suburban town whose residents are frightened by ghouls, killers and aliens in a Halloween night.

Tales of Halloween 2015

The Ten Stories

First “Sweet Tooth” – It is about a teenage babysitter together with her boyfriend earned the price for consuming all of her candy. This is directed and written by Dave Parker.

Second “The Night Billy Raised Hell” – About a little boy who is planning something with an old man’s house, but it happens that the man was the Devil himself and demonstrate the little boy some lessons. This is made possible by director Darren Lynn Bousman with writer Clint Sears.

Third “Trick” – This is regarding a crowed friend being terrorized by vigilantes of trick-or-treaters, with director Adam Gierasch and writer Greg Commons.

Fourth “The Weak and the Wicked” – The story of a young man calls a Demon to correct revenge on three bullies who flamed his home along together with his parents inside it. Directed by Paul Solet and written by Molly Millions.

Fifth “Grim Grinning Ghost” – Alex Essoe is a young woman being haunted by a wicked spirit. Both written and directed by director Axelle Carolyn.

Sixth “Ding Dong” – A man taught that his spouse is a hungry Witch of kids and he attempted to stop her. Mutually written and directed by director Lucky McKee.

Seventh “This Means War” – A guy fights with his latest neighbor till death for the top Halloween streamers on the block. This is both written and directed by John Skipp and Andrew Kasch.

Eighth “Friday the 31st – A disfigured serial assassinator meets his counterpart when a trick-or-treat ET gets upset when he does not possess any candy. This is written by Dave Parker with co-writer and director Mike Mendez.

Ninth “The Ransom of Rusty Rex” – This is regarding two bank robbers who kidnapped a rich man’s son, but discovers that the kid is a malformed creature that don’t want to leave anybody’s side. Both directed and written by Ryan Schifrin.

Tenth “Bad Seed” – A detective attempted to put a halt to a hereditary engineered man consuming pumpkin that terrorize the town and this story is mutually written by director Neil Marshall.

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The Cast lists in alphabetical order

Adrienne Barbeau, Barry Bostwick

Barbara Crampton, Adrianne Curry

Joe Dante

Alex Esso

Keir Gilchrist, Greg Grunberg

Pat Healy

Kristina Klebe

John Landis

Grace Phipps

John Savage, Lin Shaye, Katie Silverman, Boo Boo Stewart, Drew Struzan

Caroline Williams, Samuel Witwer, Ben Woolf

The Writers View

The movie is not really that great, but at least it is entertaining temporarily while it shows and a lot much better than any film shown together with it. The movie is not the exception, although directors tried to maintain sufficient cohesion in the change from a segment to another, something that helps in the flow of the movie. Unfortunately, I am expecting for some good gore sceneries and some different monster that will provide a diverse perspective about a horror film.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-TWBYTG-_4]

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