The Battery (2012)

Screen-Shot-2012-11-03-at-19.48.44The Battery of Jeremy Gardner was made for only $6,000. It is one of the main impressive happenings I have seen in the past day. It is free-energetic, “opposing-zombie film,” presenting magnificently role dialogue, blatant situations, and sufficient spirit and humor to dwell on the whole plot of the films.

Gardner is the director, producer and the writer of the film and the stars are Ben who travels down the Connecticut rear-infrastructure with Mickey played by Adam Cronheim. The two characters are once ballplayers. Their polar-contradictory traits and battle of familiarity and union tells us that they were not the two sitting subsequently with each other at the bar when they rejoice a victory. Mickey and Ben are roving the back-roads in an effort to escape the zombie disaster and find sufficient cover.

Gardner is elegant to push the undead to the backdrop, while the people and connection of Mickey and Ben proudly takes the center here. While equal men may not be the greatest of friends, neither would have gotten a long way without any help from each other. Mickey is frightened of zombies and leaves all the murder and brutality to Ben, who probably would have been insane without anyone to accompany him.

The tool use to bond the men were Mickey’s earpiece, which do diverse things of both men. Mickey applied them to momentarily shut out the world near them; he uses them when he is exhausted or anxious about the doubtful period. Ben utilizes them as a lighter type of diversion, happily partying on Rock Plaza Central, making it as one of the top scenes in the whole film.

The Battery exerts so well because it does not try to be just an additional movie capitalizing off on the extremely childlike, exaggerated thought of a zombie disaster, which would be a lot easier to make in the wake of “Walking Dead and the World War Z”. An anti-zombie film is the ideal means to portray this image. In spite of putting importance on the undead, the movie center is on the live people, making it a very practical, sensible, take on a connection that may come during such hateful incident.

It is not a movie without its fault though, with several sceneries going on far too long, which kind a irritated me and I really believe it could have helped with several leaner cuttings. But, for a debut movie shot with such special limited supplies, it is in general a small hedge as eventually The Battery is a good, so horror followers must give it a try as it is a determined and a pleasant movie with a mass of empathy, and by the way, it has an overwhelming soundtrack also.



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