The Blackcoat’s Daughter 2015

The Blackcoat's Daughter 2015The movie is a horror thriller movie that is originally titled as February and it is by writer and director Oz Perkins. The movie stars are Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka, Lauren Holly, James Remar and Lucy Boynton.

On 2014 of August, Oz Perkins announced that he would be filming his directorial debut February coming from his personal script. The principal film making of the movie started in Kemptville, Ontario, Canada, in February 2015. In August 2015, the exposed a private placard art of the movie. And in September 2015, the initial trailer for the movie was released and it was premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2015. In November 2015, there has been announcement about the movie having been sold to different international territories such as U.K, Middle East, France, Vietnam, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Latin America, Thailand, New Poland, and lastly the Philippines. The movie title was changed from February to being The Blackcoat’s Daughter.

The movie is about Joan, who creates a determined and bloody pilgrimage transverse to a frozen landscaped on the way to a prominent all girl preparatory school where Kat and Rose locate themselves trapped right after their parents strangely fail to get them back for winter break. While Joan becomes closer, frightening visions started cursing Kat while Rose observed in horror as she turn out to become possessed by some unseen evil forces.

The Blackcoat's Daughter 2015 2The movie script is skillfully crafted. The mystery of how is has been revealed to the movie viewer is cleverly shown. It is not that spoon-fed at any certain point, and it is fairly masked for at least the primary half of the film. We only take pieces that seem not possible to fit altogether, yet they appear together in a completely obvious and logical conclusion. At the peak of that, the tale radiates an irresistible sadness which drawn out a very tough emotional reaction from the viewers. The flaws are mostly superficial, and as an output of the fact about the film created by a moderately young cast. The director evidently has a fine classy eye for morose beauty, and he has created a film that is much clearly more artistic than any average horror movie. Some of the stylistic options were cheesier and a lot broader than he appears to think they were. Viewers can’t wait until he creates one more horror movie that is as good as this.



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