Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)


When it comes to massacring people using chain saw and brute force, the Texas Chainsaw movies have successfully illustrated this horror definition. The sequel have been positively accepted by moviegoers and has left its mark in the box office list. This year another sequel of the movie is created in an attempt to give viewers more scares and gore. A review of the film will be a valid act to convince people of whether this horror movie is another good one to watch or just a lame dollar-getter film.

The Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013) effects and scenes

cs1Horror movies are full of FX’s and shocking scenes that give viewer’s surprise, stuns, scare and fright. What this sequel offer is 3D effects that the producer proudly present. The special effects make scenes more bloody, gory, and scary. It makes the scenes more alive and realistic. One thing that most viewers notice in the movie effect is that Leatherface should be more scarier and its mask should have that legendary style as it is an urban legend.

Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013) storyline

cs2The movie is a direct sequel so the story revolves on how the Leatherface kills and torture his victim. Using his favorite killing toy, a high powered chainsaw, he gives a group of people a run and fight for their lives. Leatherface motive of revenge give a story a new thing to see although the plot clearly shows an end where the villain will get death as punishment. Leatherface is a horror icon that many viewers and fanatics wants to see again and waits for the movie to come out in the cinema. In this reason, many of the viewers are a little disappointed with how this villain turns out and how it has been played. A question arises of whether this sequel is connected to the original 1974 movie or will it stand alone as a new Texas Chainsaw movie.

The actors and actresses of Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

Yes, just like the original or any other gore films. The movie has a cast of sexy young girls and handsome young boys who travelled together to enjoy life. This time a group of youngsters visit a place where one of their peers inherited a house which turns out to be a mansion. This is not an all star cast, some are even starting their way to stardom. They all played their role well, it’s only the fact that the scenes they have is too ordinary which does not give them a moment of distinction.

The Final Words cs7

The Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013) is a big mess-up to the original one. It has few punch scenes and more of those old horror style things like the car not starting then when the villain comes close, its start and the victim escape, too ordinary. The movie can be given a shot just don’t expect too much like the classic one.

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