Talon Falls, 2017

The movie is a horror film of director and writer Joshua Shreve. The film starts out just like the typical horny teens which take the path trip to the backwater town terror flick.

Cast Lists

  • Brad Bell appeared as Lance
  • Fred Biggs appeared as Mr. Levi
  • Krissy Leanne Calouro appeared as Cage Victim
  • Steven Chaney  appeared as Knee Crusher
  • Kurtis Hage appeared as the Man with the Plan
  • Tim McCain appeared as Tiny
  • Evan Miller appeared as the Gas Station Clerk
  • Jordyn Rudolph appeared as the Ryder  
  • Rand Stone appeared as Pistol Grip Goon
  • Jim Wedgewood appeared as The Gatekeeper
  • Lonnie Bloomburg appeared as Ticket Man
  • Matthew Bozone appeared as Dr. Onychectomy
  • Tim Casey appeared as the Guard with Flashlight
  • Michial Courtney appeared as the Monitor Man
  • Josh Iervese appeared as Electric Chair Victim
  • Lyric Marie McCloud appeared as Torture Chair Victim
  • Rebecca Moore appeared as the Caged Victim
  • Ryan Rudolph appeared as Sean
  • Cass Vann appeared as the Caged Victim
  • Morgan Wiggins appeared as Lyndsey


The four teens on the road trip settled to take the detour and to find for them at the haunted dwelling place Halloween scream park innate in the forest of the southern Kentucky. Right after witnessing the assortment of gore and torture, they began wondering if what they’d been experiencing at the moment is not a bit too realistic. Just before they are aware of it, each one of them had been captured and had created parts of the horrific appeal that they initially thought was all games and just for fun.

Writer’s Notion

The typical horny teens which take the path trip to the backwater town terror flick, primarily only stuck around, since that guy that is playing Lance has been a hottie, but was really happening to be a real pretty decent movie. Also what helps is its fairly short flowing time of about more than one hour and the acting here had been typical of the genre, but that is not essentially a distraction. From the introduction, plot spoiler scene, the audiences is already aware that they will all die and that Jess is their final girl who had been rescued by the local driving by and you can guess how this will work-out. They had been using the non-locals as a piece of the torture exhibitions while they are filming it on white and grainy black and that they may be able to pack the tapes in boxes. The carpentry tools had been mostly used here and most of the other characters are not properly introduced, in a way.  

The movie is a type of rip off Funhouse Massacre; however, it is still not that enjoyable. The background music definitely rose up significantly. This is all so typical and the mixed group of American kids over this road trip and/or the jaunt in a country, the girls having fun on their thinking, and the guys having the girls over theirs. They all end up in this house of horrors although the house is a fake one house of horrors which turned out to be an actual as it goes on. This is a fifty-fifty movie that you can choose to watch or not.

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