Teeth, 2007

The movie is an American comedy horror film by writer and director Mitchell Lichtenstein. The movie title pertains to the prehistoric trope of vagina dentata.

The Cast Lists

Jess Weixler played as Dawn O’Keefe                     

Adam Wagner played as Phil

Hale Appleman played as Tobey                               

Vivienne Benesch played as Kim

Lenny Von Dohlen played as Bill                                

Julia Garro played as Alisha

John Hensley played as Brad                                       

Trent Moore played as Mr. Vincent

Josh Pais played as Dr. Godfrey                                

Ava Ryen Plumb played as Young Dawn

Ashley Springer played as Ryan                                 

Hunter Ulvog played as Young Brad

The Story Line

Dawn O’Keefe is the teenage spokesperson for the Christian abstinence team named as the Promise. She attended groups together with her two buddies, Alisha and Phil. One night right after giving the speech regarding the purity ring being worn by the members of the team, she has been introduced to Tobey, who she sees as attractive. The four started hanging out as a team. Dawn has dreams about getting married with Tobey, even though after recognizing the attraction, they both agree that they can’t spend time together. After that, they surrender and then meet at the local swimming hole. Right after swimming mutually, they go to the cave to be warm and they started kissing. Dawn becomes unpleasant and tried to take Tobey to be back outside, but then Tobey becomes more aggressive and physical. Dawn panics and tried pushing him off, which resulted in Tobey going more infuriated. As Tobey shakes Dawn she smacked her head over the ground and, whilst she is dazed, he took the chance to start raping her. Dawn scrap back and inadvertently bitten off the penis with the vagina. A shocked Dawn staggered away and she escapes the scene. Right after the Promise meeting, she encounters Ryan her classmate at a dance; the two talked and Ryan drops her off in her home.

Dawn returned to the bathe hole and Dawn screams in horror the moment she saw the freshwater crab swarming on Tobey’s penis. Dawn drops the purity ring off the cliff. Dawn investigates “vagina dentata” and realized that she can have it. She visited the gynecologist, Dr. Godfrey in the attempt to discover what is taking place on her. When he assaulted her in the semblance of the examination, reaching up with her without the glove, she panics, then her vagina bitten off all the four fingers on the right hand. While cycling home, she encountered the police officer driving the car of Tobey and saw some more police vehicles passing. She settled to return to visit that pool and investigate. When she got there, she saw the police carrying up Tobey’s body – Tobey presumably died from shock under the water. In the meantime, back home, her sick mother, Kim, collapsed. Brad, Dawn’s stepbrother and Melanie, his girlfriend, heard the collapse, but just ignore her, goes on to have sex whilst she lay on the floor. The mother of Dawn has been taken to the hospice.

The Writers View

When you know all about the ‘Teeth’ is the idea, you probably think it is just the typical B horror movie. In fact, the movie is a very good and a very funny movie and I really mean it is good!

The secret is that the film is restrained. You take the shots that can make you cringe—its moviemakers do not skimp on those juicy stuffs–but just nothing outrageous. More significantly, the ‘Teeth’ is well written and acted. In some indie movies, the dialogue is just bad it is distracting, but not this one. The truth is, the movies of this sort will go overboard in almost every point–the rogue scientist arrived to explain all things, buckets of blood, just the scene that went on really far and just makes you laugh and not scream. ‘Teeth’ deftly avoided the pitfalls. This is funny, scary, and just never too much, not for me.

The movie is not one of those Oscar-worthy dramas. However, it would be the cult traditional. I, for one, leave the movie house with the worth of money. The movie is like the crossover between the feminine horror story with the black comedy, or better yet satire. The movie Teeth succeeded because it does not take it that grave and it gave as well flesh out characters.

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